Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World in 2017. Libraries are respected and recognized for contributing human knowledge to our world. They provide excellent resources that prove to be quite invaluable to some people. Books, facilities, art, surroundings, staff, and inspirations that are included in each attract people from all walks of life. Some libraries provide their guests great rooms to read as well as inspiring architecture or extravagant art designed by talented professionals. Some libraries keep book lovers returning to their majestic beauty that is displayed from outside gardens to very interior rooms themselves.

Libraries have created poets, writers, musicians, journalists, artists, photographers, and many more professionals by inspiring them to open books, study, read, write, sing, paint, and more. They also offer their guests peace and serenity in an environment that highly respects reading, studying, and research. The Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017 invite you to take a tour and experience their majestic beauty.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017

10. George Peabody Johns Hopkins University Library –


Baltimore, Maryland, USA- This is a very grand and spacious Greek Revival-style building which protect over 300,000 volumes in its doors. It was constructed in 1878. There you will find a cathedral of volumes. The atrium rises 61 feet into air, peaking with a latticed skylight at top, while columns featuring gold scalloping together with tiered, cast-iron balconies add highly attractive decorative embellishments.

9. Kanazawa Umimirai– Kanazawa, Japan Library-


The walls of the building was designed by Japanese architecture and is replete with 6,000 little holes that let a soothing light shine indoors and is also designed to help distribute seismic force in case of earthquakes. Floors here have a heating and cooling system. It is an awesome-looking structure.

8. Handelingenkamer, Netherlands Library-

Handelingenkamer, Netherlands Library Top Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017

This beautiful library was constructed before lights made the books storage much more safer. Contractors constructed this majestic library with a large leaded glass dome ceiling to allow in light and minimize need for candles and gas lamps inside. A more modern building structure is located at Delft University of Technology Library in the Netherlands. This one has an environmentally friendly roof that is glass covered for today’s modern concerned with conservation world.

7. Mediatheque Sandro Penna – Perugia, Italy-


This building was designed by Milan architects. Studio Italo Rota is name of this masterpiece with its pink exterior glass glowing at night, and its namesake of Perugia-born poet Sandro Penna – is provided a tribute through his writing excerpts that covers see-through paneled glass at entrance. The structure is complete with sound insulation to help create an environment for reading and study.

6. . Biblioteca Geral, University of Coimbra, Portugal-


This building consists of two structures that include New Building completed in 1962, and Joanina Library completed in 1725. Guest can find adorned with Baroque décor and houses that contain library’s volumes that date from before 1800.

5. National Library of France – Paris, France-

National Library of France Paris, France Top 10 Most Famous Libraries in The World 2018

This building holds about 30 million volumes which date back to 14th century. This amazingly beautiful structure was designed by French architects. This building has nine domes sitting on columns. Circular reading rooms are designed with pure elegance. You will find more than just volumes behind its walls of this beauty.

4. David Sassoon Library, India-

David Sassoon Library, India Top 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in The World 2017

This building was constructed in 1870. This work of art is one of only 145 monuments protected by India’s government and it remains as the oldest in Mumbai library. It offers many rare features like a beautiful garden located in back. It was designed with fine Indian architecture and was once intended to be an institute of mechanics, science and technology, until funding was short. It as then that the Sassoon Mechanic’s Institute was renamed to David Sassoon Library and Reading Room.

3. Library of Congress, USA-

Library of Congress, USA Top Most Libraries in The World 2018

Guests will find that this is the most largest library 2017 on the globe as it has been ranked being the largest by both shelf space and number of volumes. It consists of a few structures of which most beautiful of these are Thomas Jefferson Building. The building was finished in year of 1897 and displays a neoclassical style featuring some of most unique art of any structure in U.S. Some of these features include sculptures and murals from a variety of famous classically-trained American artists. The roof of this building was built of copper and was naturally aged to a beautiful sea green shade.

2. Raza Library India-


This building is surely a palace to all guests who visit because at one time it was originally part of a royal family’s property and palace. It was finished in 1904. Even today, the building remains protected by Indian government. It remains as another one of India’s few protected monuments. Works for it were gathered by royal family members in 1774. This beautiful building holds a unique and rare collection of 17,000 rare manuscripts, 205 hand-written palm leaves and 5000 miniature paintings.

1. The Library of El Escorial, Spain-

The Library of El Escorial, Spain Top Famous Beautiful Libraries in The World 2019

You may find this building making its home in Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It is the historical residence of king of Spain. Most of the volumes originally held within was from Phillip II. This building has amazing artwork of vaulted ceilings painted with gorgeous frescoes, each one representing one of seven liberal arts which include music, math, rhetoric, grammar, dialectic, geometry and astronomy. Today, this most beautiful library in The world is recognized as a World Heritage Site and behind its doors are 40,000 volumes.

Let one of these most beautiful libraries 2017 inspire your imagination on your next vacation destination. They are all welcoming and inviting to international visitors. They offer comfort in a peaceful environment to read, study, research or just simply browse around. You can print a map and directions online to the library you want to pay a visit to.