Top 10 Most Popular Luxurious Five Star Hotels in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Luxurious Five Star Hotels in The World 2017. Everyone needs a vacation sometime. We need to escape the everyday monotony, the hectic and busy schedules, the work stress, the boss, the carpools with screaming kids, and whatever else you have on your plate. There is no better way to escape than to stay in a five star luxury hotel that offers only the best amenities with a friendly and eager staff waiting to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Luxurious Five Star Hotels in The World 2017

10. Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Finland

Crowne Plaza Helsinki - Finland Top Mos Five Star Hotels 2018

The first words that come to mind when visiting the Crowne Plaza Helsinki are elegance and style. You will love every aspect of this fine hotel, from the entrance to your hotel room, from the fine dining experience to the friendly and professional staff. Fitness, wellness, recreation, and relaxation are key to a successful vacation. After the hustle and bustle of work and every day family life, a splendid vacation spent at the Crowne Plaza Helsinki is just what you need to feel renewed, refreshed, and balanced again. With a full fitness center, aerobics, an indoor pool, cycling classes, mental training, and spa treatments, you could not ask for more. For delightfully delicious meals, visit the Restaurant Macu on the hotel premises to awaken your senses. If and when you are ready to leave the glamourous hotel grounds, you will find plenty of nearby attractions, including the Finish National opera. Olympic Stadium, and Helsinki Music Centre.

9. Excelsior Palace Hotel Rapallo – Italy

Excelsior Palace Hotel Rapallo - Italy Top Popular Five Star Hotels 2018

The Excelsior Palace Hotel Rapallo is a unique five star luxury hotel located on the Portofino Coast. Overlooking the sea, this luxury hotel offers amazing. breath-taking views. This hotel is a hot spot for elegant weddings because of the beauty and elegance it emanates. From the Beach Club, you can stand on the terrace overlooking the sea, enjoy the view from the cabanas, taste the gourmet cuisine, relax in the whirlpool loungers and heated indoor pool, and feel your worries melt away with a professional, tranquil massage.

8. Hotel Imperial – Austria

Hotel Imperial - Austria Top 10 Most Popular Five Star Hotels

The Hotel Imperial is a luxury hotel that looks like a palace. You will truly feel like royalty while vacationing in this luxury hotel that was originally built for a prince. While staying at the magnificent Hotel Imperial, you will be in the center of not only the city of Vienna, but also the culture of Vienna. You will be surrounded by more than one hundred museums and fifty opera houses. The staff of the Hotel Imperial aim to please. They serve the finest foods, exquisite cocktails, and decadent desserts. You will not find a hotel anywhere else with the architectural beauty this five star hotel has to offer.

7. Hotel Konigshof – Germany


Hotel Konigshof is a luxury five star hotel in Munich, Germany that will astound you. The decadent gourmet restaurant has earned a Michelin star, the rooms and suites are luxuriously charming, and you couldn’t ask for a better setting than the sunny side of Munch. There is much to do when you step outside the luxuriousness of the Hotel Konigshof. There are historical landmarks, a zoo full of animals, tours, circuses, and other shows to experience while on your vacation. Best of all, the smaller size of this luxury hotel means more attention is put into every detail of the hotel and more effort is put into enduring that each and every guest has the time of their life.

6. Barceló La Bobadilla Hotel – Spain

Barceló La Bobadilla Hotel - Spain Top Most Popular Five Star Hotels 2017

The Barceló La Bobadilla Hotel is a luxurious, grand hotel in Grenada, Spain. This unique five star hotel offers a different kind of vacation experience. Instead of a normal looking hotel with floor upon floor of rooms, the Barceló La Bobadilla Hotel was built into a Spanish villa in which every room is different. This offers you the full and authentic luxury Spain vacation. Here, you will experience the exquisite cuisine, serene and tranquil spa, is well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools waiting for you to jump in. Dine out on the ovely terrace and take in the breath taking views, enjoy a night full of romance that ends in an exquisite marble tub, and soak in the culture that surrounds you. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Luxurious Five Star Hotels in The World 2017.

5. Hotel Ritz – France


One of the leading five star hotels is the Hotel Ritz in France. Class and sophistication seep from the walls of this fine establishment. The Ritz Paris, as it is often referred to, has been restored to its original 19th century charm. You will feel like you stepped back in time to a simpler, quieter time. Regardless of which room you stay in, the elegant charm of this hotel is breathtaking, as is the beautiful gardens you will witness outdoors. Along with the elegant décor, this classy hotel offers a fitness center to help you stay in shape, swimming pools, gourmet cooking classes, three fine dining restaurants, three bars, and full spa services.

4. Nira Alpina – Switzerland


Be prepared to be amazed when you a book a stay at the Nira Alpina hotel in Switzerland. Comfort is the number one focus in this five star hotel. This cozy hotel is nestled in the heart of the mountains. Vacation in style without having to worry about being on time for activities. Instead, create your own romantic getaway or fun family vacation. Ski your heart out, then come inside, relax, and sit by the fire. Go on a hike, take a family bike ride, watch the kids snow board, be daring anf go hang gliding, enjoy a romantic ice skating session, or pamper yourself in the Nira Spa by Pyre Altitude. The Nira Alpina hotel has a vacation opportunity for everyone. You can stay time after time and experience a delightful vacation every time.

3. Gramercy Park Hotel – New York City

Gramercy Park Hotel - New York City Top Famous Five Star Hotels 2019

Wow! That will be your reaction as you step foot into this stunningly beautiful five star hotel. The brilliant décor, the amazing ambiance, and the sheer beauty of this hotel makes the Grammercy Park Hotel in New York City one of the most popular five star hotels in the world 2017. No other hotl offers stupendous hand-crafted furnishings accented with rare treasures from far away lands. This grand hotel features a collection of local, New York City artwork, the dining experience is to die for, and the location is perfect. Situated in a quiet neighborhood, on a tree-lined street, in a city full of culture diversity, and history, The Grammery Park Hotel is the perfect escape for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer.

2. Arosea Life Balance Hotel – Italy

Arosea Life Balance Hotel - Italy Top 10 Most Popular Five Star Hotels 2017

Arosea Life Balance Hotel offers a calm, tranquil, relaxing, and refreshing vacation experience. Life and work can be daunting, exhausting, and suck the life right out of you. Guests of this unique hotel come here to find their inner peace and reclaim their wellbeing. To achieve this mind-body experience, you will find only the best, natural, premium foods and treatments. As you breathe in the fresh mountain air, you will be served delicious and fresh organic and local produce, and a healthy cuisine. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing, snow shoe hiking, and alpine skiing. In the summer months, there are an abundance of activities including fishing, hiking, mountain biking, golfing, and paragliding. Body treatments focused on natural fragrances, relaxing yoga, a sauna to sweat out the toxins, a refreshing pool, and beautiful, natural lake are only a few of the amenities to offer in this popular 5-star hotel.

1. Gleneagles Hotel – Scotland

Gleneagles Hotel - Scotland Top Most Famous Five Star Hotels 2019

Glamorious. Magnificent. Sophisticated. High class. Luxurious. There are only a few words that describe the Gleneagles Hotel in Switzerland. Set on 850 beautiful, lush rolling acres, anyone that stays at the Gleneagles Hotel will experience the vacation that of their dreams. Choose from not one, not two, but three championship golf courses. Experience the thrill of off-roading and horse back riding. Cool off and relax by taking a dip in one of the two indoor swimming pools this grand hotel has to offer. If you crave the peaceful tranquility of the ultimate spa experience, the Gleneagles Hotel goes above and beyond to create the ultimate calm and serene atmosphere.

Experience one of a multitude of spa treatments, massages, and healing waters that will melt away all of your stress. Lifestyle treatments, alternative treatments, and health and fitness specialists are available to help you look and feel your very best. Of course, you can’t forget the plush, luxurious, and elegant suites that you will retreat to after a long day of fun, excitement, and relaxation. Before retreating to your room, there are several gourmet restaurants to choose from. There is something for everyone at the Gleneagles Hotel and you will leave feeling refreshed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world. This is the one among the world’s Top 10 Most famous and Luxurious Five Star Hotels 2017.