Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Spain

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Spain 2017. You cannot ignore the existence of Spain in the world map simply because it has a lot that will miss out having. It is fantastic with a lot of things on the line for you starting off from a better and fantastic cuisine that contains some of the best foods you can think of in the world but made with Spanish style, best places to visit, beautiful people that are always welcoming to all their visitors. But excites us in this place is the kind of restaurants that have been made for you to visit.

For all those that love food, I have to promise you that you need to get your stomach prepared for a luncheon like what you have never got before. It is good to visit Spain and try food that you have never eaten among the following best restaurants in Spain 2017 that always have your appetite and demands already, what they are doing is just waiting for you.

Getting to eat food that you know is the first time that you are testing it is one rare thing that every visitor to a new place wants to explore. That is the goodness of the restaurants that are found in this nation. They have a lot that you need to eat from them and they are designed to take care of you.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Spain 2017

10. Cal Pep

Cal Pep Top Popular Restaurants in Spain 2017

This is a place that has always been frequented by many tourists but there is one thing that makes to be a famous one among the many that exist out there, it has fresh sea food and an atmosphere that is fantastic and serene for many that will visit the place. If you want to have a local experience that is true to its words, then you need to visit this restaurant. Take time and visit the place and eat a whole manner of Catalan classic with an environment that is warm. It is a two star restaurant but it is always known that it aims higher to provide and push the traditional boundaries of food.

9. Sant Pau


This is three starred restaurant that is headed by Ruscalleda who is the only lady that is found in Spain to be enthusiastic. It is location is just to the Northern part of Barcelona, you are able to find a blend of mix between the traditional cuisine that is known in the area and then mixed up with the best food blend of Ruscalleda that makes it have that modern twist in the outcome of the food products. For your comfort, the dining has also been split into two in that you will have a romantic room in the first section and also a contrasting summary in the second place.

8. La Terraza del Casino de Madrid


Are you looking for mouth-watering restaurant in Spain? Come here and you will experience classic treatment coupled with delicious meals. This restaurant will offer you finest cuisine that will leave you appreciating their services. It has attentive staff and services which have been regarded by everyone who visit here as perfect. If you want to know more about their typical dishes, then what you will expect to find in this place is Asturian bean soup and also jamon jabugo which is cured ham from acorn fed pigs. There is nothing interesting like visiting mouth-watering restaurant, try this one.

7. Jockey

Jockey Top Most Largest Restaurants in Spain

Celebrities will tell you why they love visiting here when they want special dish. There are modest choices of more than seven hundred varieties of wine and also spirit to choose from. The surrounding of this place is cool and peaceful. It has professional chefs who prepare delicious meals that will make you salivate even before tasting the dish. If you are wine lover and want to have it far away from home, Jockey is ready to welcome you with special royal treatment at only reasonable price.

6. El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca Top Most Famous Restaurants in Spain 2019

If you wish to come across stunning Spanish menu at affordable price, this is the best place to visit. It has receives lots of complement due to its dining experience that will make you tempted to come again and again. What you will get from this place is baby squids which are coupled with onion rocks; you will also get Tahitian vanilla ice cream. If you are ice cream love, this restaurant is always ready to give you better treatment.

5. Martin Berasategui


Do you want luxurious thing in your life? Yes this is the best restaurant you can visit and enjoy yourself with your friends and family members. It is one of the unique and most loved restaurants in Spain and what makes it popular is about the prefect services. You will never hear any complain or bad experience meaning that this is a place you can visit and you’ll be given royal treatment. What makes it exceptional is about traditional cooking techniques which are blended with great science to coax out wonderful flavors just in boldest of dishes. The typical dish you will find is grilled sole coupled with liquid chili and don’t forget that you will get smoked fish snout. This place has held three Michelin stars.

4. Can Fabes

Can Fabes Top Best Restaurants in Spain 2018

If you want to eat some of the best foods in Spain, this has won the hearts of many that have visited the country as tourists’ or even as visitors. It contains dedicated people that always have a hand in ensuing that they prepare classic food for the expected visitors and that is why you are bound to always salivate when you just have a look at their menu. What you have never known about his place is that he clock never ticks because there are people in the restaurant that are willing to keep it lit all day and night long. That means it is open all the time. Visit the place and you can talk, eat, stay and finally sleep if you wish without any problem at all.

3. Arzak

Arzak Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Spain 2017

This is another fantastic restaurant found in San Sebastian. What is unique about here is that cooking is done by father to daughter combination and what you will get is delicious dish that will leave you demanding more and more. The typical dishes are smoked white tuna coupled with fresh figs and pine nuts. It has known to be the best place with special treatment. If you find yourself here, you better opt for recommended sixteen-course taste menu that will leave happy. The robust Mediterranean flavors will make you salivate. This is one of the the Top 10 most famous restaurants in Spain 2017.

2. Mugaritz


The restaurant that you are about to go to features one of the best chefs in the world, Android Aduriz who was at El Bulli. The two hotels have many similarities and are recognized as being among the best restaurants in the world 2017. Unfortunately, there was a fire that erupted from the kitchen and destroyed some section of it and almost brought it down. But that was a stumbling bock to it because it rose from the ashes to glory and up to working. The very typical dishes that you are likely to find in the place include monkfish cheek and some ceramic potatoes.

1. El Bulli

El Bulli Top Famous Restaurants in Spain 2018

If you to Spain and fail to go to Eli, then you might have missed the best of places that are known to be elegant and unique. This is a 3 star restaurant and that is one major reasons that when you rate it with others in the world, you automatically find it at the top. For instance, t has been featured as the best almost five times. The head chef that runs it is Ferran Adria, a chef that believes in nothing but cooking the best of the best food ever in the world. That is why all the employees that work in the region always respect the decisions he makes. Some of the foods that you are likely to get in the place include hot and cold trout roe and also tapioca of lderian Ham.

If you hear the word popular, the first thing to come out of your mind is that that is something loved by many people and it must have something unique. If you find yourself in Spain, probably, you will need the best restaurant to have special dish, but don’t be like people who choose any restaurant and end up getting poor treatment. If you want to venture out this summer and you don’t know the most popular restaurant that offers delicious meals, these top ten restaurants are great choice. You will receive royal treatment services!

So, these are the Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Spain 2017. You are advised by us that you need to get the better experience, when you are out walking or traveling there. Unfortunately, funds might not be enough for you to reach each and every place that is good but at least you will be able to reach one restaurant and get your meals that are unique and well prepared. That place to be is in Spain and you need not get deceived at all. There is plenty of food that you even won’t finish.

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