Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in London

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in London 2017. It is time that you need to stand up and give respect because you are entitled to find a new London in the modern world from the previous one that you always knew. In fact, most of the people have always been scorning it internationally but today, they are always thronging into the area to get the best services. One industry that has made a lot of changes in the availability and creation of restaurants. This is what has made the capital to be home to the world’s most impressive chefs ever.

That is why it has sprung up with interesting restaurants that are able to cater for all your tastes and the budget that you want to use or spend. It has a variety of foods that you will never get bored eating and in fact, the ideas of these chefs have always brought all the types of food cooked in the area so that if you are a visitor, you don’t miss anything, but remember it is always to take something new that will make you remember that place forever. Here are some of the best restaurants that you can walk in in London and never feel like walking out.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in London 2017

10. Texture, Portman Place

Texture, Portman Place Biggesr Restaurants in London

Contact: 020 7224 0028

This is a restaurant that has earned respect and honor when it comes to the mode of service sand food that they are prepared to give you as a visitor to the place. The restaurant has the best chefs who decided to set up a Texture in 2007 and later managed to win the Michelin star award in the year 2010. Since then, things have never gone back, always on the front towards success each day. You are entitled to get fresh ingredients which include Icelandic and British ones. You are also entitled to get lots of fish and herbs that always it near a phenomenal wine list. It has interesting menus that can accumulate to £79 per person which is able to serve the whole table.

9. Wild Honey


Contact: 020 7758 9160

This is a restaurant that is located opposite St. George’s Hanover square and is known for its uniqueness serving of thoughtful seasonal food. What you need to do when you walk in is just to sit and relax and try the delicious rabbit pork and apricot terrine that has never been prepared anywhere for people to eat. The wine list that it has prepared for you is one that is unique and is also impressive and most of the people will always wonder where they keep it all. They are known to doing a three course working lunch, three course for pre and post theatre menus for £29.95.

8. Bonds

Bonds Top 10 Most Popular Restaurants in London 2017

Contact: 020 7657 8090

This is a unique restaurant that is known to double up as a Threadneedles that has in house dining room but has been designed with a separate entrance will mean that you will always find it jammed with bankers and also traders on Thursdays and Friday nights. The type of food that you will get is modern European food and combined with Asian accents. It has been designed with serene environment feeling with exotic sleek wood and also best flowers. It is one of the place that does a three course lunch menu for £19.95. it has even been valued as the best hotel tea in London which will provide you it with £15.95.

7. Sweetings

Sweetings Top Largest Restaurants in London 2019

Contact: 0844 5672326

There are those that might be in danger of forgetting that the city was a better and exclusive place that used to preserve chaps in pinstripes that carried furled umbrellas, my friend, just pop in this 120 year old fish and food restaurant and all the difference that you will get will be the best has been put in a former shop so that you are able to see the fish as it is being prepared after delivery.

6. Clarke’s

Clarke's Top Popular Restaurants in London 2017

Contact: 020 7221 9225

Sally Clarke started this restaurant 30 years but I have to promise you that it has grown to become a favorite spot for anyone that wants to go out and take some eating form special chefs. It is found in Kensighton Church Street and is known to pull many crowds into it. You need sometimes to hurry or book your place lest you will find it parked to capacity. It has three course set meals for you to rejoice.

5. Tom’s Kitchen


Contact: 020 7349 0202

The white butchers’ tile, wooden tables and compact ground floor might fool you, but don’t be fooled my friend. This is the best place someone who is serious about delicious meals can visit. It occupies three floors and what about the bar? You’ll get full menu and it is on the first. This place combines robust British staples, venison, belly pork or root casserole and coupled with cozy risottos as well as pastas. What about delicious salads? Don’t say anything bad about this restaurant because it is always ready to offer you delicious food which your stomach need.

4. The Ledbury


Contact: 020 7792 9090

You’ll get the best food here which your stomach has been craving. If you love British ingredients as well as European techniques, then The Ledbury is right here to excite your appetite and make you crave for more food. Nothing is good like eating foods which have been cooked by chef who loves and value the people they will eat the meal. Right here, you’ll be served with delicious foods which have natural ingredients and your stomach will thank your legs for taking you to this restaurant. The Australian head chef in this place cooks lovely strong and you will be served with charming heart. This is one of the top 10 most popular restaurants in London 2017

3. Morito

Morito Top Famous Restaurants in London 2019

Contact: 020 7278 7007

As you approach Morito, the first thing to welcome you is tiny explosions of flavors! Is that great? Imagine you will get most of them only under £8 and what about wine? If you’re wine lover, Morito is ready to give you chilled wine at reasonable price. Its surroundings are cool and the atmosphere is welcome. There are delicious meals here which are great to give a shot during those weekends when you want to take your wife or girlfriend out. Even when you are under budget, this place will never eat your wallet, their food are delicious and at reasonable price. It is great for lunchtime and you’ll get hot foods which are great to your taste buds.

2. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Top Most Restaurants in London 2018

Contact: 020 7201 3833

Are you ready to enjoy delicious food? Come here and get royal treatment coupled with mouth-watering foods that your taste buds will appreciate. The foods of this restaurant have been cooked by someone who values the people eating the meal. The reinterpreted historic British dishes make this restaurant grab headlines. From 18th century salmagundi such as marrow bone, salsify and chicken to taffety tart such as rose, apple, blackcurrant sorbet and fennel is what you will notice. The story of this place is really fascinating and what about the service which is charming? Everything is absolutely good here.

1. Marine Ices

Marine Ices Top Most Famous Restaurants in London 2018

Contact: 020 7482 9003

Are you ice cream lover? Yes, who doesn’t love ice creams? Marine ice is always ready to give you the best ice creams as well as sorbets. You will also be given a chance to choose from twenty flavors as well as numerous sauces and toppings. It is old school Italian restaurant which is found opposite chalk farm underground station. What you will enjoy here are classic dishes just from homeland which includes pizza and pasta. You can ask about daily specials that have been known to have been keeping dinner excited and happy back in 1931 to date. If you want the best food that your stomach will enjoy digesting them, Marine Ice is the best choice.

So, these are the top 10 most popular restaurants in London 2017. Nothing is good like visiting the most popular restaurants which are always ready to serve you with the best food which have been cooked by professional chefs. If you find yourself in London and wish to get the best food without pinning your wallet, these most popular restaurants have great menu to offer you. You will feel great when you get treatments which are absolutely high-quality. Don’t lock yourself out when the doors of these restaurants are wide open ready to offer you delicious foods which are great to your taste buds.

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