Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World in 2017. There are many city squares around the world. They are basically an integral part of a city with most of its history integrated in it. There are many things that are found in the city squares including markets and mini malls. It is usually the center of the business around. They usually serve as integral part of the city for commercial, social and economic purposes in the country. Here people from all walks of life get to meet and interact. From the business class to the jobless, to the artist look for inspiration. They are usually very busy and the most populated part of the city. Apart from this they are also tourist attraction sites. Some of the famous city square in the world 2017 are;

List of Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World 2017

10. Piazza Del Campo

piazza del campo, Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World 2018

Found in Siena. This is one of the famous and most coveted city squares around Europe. With it being a medieval square makes it a place of interest in the history of Siena and its environs. This square is in the shape of a shell giving it the name II Campo. It is an important part of the city as the slopes close down to the meeting point of 3 communities which came together to bring up Siena. This square has seen the growth of the city both economically and socially over the years. There has been a lot of changes in the city but this square still hold on to its treasured history.

9. Zocalo, Mexico

zocalo mexico, Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World 2017

This square is also known as Plaza de la Constitucion. It is a major symbol of the Mexican culture and history. Here almost all the people in the city meet. With it carrying as much history as the times of the Aztecs, it is a place that has seen the city grow and transform into what it is now. The flag in the middle of the square is raised and lowered every single day

8. Old Town Square

old town square, Top 10 Famous City Squares In The World 2017

Found in Prague, the capital city, this is a place carrying a lot of culture and history for the Czech country. It is found between the Charles Bridge and the Wenceslas square. In it is the oldest city clock. It was installed in 1410. There are several buildings that surround it that have architectural significance to the city. Apart from that there is a statue of religious reformer Jan Hus in the city square.

7. Piazza Navona


Found in Rome, this city square is one of the most famous tourist attraction cites in the country. There are many hotels, cafes, markets and mini-malls around the square. This square carries with it the artistic nature and spirit of the country. With the baroque edifices, the fountains and all the life in the square, there is a lot from the generations gone that can be seen in this place.

6. The Grand Place.


This is found in Brussel, Belgium. It is the heart of the city. This place hold a lot of memory from the history of the country. Every 2 years in the month of August there is an enormous flower carpet that is usually set up in the square covering most of it. This is something that is of heritage to the people of the country. The flower carpet is put there for several days before being removed.

5. Tiananmen Square


Found in Beijing, it is the largest famous city square in the world 2017. This square is surrounded by soviet style buildings and also government buildings. It is the central positions for many to go and be. It is also a major tourist attraction site where you get to see people from all over china. The flag at the northern end of the square is usually raised and lowered every single day.

4. Trafalgar Square


Found in London, it is the hotspot of the country. This is a place that was neglected for no apparent reason till the year 2000. This place was then came into existence after the plans were executed. Now it is a place that is filled with artists, statues among many others. It is a core part of the city.

3. Saint Peter’s square


Found directly in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City in Rome, this is a place that has seen people from around the world gathered there. In the middle of the square that is in the elliptical shape, is an Egyptian obelisk. This was transported from Egypt to Rome as it is during Emperor Augustus’ reign. It got to the square in 1586. This is a major tourist attraction site for people visiting Rome.

2. Red square, Moscow


Found in the heart of Moscow, the capital of Russia, this is place that carries a lot of the Russian history and culture. The buildings surrounding it have history engraved in their appearance. The Kremlin, the official home of the president state History Museum are some of the buildings that are found around the square. This square is found in the UNESCO list of world heritage since 1990

1. Time Square


Found in New York, USA, it is at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. This is a place that is filled with very many video screens, LED lights and flashing lights. When many tourists go to New York, this is a must see place. It is currently a family friendly place. This place brings together very many businesses. The best time for anyone to visit Times Square is at night. Then you can really see the lights and be fascinated by all the color.

So, these are the world’s top 10 Famous City Squares 2017. City squares are an integral part of a city. In many cases it is a place that holds the community together. There is also a lot of history found in these places.