Top 10 Largest Man-Made Lakes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Largest Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017. There are many purposes as to why dams are built. Some of the purposes include, power generation, recreation, controlling overflows, farming and water supply. Thousands of dams have been created on the rivers creating very huge reservoirs called man-made lakes. They are ranked basing on their surface area, water volume. Ranked below are top ten largest man-made lakes in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Largest Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017

10. Lake Oahe

Lake Oahe Top Famous Man-Made Lakes in The World 2019

This one of a kind lake is located in the United States. Its water volume is 29 cubic kilometers and its surface area is 370,000 acres. This lake is about 205 ft. in depth and Missouri river is its creator with 372 kilometers in length. It’s the largest man- made lake in United States of America.

9. Zeya reservoir


This man – made lake was created by the concrete gravity Dam in the year is 225 km long and its 40 km wide. Its depth is about 93 meters. It is located in Russia. Its water volume is 68.4 cubic km and its surface area is 2,420 sq. km.

8. Krasnoyarsk reservoir

Krasnoyarsk reservoir Top Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017

In 1972 Krasnoyarsk Lake was formed as a result of a dam created on Yanisey River. This man-made lake is normally used for power generation and its produces close to 6,000 megawatts. It is located in Russia. Its water volume is 73.3 cubic km; surface area is 2,000 sq. km and a maximum depth close to 105 meters.

7. Williston lake


Peace River built this lake and its about 251 km long, 155 km wide adding up to 1,761 sq. km. Williston Lake can hold up to 74 cubic km of water. Williston Lake can be an ideal tourist attraction as it has a peaceful and a calm environment anyone can desire to experience.

6. lake Nasser, Egypt

lake Nasser, Egypt Top Most Famous Man-Made Lakes in The World 2018

Lake Nasser is located in Egypt was formed in 1971 as a result of the Aswan high dam. Though man-made, it is divided into 2. One called Lake Nasser and Lake Nubia. It has a length of 550 km, maximum depth of close to 180 meters and 35 km in width. Its primary inflow and outflow is the great river Nile. This is one of the Top 10 Largest Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017.

5. Lake Guri

Lake Guri Top Most Man-Made Lakes in The World 2018

Caroni River is the creator of Lake Guri and it was formed in 1978. It is located in Venezuela. The lake produces 47,000 megawatts of electricity each year uses 24 huge powerful turbines. The power station is ranked among the largest power stations but was once the largest for it not for the Itapu power station to surpass it. Its 7,426 meters long, 162 meters in depth and a surface area of 4,250

4. Manicouagan reservoir.

Manicouagan reservoir Top 10 Man-Made Lakes in The World

This man-made lake was formed from a meteor’s impact. The meteor has a 5 kilometer diameter and as a result creating a ring like lake. It is located in Canada. The lakes length is 1, is 350 meters deep. Its volume is 139.8 cubic kilometers. It can be used to generate hydroelectric power although it is only 35.2 cubic kilometers that can be used.

3. Volta reservoir


This man-made lake is located in southern Ghana, Africa. It is also known as akosombo hydroelectric project. A famous geologist known as Albert Ernest kitson discovered it. It was opened officially in 1965 with a capacity of 148 cubic kilometers. Lake Volta is unique as it is the largest man-made lakes with the biggest surface area as it has 8,, translating to 3.6% of Ghana’s land. The core purpose for akosombo formation was to generate power for aluminum industry in Ghana. The original power output was 912 megawatts but upgraded up to 1,020 megawatts in 2006 after a retrofit project.

2. Bratsk reservoir

Bratsk reservoir Top 10 Man-Made Lakes in The World 2017

The reservoir originates from Angara River and it is located in Russia. Bratsk is the largest city in Russia and the lake was named after this city. It has the following components, a concrete wall 124 meters high,924 meters long, river banks walls 506 meters long and right bank wall 2.987 long. It produces 4,500 megawatts of power.

1. Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba Top Popular Beautiful Man-Made Lakes in The World 2018

This is currently the largest reservoir in the world. Lake Kariba is 223 kilometers long and its width is 40 kilometers. Its surface area is and has a capacity of 185 cubic km. Mean depth of kariba is 29metres whereas the maximum depth is close to 97 meters. The lake consist of several island which include, chete island, sampa karuma,maaze island, chikanka, antelope island, fothergill island, snake island and spurwing. It is located between Zimbabwe and Zambia’s border. Before Lake Kariba got fully filled, vegetation had to be burned forming a layer which was very thick and fertile which later became lake beds.

Ecology of this lake got vibrant and a notable species of fish called sardine was introduced from Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania and fishing grew drastically. Inhabitants like crocodiles and hippopotamus also benefited. Both Zimbabwe and Zambia are trying to promote tourism industry along their coasts. Occasional elephants, eagles, cormorants and water birds also enjoy the shorelines.

Finally as I conclude this ranking of the top ten largest man-made lakes in the world 2017, they prove to be places where one can visit and see what mankind is capable of. All these lakes offer different features and explorations that man has been able to achieve.