Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is, we only live once in this world. Sooner or later we have to follow the same path which our ancestors followed, and that’s the route to our maker; but the question is, will you have enjoyed your stay on this planet? Or will you kick the bucket with some regrets why you didn’t utilize your savings account?

This world we are inhabitants of is wonderful and filled with tremendous beauty, both artificial masterpieces, and breathtaking natural wonders that you don’t have an idea they even exist. A single lifetime may not be enough to explore and discover all the incredible places on planet earth, but it’s worth taking a shot with these 10 most beautiful places on earth.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die

10. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

angkor-wat, Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die 2017-2018

The temple is located in the heart and soul of Cambodia’s northern province of Siem Reap.Built in the 12 century by King Survavarman ii, Angkor is the largest religious monument and the best preserved architectural masterpiece in the whole world.
To the Cambodians people, the temple is a national pride since it’s on their national flag and it’s a primary source of revenue since millions of visitors around the world come to view this temple city. To the world, the temple serves as an architectural, archaeological site and has artistic value to the global community.

9. Easter Island (Chile)


This UNESCO World Heritage national park also known as Rapa Nui is located in Chile on an island southeast of Pacific Ocean. If you have never seen 900 statues that date back to the 10th century, then Easter Island is the place to go. The monumental sculpture and architecture statues were built by a society of Polynesian origin between 10th century and 16th century
Even though Easter Island is one of the most inhabited islands globally it serves as evidence, there were master craftsmen and engineers in the 10th century. Today the island is under the protection of the National Forest service of Chile and is one of the leading economic revenue generating source due to the visitors who come to view these enormous stone figures.

8. Berlin Wall (Germany)


After the world war ll in 1945, the Germans were divided into two sections namely the West Germany and East Germany. The residents in East Germany faced a tough life unlike their counterparts in West Germany who were supplied with food by the western countries like USA, Britain, and France. This led to nearly 3 million Eastern Germans fleeing to West German, and this had a significant negative effect on the economy of East Germany. To stop further migration the leader of eastern Germany on 1961 started building a wall and this reduced the migration was until 1989 when the Germany government decided to re-open, and only two sections were left untouched. The two sections are a great symbol of cold war and communist oppression.

7. Venice Canals (Italy)


Venice not only is one of the most beautiful cities on earth but also has a taste of architectural designs. Apart from these distinctive and compelling canals, the city is also famous for museums, art, and architecture design of its buildings.
Venice city has more than hundred and fifty canals and over four hundred bridges. The most notable canal is the Grand Canal which is 3km long .taking a ride by boat in the canals would leave memories that would last forever in your mind.

6. Mount Fuji (Japan)


Mount Fuji is found on Honshu Island and is Japan tallest the Japanese people the mountain is holy and one of the preserved historic sites. UNESCO also recognized its value and it was added to the list of world heritage list. The mountain is the source of 5 lakes, a home to 8 Shinto shrines and also Shiraito Falls. Today Mount Fuji receives hundreds of visitors mostly for the purpose of mountain climbing, filmmaking, and religious purposes.

5. Stonehenge (UK)


Stonehenge is one of the places you can pay a visit to since it’s the world most famous prehistoric monument build around 8500-700 BC in England. Its construction was done in stages dating back in 3000bc.The first phase of Stonehenge building was done in 3000 BC that’s the early Henge monument, and the second was done in Neolithic period in 2500 bc. The surrounding area within Stonehenge their dozens of prehistoric monuments and it’s believed they were used as sacred sacrificial areas or burial grounds since there is evidence of human remains. Today it’s used as a religious site of pilgrimage.

4. Taj Mahal (India)


If you are forecasting to visit India, then don’t miss to pay a visit to this beautiful monument of marble temple known as Taj Mahal. It’s located in northern India, and it’s one of the most breathtaking structures on earth. The building was ordered by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 17 century in honor of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal and took 22 years to complete.
This architectural piece of work is a masterpiece no wonder it had 20000 skilled laborers from India, Turkey, and Iraq.

3. The Eiffel Tower (France)


The tower is located in Paris France and was constructed by Gustave Eiffel. The tower is 1064 ft. Tall and has a base square of 409 ft. on each side making it the tallest humanmade structure in the world an award it held for 41 years and the second-tallest structure in France. Even though Gustave Eiffel received so much criticism from protestors the value of the tower today is above $600 billion and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who come to see this iconic monument.

2. The Great Wall of China (China)


The great wall is one of the distinguishable symbol of the People ’s Republic of China and one of the great wonders of planet Earth. It winds up and down stretching nearly 22 kilometers from east to west of the country. Originally ordered by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in early 220th BC was meant to act as a border control strategy of trade, defense, immigration, and emigration. Today the view of the wall especially on spring and summer will leave you with unforgettable memory

1. Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)


A majority of the people spend their lives looking at Egypt’s pyramids on films and music videos and wonder how they were constructed in 2,560 BC. Shockingly, the pyramids are very close to Cairo, the Egyptian capital. However, despite the pyramids being close to an urban setting, they are still the only surviving seven wonders of the ancient world. Modern day travel is sweeter, and everyone should try it before death comes knocking.

In today’s world of technology, viewing these beautiful places in channels like YouTube and films is not the same as visiting the places in person. You have a chance to experience what this gorgeous planet has to offer since you’re alive today. So don’t wait till your maker comes calling your name.