Top 10 Most Famous Places to Visit in Singapore

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Most Famous Places to Visit in Singapore in 2017. If you ever want to go to a place that is booming with spectacular scenery, then you need to visit Singapore and you will have an impressive scenery to see and do. I will have to promise you that you will be amazed with what you will see. What is good or better with the place is that it has things that other places have found it difficult to have. That is why most people rate it as a unique place to visit. We have narrowed all the city’s best places that you can visit to ten and that is why you need to go through our well researched work so that you get informed of what places you need to visit right away.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Places to Visit in Singapore 2017

10. Little India

little india,Top 10 Most Famous Places to Visit in Singapore 2017 2018

This is a colorful and exiting place that you won’t love to miss visiting when you have landed yourself in Singapore. It is situated at the eastern side of Singapore River. If you are a visitor, you will know that you have arrived at the right place by the exotic aromas that will be waiting to take care of you once and for all. The aromas will not be drifting from anywhere else other than from kitchens and restaurants that are also rated as the best of them all. You will comes across the famous markets that are never closed as they are opened all day and night long.

9. Singapore Night Safari


This is a true unique attraction that you will come across in the area. Why it is not only unique is that it is also a leading reservation and research center that is found in Asia. This is a zoo that will ensure that you have gotten an unusual sight into the nocturnal kingdom of animals. It will provide you with 59 exhibits and also 1000 animals that you will see around the world. The type of animals that you will come across include vultures, the great one horned rhinoceros, gazelles, and wildebeest among others.

8. Sentosa


This is an island that has been purposely built on the off shore of the southern part of Singapore. It was built it was built there with purpose of ensuring that you have the best relaxation and leisure. It has a collection of beaches, golf playing grounds, parks, dining laces and more others is what you are entitled to get in this self-reclined land. The best side of this place is that you can access it by road or by suing a cable car. Always think of adding some authenticity to your trip by visiting this area because it is one in a million.

7. Singapore Flyer


When you have visited this place, then you are deciding to visit a wheel that is considered as the largest one in the world. You are entitled to get a one of a kind type of experience of these wheel that is built over a three story terminal build. The flyer has been made to a height of around 165 meters and has a diameter of 150 meters. What is unique about this item is that it is able to travel at 0.21m/s. you need to know that it is one wheel that is almost 30 meters taller that the famous London eye.

6. Chinatown


This is a great place that is known to be great for carrying out any shopping as it is termed as the best cheapest souvenirs in town. Get there and you will be able to see all the best authentic kinds of food and also try the best Chinese food. You don’t have to get worried where to buy food or do your shopping, the place is self full-filling as it is able to provide you with countless restaurants that you can choose from. If you want to learn more about the history of the place, then you can do so from the Chinatown Heritage center that is found in the Pagoda center.

5. Raffles Hotel


This is a luxurious hotel that has been designed with a colonial style outlook. It has a long history that dates back to 1887 and thus has become one of the best and important landmarks that you will come across in Singapore. When you eat there, then you will have joined the famous guests that visited the place including Michael Jackson who was the king of pop at his time, Queen Elizabeth II, and Elizabeth Taylor. The hotel has been fixed with 103 suites and 18 distinct restaurants and bars. It has also been made with 40 boutiques and stores.

4. Gardens by the Bay


This is a huge futuristic park that has been installed in the bay area of Singapore. It has been crowned with the best world building in the year in 2012 during the world architecture festival. It has been made with the famous supertree structures that will always ensure that you get the best skywalk. There is also an oversized seashell-shaped greenhouses that will recreate a chilly feeling like that found in the mountain climates. Visit the place and you will get to discover trees and plants. That is why it is a place that is good to both adults and kids.

3. Universal Studios Singapore


This is a park that is rated as an amusement park that you need to visit in Singapore. It will provide you with over 20 attractions sites that you can visit I themed zones which include New York, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Hollywood among others. When you want to go for the rides, two of them all are water themed and five are thrilling roller coasters where two of them are the currently the world’s tallest coasters.

2. Clarke Quay


This is a river side development and has been parked with bars ad restaurants that are bustling, boutique shops and nightclubs. That is why it is able to attract a wide variety of tourists that come into the area. The area takes a full picture of picturesque water body that emerges from the rivers city. It has also an alfresco-style dining that has a number of eateries that are set around the edge of the water. You will also find great shopping options in the area and plenty of bars. That is why it is known as a real bar-hoppers haven.

1. Marina Bay


This is a famed bay and it is ready to provide you with a spectacular sight-seeing experience ever. This is a bay that has undergone a transformation that is epic. This is a bay that cost $5.5 billion sands that is why it is known to be a focal point of the bay that you need to visit. There are many things that you need to visit ad see in the area which include the science museum, shopping and dining places and casino. There is a secret that I have to offer you, arrive at the place at around 20:00 and you will get a chance of catching a light show that is spectacular.

Get yourself and go into record as having visited the best place that has spectacular sights to see. The places have been built with care and precision and they are well maintained over day and night with the best security so that all the visitors that come into the place feel at peace each single day that comes and goes. Don’t get worried of where you will rest when night comes because you will get it right in and every place that you visit.