Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World in 2017. Roadways provide us a path to adventure. Some are incredibly scenic and exotic and will take you to some of the back areas of the locale. There are some that say the road less taken is the one that offers more, but sometimes these roads are less traveled for a reason. These world’s top ten most dangerous roads 2017 may just be those that should stay less traveled.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World 2017

10. Karnali Highway

Karnali Highway Top Most Popular Dangerous Roads in The World 2019

The Karnali Highway is located in Nepal and is a 155-mile long highway winding through the Himalayas. It is reported that nearly 50 people die on this highway each year and its dirt surface is so horrible, even cyclists tend to stay off of it. Vehicles that do attempt to travel this highway find themselves slipping on loose dirt, stalling on the steep climbs, and hitting numerous potholes located throughout this stretch of road.

9. Vitim River Bridge


The Vitim River Bridge is located in Siberia and holds a reputation for being one of the scariest roads in the world. Even though there have been no fatalities reported on this roadway, few people dare to drive on it. It is an extremely old structure that is barely wide enough for a car, and if one gets stranded on it, there is no way to go around. This bridge has no railings and is just made from decayed wood that has iced over.

8. James Dalton Highway

James Dalton Highway Top Popular Dangerous Roads in The World 2018

The James Dalton Highway is located in Alaska and runs 414 miles between the Arctic Sea oil fields and civilization. This highway turns into a ‘slip-n-slide’ for truckers every winter when icy conditions and high winds turn it into a treacherous highway. This is probably one of the most awful roads to travel in Alaska during the winter.

7. Federal Highway 1


The Federal Highway 1 in Mexico covers 1,000 miles and is used by freight trucks moving goods to remote villages and towns. It runs along the coast of the Baja Peninsula and winds through the mountains and around steep cliffs. This road not only has a treacherous path, the Mexican drivers who use this roadway do not need to pass a driving test to operate a freight truck. You could be facing dangerous curves around steep cliffs with the likelihood of encountering untrained drivers.

6. BR-116


The BR-116 in Brazil has been named the Death to Brazilians due to the unstable weather conditions that occur on its winding path by steep cliffs. The road is barely maintained but is considered acceptable even though it has caused numerous accidents. On top of the hazardous road conditions winding through dangerous terrain, this road also takes you through some of the worst crime areas of Brazil. Gang members often station themselves along the roadside to stake out vehicles to stop and vandalize.

5. Kabul-Jalalabad Highway


The Kabul-Jalalabad Highway is located in Afghanistan in an area known as the ‘Valley of Death’. It has gained this fame due to the high number of Taliban that has stationed themselves along the route. If you don’t encounter the Taliban, you still have to navigate narrow mountain passes being used by over-sized trucks.

4. Old Yungas Road


The Old Yungas Road is located in Bolivia and covers 40 miles of road that hugs cliffs overlooking a canyon. This road connects Coroico to La Paz and has so many sharp turns you should only attempt at 10 mph or risk falling over one of the cliffs. Even with the condition of this road well-known, there are still more than 200 fatal accidents on this stretch of road each year. It is a mostly a single-lane road with few guard rails, and most of the road has only the width for one vehicle. During the rainy season in Bolivia, fog and rain restrict the visibility and the road often turns into just a muddy track. This is the 4th most dangerous roads in the world 2017.

3. Atlantic Road

Atlantic Road Top Most Dangerous Roads in The World 2017

The Atlantic Road is located in Norway and is called the most scenic roadways in Europe. This five-mile long roadway connects the islands of Kristiansund and Molde and features eight bridges that cross a stretch of ocean that often experiences massive waves and incredibly strong winds during frequent storms. The road passes through an unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea which accounts for the storms. It had originally been planned as a railway but turned into a roadway instead.

2. Guoliang Tunnel Road

Guoliang Tunnel Road Top Most Famous Dangerous Roads in The World 2018

The Guoliang Tunnel Road is located in China and translated into English stands for ‘road that tolerates no mistakes’. Thirteen local villagers built this road by chiseling through the mountain a tunnel which measures 15 feet high and 12 feet wide. They wanted to allow easier access to the outside world and sold livestock to raise money to buy tools they needed to make the road. This road has some incredible views of the Chinese landscape which can be seen through 30-inch windows they cut out of the cliff just for viewing purposes. Many prefer to visit this top tourist attraction by foot as the road is one of the steepest in the world.

1. Commonwealth Avenue

Commonwealth Avenue Most Dangerous Roads in The World 2017

Located in the Philippines, the Commonwealth Avenue could be considered a normal stretch of roadway covering 7.5 miles. This road is wide enough to include 18 lanes but to locals, it is a ‘Killer Highway’. This name has been given due to the high rate of fatalities on it each year. The main reason for so many accidents is caused by the poor drainage system that allows for heavy flooding. Another factor for the high number of casualties is that tour buses cannot see motorcycles and pedestrians are often killed walking too close to the roadway.

Roads have been created to enable us to view some of nature‚Äôs most fascinating views. Many of them have been designed for tourists to travel and have safety measures built into them so we can enjoy the sights and not worry about imminent death. While many seek challenges when traveling, it is not suggested you find that challenge on these world’s top 10 most dangerous roads 2017.