Top 10 Most Fascinating Zoos In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Fascinating Zoos In The World in 2017. Are you wondering where to get the best and most fascinating zoos in the world? Well, relax and take your pen and note down these most fascinating zoos in the world and start planning when to visit them. You will learn a lot of things and even when you have been visiting several wildlife parks in the world, you will still be interested to see other species which you have never see in the park. Few of us have seen badgers, tiger, snow leopards, African lions and hippo, but this is the right time you need to see these animals in reality. If your holiday seems to be long, then you need to visit these most fascinating zoos in the world 2017 and learn new things.

List of Top 10 Most Fascinating Zoos In The World 2017

10. San Diego Zoo, California


When you come to this zoo, you’ll discover the wonder of world! it is huge and spread across one hundred acres and it is home to four thousand animals from eight hundred species. Its ground is grassy and hilly and you will enjoy thirty five-minute bus tour or you can choose to hop on/off at certain exhibits. This zoo is most impressive and education making it perfect for nature lover and kids. You will visit the bears, giant sloths, jaguar and lions in their natural habitats.

9. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand


This is the biggest zoos and situated on 23 acres with more than five hundred animals and hundred different species. Majority of them are endangered species who are native to New Zealand and are Sumatran tigers and miniature Sun Bear. Zoo is involved with group in part of Asia which is called Free the Bear, lions and more. If your holiday seems to be long or boring, then your destination should be here. The zoo has a lot of things to offer you and your kids.

8. Philadelphia Zoo, USA


This is the first America’s zoo and was established in 1874. It is now home t more than one thousand three hundred animals and this urban zoo has one of state of the art primitive exhibits in the globe. The indoor/outdoor areas houses ten different primate species such as gibbons, Sumatran Orangutans, lemurs, silverbacks and lowland gorillas. If you are a cat lover, then you will see the big cat falls that has twelve endangered species such as amur tigers, African lions, snow leopard, cougars and jaguars. If you have a plan that one day you will take your kids to the most fascinating zoos 2017, then for sure, there are a lot of things you will see here with your kids.

7. Toronto Zoo, Canada


You will get five thousand animals from four hundred and sixty species all over the world here. It boasts unique exhibit such as sting ray touch tanks and camels rides. Also, there is enclosure for several endangered baby addition such as spider monkeys, gaur a type of Indian bison, African elephant, western lowland gorillas, greater Kudu, and pygmy hippo. You will also find many native animals to Canada like cougar, lynx, raccoons, wood bison, moose and grizzly bear. If your kids as you the best fascinating zoos in the world 2017 to visit, then this is the place you need to bring them.

6. Bronx Zoo, New York City,


This is a small zoo and one of the oldest but best zoos in US. You will even find veterinarian society here and primary care is provides to the animals. There are fifteen thousand animals who are located in various zoos all over America. This place is recognized for its animal enrichment programs. You will witness zoo keepers who are training and interacting with the animals such as tiger and monkey population. Both hands-on in nature and educational should come here and witness the zoo keepers interacting with the animals. Don’t think that the zoo is small and so there’s nothing you can learn, just give it a try and you will love your visit.

5. Basel Zoo, Switzerland


This is the zoo known for its successful captive breeding programs of animals which are endangered in the world. Even when you have been visiting several wildlife parks around the globe, you will never miss seeing the uniquely peculiar creatures of this zoo. There are more than six hundred species including cheetah, snow leopards, flamingos, Indian Rhino, Somali wild ass, Okapi and pygmy hippos. The successful breeding effort has made this zoo most successful and popular.

4. Yokohama Zoo, Japan


This zoo is lovingly referred as Zoorasia and was established in 1999. It spread over one hundred acres in size and this lush, sprawling zoo will give you more room to its more than 1500 animal from one hundred and fifty species. This zoo is largely green in design and consists of seven separate ecological areas. What you will find is Asian tropical forest, Oceanian grassland, central Asian highland, Amazon jungle and African Tropical Rainforest. These all have been deigned to mimic the natural habitat and since the zoo is large, you will be given binoculars upon your entrance to let you enjoy optimal spotting of inhabitant.

3. Welsh Mountain Zoo, North Wales


This is a thirty Severn acres hillside park which was by Robert Jackson who was naturalist in 1963. Currently, zoological society of wales has the helm and they are operating the zoo more like conservation lands to preserve native wildlife within. You will be treated to wooded acres, rolling hills teeming with grey heron, badgers, grass snakes and tree lined paths. What you must see are modern Eurasian Otter showcase which is outfitted with a river and also waterfall, the Humboldt Penguin and California Sea lions. Let this coming summer find you here.

2. Berlin Zoo, Germany


If you are living in Germany, then you should know that this is the oldest and most visited zoo. It spread all over eighty four acres and it is home to 17,000 animals and the king Frederick William IV populated the zoo with eight hundred and fifty animals for his own private collection. The zoo suffered a lot of damage during World War II and several animals were destroyed. But that was not the end of things, the zoo was rebuilt and some of the animals which survived including a pair of lion, chimpanzee, bull elephant and hyenas and dozen baboons move into natural enclosure and tours.

1. Australia Zoo, Australia


This is the wildest, most adventurous zoo you can find in the earth. What you will find in this zoo are various snakes, wombats, elephants, tigers, kangaroos and koalas. If you have never seen kangaroos or wombats, then this time you need to come here and see these animals in reality. You will also view one thousand different animals. If you want to make your holiday enable and remarkable, then this zoo worth a visit and you need to give it a try. You will find friendly wild animals that are ready to welcome you to their home.

When your holiday or weekend seems to be boring, you need to get out of your house and come to these most fascinating zoos in the world 2017 and enjoy yourself watching wild animals. Even when you have been visiting your local wildlife park, there are still several animals that you wish to see. If you love nature, then let these most Fascinating zoos 2017 be your number one destination when you have nothing to do in the house or when you want something to make you feel relaxed.