Top 10 Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2017. Whether you seek to have your skin tanned all over or perhaps, just feel like letting loose in the sun and sand, there are great nude beaches around the world to help you achieve that. The popularity of beaches for nudists is at an all time high; as more people grow comfortable in their own skin by embracing who they really are. In fact, visiting at least one of the below nude beaches should be in your bucket list regardless of how conservative you are. It is about time you threw all caution out the window and get acquainted to the most famous nude beaches in the world 2017.

List of The Top Ten Most Famous Nude Beaches in the World 2017:

As usual, we start out at number 10 as we build our way up. Here are the most famous nude sandy spots around the globe.

#10. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada –

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada Top Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2018

Besides being the largest clothing-optional beach in North America, Wreck Beach is Canada’s premiere nude beach. Tucked away in a sweet spot just 15-minutes drive from Vancouver, the beach is quite popular among locals and tourists who get to enjoy a monthly festival, where there is live music, massage vendors along the 7.8 km coastline, beach volleyball and body painting among other activities. For those worried about peeping toms, it is worth noting that it is well nestled right beneath a steep cliff with a 500-stair decent.

#9. Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain –

Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain Top Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2019

we’ve all heard songs and watched movies about Ibiza’s wild nightlife, but only few know about this hidden gem. After a crazy night out in Ibiza, nurse your hangovers by simply baring it all to Mother Nature at the Playa Es Cavallet nude beach. This nude beach is indeed, a diamond in the rough going by its raw, unkempt look defined by white sands and wavy waters. It is the perfect beach for young couples or individuals heading for their first nude experience in the wild. Es Cavallet is quite popular among tourists all year round and one of the few gay-friendly beaches for nudes.

#8. Abrico Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil –

Abrico Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Top 10 Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2017

Of course, we all know Rio for its beautiful sandy beaches filled with body-perfect locals all over the place – playing soccer or some other ball-related activity. However, it is only in Abrico where nudists can walk freely without getting shadowed by beach patrol. It has been playing host to nudists since 2003 – when the ban on nude beaches was lifted – where tourists from all over the world come to experience the warm weather and white sandy beaches. You need not fret about going on a health sabbatical while on holiday here as there are fitness classes held every Sunday.

#7. Plakias Beach, Crete, Greece –


In ancient Greece, athletes competed naked to embrace aesthetic appreciation of the body. In fact, the word “gymnos” – gymnasium & gymnastics – means naked and it is, therefore, only right that they have a beach dedicated to nudists. The beach is simply breathtaking; tucked safely at the bottom of steep cliffs on the southern edge of Crete. It is one of the largest beaches on the island with plenty of activities such as scuba diving, sun bathing, watersprouts and wind surfing to keep visitors engaged all through. Plakias is one of the most famous nude beaches in the world because of its warm locals and sunny beaches.

#6. Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida –

Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida Top Most Nude Beaches in The World 2019

Before anything else, it is worth noting that Haulover beach is one of the few state-run, clothing-optional beaches in the U.S and world complete with life-guards, concessions, public restrooms and changing rooms. Generally, though, the beach is filled with up to 7,000 nudists and visitors every day from different parts of the world, meaning you are never alone as a first-time nudist. Its year-round warm weather, white sand and beautiful deep blue sea makes Haulover one of the most famous nude beaches in the world 2017.

#5. Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia –


If you are an island lover, who loves baring it all while sunbathing, Lokrum Island is just the place for you. It is only a boat ride away from the old city Dubrovnik and on the far eastern tip is where you want to be as nude bather seeking sufficient tan. Here, you get to relax on the large rocks as you enjoy the cool breeze with other tourists from around the globe. There are kiosks all-over just in case you need a comfortable mat to lie down on. Lokrum Island ranks as the one of the most popular destinations for nudists thanks to its natural appeal and breathtaking views.

#4. El Torn Beach, Tarragona, Spain –

El Torn Beach, Tarragona, Spain Top Popular Nude Beaches in The World 2018

While Spain is one of the most nude-friendly countries in the world, some of the beaches are categorically left for naturists and nudist who enjoy a little tan all over their skin, every now and then. Worth a mention is the fact that El Torn, is located adjacent to a nudist campsite, meaning it you are in for a relaxing, round-the-clock nude vacation if you so wish. Located an hour’s drive south of Barcelona, the nudist beach is among the most popular and biggest in the world – for good reason.

#3. Le Grottes Plage, Costa Azul, France –

Le Grottes Plage, Costa Azul, France Top 10 Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World

The beach ranks among the most famous nude beaches in the world 2017 due the fact that it is conveniently tucked among a good number of complementing nude resorts around. It is not uncommon to find people in restaurants grabbing a bite while naked and while this may seem weird even in some of the nudist beaches above, locals and visitors alike in the Le Grottes nude beach won’t bat an eyelid. It boasts clear waters and warm weather for those who enjoy bathing in the sun.

#2. Black’s Beach, San Diego, United States –

Black’s Beach, San Diego, United States Top Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2017

Being the largest nude beach in the entire United States, Black’s beach is the most famous too. It is quite popular with surfers and water-lovers thanks to its elongated coastline and the fact that it is clothing-optional only goes to consolidate its ranking among the most exciting nude beaches in the world. Black’s beach boats pristine white sand, deep blue waters and year-round perfect weather – the perfect combination of features for water lovers who enjoy bearing it all.

#1. Playa Las Suecas, Contadora Island, Panama –


When we think of Panama, we think of perfect tropical weather, cool breezes, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Everything about Panama’s coastlines is just perfect for beach lovers. Unfortunately, there is only one spot in Panama where you are allowed to bear it all and that is at the Playa Las Suecas Beach. The beach is simply breathtaking, complete with exotic coconut trees, pristine white sands and warm weather conditions to relax just about every part of your entire body.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Nude Beaches in The World 2017. The long and short of it is, there is no shortage of great holiday destinations as a nudist. All you have to do is choose from the above sandy spots, prior to doing some little research on the travel costs, accommodation and cuisine.