Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017. During the winter we work hard and in the summer season, we party and visit places. That is the only way we can manage our time. When the summer months come, we have to sit and make an analysis of the places we want to visit. The world is full of breathtaking places that you want to visit every summer season. The fun in the place is great, and you will enjoy. According to your best place you want to be there is a big list of beautiful places that Mother Nature has given to us. From lakes, seas, mountains, beautiful coastal line and an endless list of beautiful places you can visit.

During your summer or even on weekends, you can visit the sites and you will see how much our earth is beautiful. Breathtaking scenarios that will make you feel good, the views that are amazing. In every continent, there are the beautiful places that you should visit every summer season. Some of the world’s top 10 most beautiful summer holiday destinations 2017 are:

List of Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017

1. Hawaii

hawaii, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2017

Have you heard about Hawaii? If not, this is the first best destination that you should purpose to visit in your nest holiday session. You should book yourself flight ticket or starts will be the passport procedure to ensure you visit the place. The view in Hawaii is breathtaking because the place is unimaginable. From the volcanic landscapes that are well distributed all through in the city of Hawaii. The place has abundant sea life, green sea cliffs, and black-sand and red-sand beaches. Hawaii also has islands that are exquisite.

Many home buyers are relocating to Hawaii to purchase houses in the place and turn them into vacation homes for those visiting Hawaii during the summer season. The views in the place will make you visit the place all the time, but there is a big list of locations you can visit in the world.

2. Peru


In Peru Machu Picchu is also on the list of the famous Summer Holiday Destinations 2017 that you should visit. There are many places that you can visit in Peru. The place has beautiful places starting from the stunning colonial architecture and the Pre-Inca ruins which everyone always overlooks. If you are also great in shopping Peru is the best destination for you. You can shop in the many shopping malls found in the city of Peru.

Other places that you should visit in Peru are the excellent museums because the place is known to have an ongoing situation in the good old days and the remains of the occurrences preserved in these museums. The nightlife in the place is incredible and the sweet, delicious, and amazing seafood prepared in the place.

3. Cuba

cuba, Top 10 Most famous Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2018

Cuba is commonly known because of the Caribbean Island that makes the place irresistible. The same thing that also attracts more visitors in the United States of America is the island. I don’t know the secret behind the beauty found in the island, but an island is gorgeous. The place has a colonial beauty, and the beach is fantastic.

In Cuba there Unesco Heritage site of the Old Havana, cigar factory and you can also visit Ernest Hemingway’s home. After visiting the place, there is the fun can’t be over without swimming on the beach and lying down to sun bathe the nice sun on the shore of the beach in Varadero. If you visit Cuba, you will not regret at any given moment.

4. Kotor, Montenegro


A fascinating thing about Kotor is the town that is just immediately at the beach. From shopping, you just head down to the beach which is a walking distance. It is a gorgeous place that is worth your visit. In Kotor, the elegant hotels in the place are fantastic and are found in the old city.

The best thing about Kotor is the society and the social interaction of the people living in the place. There are friendly, and you will love them. You should not visit one place in every summer season. Visit all the beautiful places, and you will see how much earth is beautiful.

5. Bora Bora

bora-bora, Top 10 Most Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in The World 2019

If you bring up an image of the situation and views of paradise, the picture will be like the views in Bora Bora. Leave alone being breathtaking; Bora Bora is the place that its description has not been discovered. The places that you can visit are places such as volcanic toll and the white-sand beaches.
Making a combination of all the right things and places that you have visited, you will find it when you visit the place. It is a little heaven brought down here. If you are planning on a honeymoon, you should purpose this place right now. This is one of the world’s top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations 2017.

6. Virginia Beach


Many people will spend their summer in the coastal region sunbathing and swimming in the salty water. A beach makes a place appear more beautiful because of the joining ocean and sky making the whole place has the appealing blue color.

Virginia Beach is a summer destination that beckons all those who love the beach life. Along the beach, there is a broad walkway that stretches more than 3 miles where you can sit and have you a cold drink. The beauty of the place is irresistible.

7. Amsterdam


You may think that the place is not in the top ten list in the world for having beautiful destinations for summer. Indeed it has beautiful places that you will visit and enjoy. The grey skies that are in the summer season make it ideal for visiting during the season. Some events and festivals are undertaken such as the Open Garden Days.

When you visit the place, you can peek in the gardens in the beautiful houses that line up the canal that is commonly known to be in Amsterdam. The location is ideal for the urban tour to those who love it.

8. Ocean City


Ocean City situated in Maryland and the best place for family vacation and a romantic gateway. The place has luxurious hotels, and you can also get coastal made rentals to live in during your visit to the place. The beach with a place adds up a plus on the place to visit.

Ocean City has all the things that you need who you are out and will be a memorable place when you visit it. You can go for water sporting or go shopping.

9. Miami


Miami is vacation place that is beckoning very many tourists. Miami is situated in Florida in the walkway through the Miami River. The place is commonly known as the culture of the salsa dance that you can join and dance while having a fancy meal. The scorching nightlife in Miami is just fine due to the Latin influence that came up with the salsa dance.

You can visit the south beach and sunbathe. I know that the term Miami has once or many times crossed in your ears. It is a beautiful place that is worth a visit.

10. Catalina Island


Catalina Island, located in California. There are beaches in the place and most of the night events commonly held at night. There are many adventurous places such as visiting the wildlife or the sea life such as dolphins and whales. What you visit the island is a total package. The harbors in the place known as the Avalon and the Two harbors that you can visit. In the harbors you can go camping which is fun because there are camping sites in the Catalina Island.

So, these beautiful places are the world’s top 10 most famous and best Summer Holiday Destinations for 2017. Make a trip any of these places and enjoy your summer vacations.

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