Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of The World in 2017. When you feel hungry, a restaurant is one of the best place to go. You will be served with your favorite meal and drinks. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, you should consider visiting quirky restaurants. These are restaurants that are unusual in an attractive and interesting way. They stand out from eating joints.Some of them are located in weird places. You will wonder why a nice restaurant should be located in such places. Other quirky restaurants are known for incredible cooking styles and mouth-watering foods. Others are structurally designed in an extraordinary way. They look phenomenal.By visiting such restaurants, not only will you enjoy lipsmacking food but also have the opportunity to experience extraordinary things. In case you didn’t know, here are top 10 most quirky restaurants in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of The World 2017

10. KinderkookCafe


This extraordinary restaurant is located in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands. It has talented chefs that prepare delicious meals for guests. They are also enthusiastic and very welcoming. They will simply put you in the mood to take your favorite meal. Chefs have exceptional cooking skills which make them some of the most sought after chefs in the whole world. You definitely want to taste their food.

9.‘S Baggers


This remarkable restaurant is one of a kind. It is located in Nuremberg, German. What makes ‘S Baggers quirky and unique is that orders are made via computer. Call it digital café. This makes the process of placing orders fast and efficient. You simply need to select your food from the menu. Once processed, food shall be delivered to your table. The restaurant is also perfect for kids. If you have children, this is the best place to visit for your sumptuous meal.

8. Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The Sky Top Most Quirky Restaurants of The World 2017

Just as the name suggests, having a meal in this exemplary restaurant is like having dinner in the sky. It is located in Brussels, Belgium’s capital. Dinner facilities are hanged in the sky. You enjoy your meal in the air and experience the fantasy that it brings. You will feel like a bird flying in the air.Besides, only the best chefs in the world prepare meals in this restaurant. It is a place to visit before you die.

7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


If you want to experience wonders of the world, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives is the place to visit. It is an artificial water channel where you can have your drink and eat food as you watch fish and other aquatic animals swim. It is situated 16 feet below the sea. If you are an adventurous person, this is the right place for you. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant was designed by experts from Kiwi Consultancy firm. Just imagine that the disastrous tsunami that occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004 did not affect this phenomenal restaurant. If you want to have an idea of what quirky restaurant is, visit Ithaa Undersea restaurant.

6. Fangweng Restaurant

Fangweng Restaurant Top Most Popular Quirky Restaurants of The World 2017

This awesome restaurant is located in Yichang, China. It is situated several metres above river Yangtze. It is 30 m long and hangs on one side of the cliff. This bizarre location is what attracts many people. The restaurant features a strong concrete bridge which you must cross for you to access dining area.

5. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant Top Most Famous Quirky Restaurants of The World 2018

This spectacular restaurant is strategically located at the foot of a waterfall in Philipines. The most impressive thing about it is its wonderful menu which features local dishes. Besides, the surrounding environment is green which makes it beautiful. Tables are made of bamboo. This makes them stand out from ordinary tables. You will take your lipsmacking food as you have a fascinating view of the waterfall. What an amazing restaurant!

4. Snow Castle Restaurant

Snow Castle Restaurant Top Best Quirky Restaurants of The World 2019

This incredible restaurant is located in Kemi, Finland. Just as the name suggests, Snow Castle restaurant is covered by snow. Thanks to the availability of snow in Finland. The temperature inside the restaurant is usually -5 degrees centigrade. This makes the restaurant irresistable.

3. Tree pod dining


This exceptional restaurant is located at Sonova Resort, Kohkood island in Thailand. It has many dining options. This makes it the best fit for you. It features bamboo dining pods which hang on top of trees in the rain forest. You will be able to have a spectacular view of ocean water and sandy beach. Besides, you will be able to view birds at a closer distance. On top of that, you will be served with some of the best and most expensive wine in the world. This is one of the best Quirky Restaurants of The World 2017.

2. El Diablo


This astounding restaurant is located on Canary Island in Spain. Food is cooked at the top of a volcano. Geothermal heat of up to 500 degrees centigrade is usually generated by the volcano and used for cooking purposes. This unusual method of cooking is what makes many tourists flock El Diablo restaurant year in year out.

1. Kayabukiya Tavern

Kayabukiya Tavern Top Popular Quirky Restaurants of The World 2018

Have you ever been served by a beautiful monkey which is smartly dressed? Well. If you have’nt, make a point and visit Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan. These monkeys are only allowed to work for 2 hours in a day. This is according to Japanese animal rights. They are also treated well at the place of work. But are they paid salary? Visit and find the answer for yourself.

In conclusion, it goes beyond any reasonable doubt that these are the top 10 most quirky restaurants of the world 2017. They have some of the best chefs in the world,are located in spectacular places, prepare delicious meals and are generally attractive in unusual ways. They are worth visiting.

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