Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

Take a look at the below list of world’s Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2017. Traveling for many is not always a pleasant experience. Small often cramped airline seats can make travel uncomfortable and flights seem unusually long. You have to deal with long lines and wait times in the terminals which are often over- crowded and noisy. Once on the plane, you have to listen to attendants directing you to do all sorts of procedures such as; turning off your in-flight entertainment, returning your seats to upright positions, and stowing your tray table back to their original placement. All of this is accompanied with seats so small you are constantly being bumped or bumping your next-seat neighbor.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however; some airlines offer a level of comfort to passengers through their first class cabins that are the best in the industry. They go from lavish amenities with personal apartments including double beds for your comfort to kick back, relax, and enjoy the journey. When you have the money to spend to avoid the brutal ride many airlines provide and are planning a journey of ten hours or more, you may want to consider one of these top 10 most luxurious airline cabins suites 2017.

List of the world’s Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2017

10. Japan Airlines

japan airlines, Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2017

On the Jal Sky Suite 777, Japanese Airline you will have the experience of flying in an atmosphere created from a wood grain interior and seats covered in leather. This cozy atmosphere includes air-weave bedding should you desire to rest with your own retractable privacy partition and a 23-inch personal TV. Your meals will be personally prepared by chefs, even Chef Yamamoto who can prepare both Western and traditional Japanese dishes. You can even pre-order your meals with your chef ahead of time and it will be ready when you board.

9. Lufthansa

lufthansa, Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2018

Lufthansa will offer you a sophisticated yet simple flight. You will be able to experience a bed that lies flat complete with a mattress topper, duvet, and pillow. Seats on this airline are ergonomically designed and you can choose from eight different languages what you would like for in-flight entertainment. As a first-class passenger, you have the benefit of wines being served which have been selected by renowned Markus Del Monego and accompanied with caviar service.

8. Emirates


The business class of Emirates Airlines will provide you with a seat that fully converts into a flat bed. This bed has a mattress, doors to offer you privacy, and a personal mini bar to give a chance to unwind. They will serve you an array of complimentary wine, cocktails, or champagne. The ambient lighting in your area will encourage you to relax and enjoy the ride. If you are booked on a longer flight, you will have the pleasure of using their onboard shower and spa. The spa is supplied with Bvlgari toiletries and you will also have full access to the onboard lounge. The ride will be one of pure luxury and comfort and doesn’t end there. Once your flight arrives, you will be met with a complimentary chauffeur if you have been a business class passenger.

7. Etihad


Etihad Airline passengers are greeted right at the curb of the airport to begin one of the most luxurious airline experiences in the industry. They will personally guide you to your dedicated check-in reception. Once you have been checked-in you will be taken to the Etihad First Class lounge where you can relax in their Six Senses Spa. Your flight will be experienced in seats designed with Poltrona Frau leather bathed in ambient lighting. You will be provided with your own personal wardrobe along with chilled drinks kept in a cabinet. There is an upper-deck cabin on Etihad A380s where you will have access to a separate bedroom with a double-size bed as well as a complete living room area. There is a separate shower room in this cabin and includes your own personal butler and a chef to cook whatever you desire.

6. Swiss


The first-class area on Swiss International Airlines provides you with armchairs during long flights which you can convert into a lounge armchair. It will also give you a table for two, or if you are looking for a rest, it will convert into a six and half long footbed. The bed is designed with a mattress and there are privacy walls to ensure you are not disturbed while you relax. Zimmerli of Switzerland pajamas are provided for your comfort. They will also present your with a toiletry bag containing; eye masks, toothbrush, socks, ear plugs and other high-quality Swiss luxury products.

5. Korean Air


First class cabins aboard Korean Airlines come with a lot of seat options. Their Kosmo Suites 2.0 will give you the comfort of a 79-inch seat with an adjustable back support complete with a footrest. You will be able to change positions at the touch of a finger with one-touch controls. There is also a privacy sliding door that can only be seen through from the inside so you are offered complete privacy. You will also be offered the choice of a 78-inch long lie flat bed or the Sleeper Ottoman that you are able to turn 180 degrees. Seats have personal LCD screens, complimentary noise-canceling headphones, and your own personal reading lamp.

4. Singapore Airlines


First-class seats onboard Singapore Airlines features seats with a fixed-back shell design and curved side panels to provide you added privacy. Your sleeping area will measure 35 inches wide and 82 inches long to ensure you are able to completely relax. Your area will be bathed in ambient mood lighting and you will be provided sleeping pajamas and slippers to help you get a great rest. Seats are equipped with a vanity corner and mirror so you can freshen up before you reach your destination.

3. Quantas


You will be able to completely unwind when you book a first class flight on Quantas International in their seats that unwind to a six and a half long-lie-flat bed. With this, you will have the comfort of a plush sheepskin mattress and be able to control the seat, leg rest, and lumbar positioning all from the controls found on the armrest. There is even an ottoman provided should you want a guest to visit with during the flight. Your dining options when you fly Quantas will include an eight-course menu or you can choose a la carte. Items on the menu are created by Chef Neil Perry. This is one of the world’s top 10 Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2017.

2. Thai Airways


Your trip on Thai Airways will begin with a flute of champagne personally served by your hostess. This chilled champagne will come with a serving of caviar. The seats on the remodeled Boeing 747s and the Airbus A380s are all eight feet long and 23 inches wide and are located in semi-private suites. They will convert into 180 degrees lie-flat bed with in-flight entertainment systems. On the 23-inch flat screen, you will have access to over 300 programs. Before your flight, you can enjoy a full-body massage at the Lounge of the Airport.

1. All Nippon Airways


First class passengers traveling on All Nippon Airways are provided with a cabin that resembles a private room. There is a large adjustable table in wood tones as well as an adjustable cocktail table. There is plenty of storage provided including a jacket and shoe storage area with more storage under the seat’s ottoman. Separate compartments are included for baggage and smaller items. The seats all have two LED personal lights, phones for international calling which include a personal satellite so calls can be made privately. If you are looking for privacy there is a ‘do-not-disturb’ light you can activate so you are able to rest comfortably. Also provided for your convenience is a 23-inch LCD wide-screen TV and a USB port.

Not everyone will be able to experience the luxury of these top ten luxurious airline cabin suites 2017. Many in fact wonder why you would pay the price for these incredibly and perhaps a bit ridiculous comforts. They are the jealous and envious passengers stuffing themselves into those tiny seats with loud crying babies and squabbling neighbors. The rest of us now know how comfortable travel can be and the next time we travel can dream and hope that one day we will board one of these top 10 most luxurious airline cabins suites 2017.

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