Top 10 Insane Base Jump Locations in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Insane Base Jump Locations in The World 2017. Who doesn’t love adventure? Personally, I love adventure especially if you are travelling around the world and trying out new things like base jumping. People who are scared of heights crave to participate in base jumping from on top of structure like Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro but they can’t because of the sole reason that they are scared of heights. For those who aren’t scared of heights like me, we love heights and the adrenaline rush it gives us.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top ten insane jump locations in the world. They are in exquisite locations across the world. They are critically acclaimed to being the best base jump locations in the world. If you are in need of some adrenaline rush through base jumping, visit the following places across the world.

List of Top 10 Insane Base Jump Locations in The World 2017

10. Troll Wall, Norway


The funny thing about the legality of these spot in Norway is that it is legal in Norway but illegal to be done at the Troll Wall which has the tallest vertical face in the whole of Europe. The downside of these exquisite location is that 8 people have died from the spot. This isn’t due to falling badly but due the speed of their descent. The reason why it is illegal at this point is because it is hard to reach to jumpers who are experiencing something wrong during their jump. The father of Base jumping, Carl Boenish died on this spot.

9. Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Perrine Bridge, Idaho Top 10 Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World

it is hard to find a place in the world where Base jumping is legal but on the Perrine Bridge it is fully legal all through the year. The awesome thing about this place also is that you don’t need a permit to do Base jumping. Let this not fool you because it’s freaking dangerous. The Perrine Bridge is a man-made bridge in USA and it is experiences a lot of people who want to participate in Base jumping. The number of people who have met their death at this point is unknown but by 2015 2 deaths had been confirmed.

8. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland


When you are on top of this valley, the landscape that you see is truly breathtaking and exquisite but let the landscape deceive you to take a base jump from the valley without proper preparation and cautionary measures because this location of Base jumping is responsible for more deaths due to base jumping than any other place across the world. But if you’re a daredevil, this is the place for you. The good thing about this location is that many successful jumps have been performed on this valley.

7. Meru Peak, Himalayas Mountains


The Himalayas mountains is home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest and that is a sure spot for any base jumping just due to the height it provides. Heather Swan and Glenn Singleman have held the record of the highest base jumping from this peak. They managed to jump as high as 6604 meters at a speed of 200 km/hr.

6. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, Venezuela Top 10 Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World 2017

The highest water fall in the world truly can’t miss a spot for Base jumping? Angel Falls is that fall. This makes it to be an attractive spot for Base jumpers. The route to reach this place spot in itself is very intense. The jump is extremely dangerous but this doesn’t discourage Base jumpers and daredevils. To get to the top of the fall, you will need a chopper to get there.

5. West Virginia, New River Gorge Bridge


We all know of this bridge as it is quite famous. We have seen videos of people performing base jumping on this spot. The daredevils who perform base jumpers from this spot jump from a height of 876 feet. The number of people who flock to this spot base jump in a year exceed more than 40 jumpers. This is one of the Top 10 Insane Base Jump Locations in The World 2017.

4. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Top Most Popular Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World 2018

The tallest building in the world can’t miss a spot to do Base jumping though it is not legal to do it. However, that didn’t stop Dave McDonnell and Herve Le Gallou to perform the stunt. They disguised themselves as engineers in order to be able to perform the stunt.

3. Baffin Island, Mount Thor, Canada

Baffin Island, Mount Thor, Canada Top Most Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World 2017

The mountain has the highest and greatest vertical drop ever to be performed in the world. At a height of 4,101 meters is the drop and many jumpers and climbers come to conquer this peak.

2. Brazil, Christ the Redeemer

Brazil, Christ the Redeemer Top Popular Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World 2018

If you plan to Base jump from this statue, first know that it is illegal and it is also extremely dangerous. Though it is at a height of 98 feet making it one of the lowest locations to perform a base jump all over the world, it is extremely dangerous because a jumper has only 1.5 seconds before he can’t open his or her parachute.

1. KL Tower, Malaysia

KL Tower, Malaysia Top 10 Insane BASE Jump Locations in The World 2019

It is the world Base jump center and hosts more than 100 jumpers in 4 days. It is thrilling and fun. A jumper jumps from a height of 984.2 feet high.

These are the Top 10 Insane Base Jump Locations in The World 2017. If you are person who loves adventure and height and also if you are daredevil, make sure you visit this places but remember you need to be very careful.