Top 10 Most Popular Best Shopping Centers in America

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Shopping Centers in America 2017. Malls are large shopping centers that are usually located within or near a large metropolitan area. Most malls are designed with a variety of retail stores and restaurants connected together within a large building. Many malls have anchor stores which usually draw in large crowds of consumers. They also have specialty shops and open courts.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of malls spread out all over the United States. They each have a unique look and selection of shops for consumers. Some malls are upscale and extravagant and others are geared more toward middle class shoppers. The following information will describe the 10 best shopping malls in America 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Shopping Centers in America 2017

10. The Mall at Short Hills

The Mall at Short Hills Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in America

The Mall at Short Hills is an upscale shopping center located in the Short Hills, New Jersey. This mall has been in existence for some time and its main purpose is to provide consumers with upscale quality merchandise.

The Short Hills Mall is frequented by rich and wealthy consumers who travel to this place since it is located just 23 miles west of Manhattan, New York. There are over 160 upscale specialty stores with 40 boutiques. Since the mall is situated in the upscale suburb of Short Hills, many people who attend this extravagant shopping center enjoy the affluent environment and atmosphere.

9. South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza Top Popular Shopping Centers in America 2018

The city of Costa Mesa is home to the upscale mall of South Coast Plaza. People can travel down to Orange County California to reach this fabulous shopping center. Costa Mesa Plaza is the ninth largest shopping center within the United States and is California’s largest strip mall.

There are 250 stores within the mall’s complex and they include big name retailers such as Sears, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. The mall has some of the best restaurants in the area and they include Champagne French Bakery, Marche Moderne, Ruscello and the Water Grill. High end luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Rolex are all featured at this mall as well. South Coast Plaza is definitely rated as one of the best malls in the nation.

8. Tysons Corner Center


Tysons Corner Center is located in Fairfax County, Virginia. This mall is located a short distance away from the nation’s capital and was considered one of the first major malls within the country. Tysons Corner Center has the ability to pull consumers from the Baltimore, Maryland and D.C. areas. People who live in and around these two geographical regions tend to visit Tysons Corner Center at least once a year.

This mall is the 8th largest within the nation and his home to a wide variety of shops that cater to middle class people. The mall has stores such as Old Navy, Barnes and Nobles and Macy’s and it has an AMC movie complex where people can view the latest theatrical releases.

The mall host plenty of public events and children can come to the mall to play in the National Geographic Play Zone area. This mall has it all and is a really popular location for millions along the east coast.

7. The Grove

The Grove Top Most Popular Shopping Centers in America 2019

The Grove is the nation’s seventh largest mall establishment and it contains a whole slew of stylish stores and superb restaurants. It is situated within the city limits of Los Angeles California. Many famous people have been known to visit this shopping complex and it is a great place for entertainment as well as shopping or dining.

The Grove is also positioned a short way from the Grove Farmers Market. People can take a trolley from the mall to visit the Farmers Market and enjoy the many goods that is being offered there. This mall is a great place for Christmas related activities.

During the Christmas season, guests can visit the mall to experience artificial snow, to indulge in Yule Tide activities and to view the largest Christmas tree in all of Los Angeles. This mall is one of the best within the city of Angeles and people should visit this shopping center if they get the opportunity. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Shopping Centers in America 2017.

6. Via Bellagio


Via Bellagio can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. This mall is expensive but it is well worth the cost. Guests who visit the mall are treated to a top notch experience. The architecture is magnificent and the design is dazzling. Everything about this mall reveals that it has class and sophistication. Visitors will really enjoy its flare and style.

Via Bellagio features stores such as Fendi, Channel and Gucci. Since this mall is located within the heart of Vegas it is attached to a hotel, casino area, theaters and a vibrant night life. There is also plenty of entertainment and fine dining as well. This mall offers guests plenty to do and a lot of things to experience.

5. The Galleria

The Galleria Top Famous Shopping Centers in America 2019

The Galleria is also known as the Houston Galleria. This mall is huge shopping area that is located in the heart of Houston, Texas. The mall is also a part of the Galleria Office Towers complex and it attached to two Westin hotels and a private health club. While these businesses are connected they are individually owned.

Houston’s Galleria mall is the ninth largest shopping complex within the U.S. The mall area features stores such as Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Sax Fifth Avenue. The Galleria also offers guests a place to ice skate. This mall has plenty for consumers to do and places for them to shop. It is certainly one of th highest rated malls in the nation.

4. The Shops at Columbus Circle


The Shops at Columbus Circle is available in the New York area. This is a huge mall that is suited for high end clientele. This mall was built within a complex of skyscrapers which gives it a Manhattan look and appeal.

The shops in this place includes Coach, the Armani Exchange, J Crew and Tumi. Many of the restaurants that are located within the mall are 3-star and above dining establishments. This mall is a great place for shopping, dining and for grand New York experience.

3. Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills Top Most Shopping Centers in America 2018

Sunrise, Florida is home to the Sawgrass Mills mall. This place is the second largest mall area within the U.S. The shops within this place are mixed between indoor and outdoor venues. The mall has a perfect blend of expensive and affordable shops.

There are over 300 retailers and they include Super Target, Off 5th, Ron Jon Surf Shop and Nordstrom Rack. There are also other stores such as a Nike Factory Store, TJ Maxx and Bloomingdales. This mall also features 40 exclusive retail shops that are not offered in any other part of the state.

2. Lord of Prussia Mall

Lord of Prussia Mall Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in America 2017

The name Lord of Prussia Mall sounds like a shopping center that should be located within some foreign destination. However, it is located in the Upper Merion Township outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This mall is also known as the King of Prussia Mall and it was opened in 1963. This mall has well over 400 shops and a ton of restaurants. Retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, JCPenney and Lords and Taylor occupies the mall’s space.

Restaurants such as Little Italy, California Pizza Kitchen and Morton’s Steakhouse can also be found in this place as well. In 2016 the Simon Property Group (which owns the mall) decided to expand the complex with additional 50 stores. This move has certainly made this mall of the biggest and best in the world.

1. Mall of America

Mall of America Top Best Shopping Centers in America 2017

The mall of America was up and running for business back in 1992. This mall opened as the number shopping outlet in the country it has over 500 shops and is located in the Bloomington, Minnesota area.

This mall offers different features and forms of entertainment for guests. There is a Nickelodeon amusement park, Dave and Busters and Planet Hollywood. There is also an Apple Store, Lego Store, an outlet for American Girl Doll and a Hard Rock Café. This mall was even featured in the film Jingle All the Way.

The mall is situated in Bloomington, Minnesota and it is frequented by 40 million consumers every year. These travelers come from all over Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and the Dakotas. The Mall of America is the nation’s biggest and best of all time.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Shopping Centers in America 2017. The nation’s top malls are great places for consumers to shop and to be entertained. Most of the best malls in the country are located in key areas that is easily accessible and they offer great products and services for guest everywhere.