Top 10 Most Popular Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017. The City of Angels has a lot of great places for people to eat, drink and dine. These eating establishments offer some of the best cuisine within the greater Los Angeles area and quite possibly the world. Foodies who are in search of a great meal can find just about any type of food that they desire.

They can get some Chinese dishes that are zesty and flavorful or an outstanding Italian entrée that will make their taste buds explode with excitement. Here is a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles 2017 where patrons can go to consume some of the finest food this city has to offer.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017

10. Tsujita


This L.A. based restaurant is all about the noodles. Tsujita has been serving noodles for years and they offer them to customers in a variety of different food styles and flavors. Noodle lovers can order them with a Hakata-style tonkotsu flavor and they can even dip them in tsukemen which an oriental dipping broth.

The restaurant is located on 2057 Sawtelle Blvd. on the west side of the city between Ohio Ave and West Olympic Blvd. When guests arrive at the Tsujita they should expect a very long wait. A lot of people visit this place and it usually is stacked. However, many people agree that the long wait is worth the trouble and many people within the greater Los Angeles think the food is exceptional. Tsujita also serves other entrees besides noodles.

9. Baco Mercat

Baco Mercat Top 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017

Baco Mercat is the name of a flatbread and pita sandwich shop that offers unique sandwich platters to customers. The sandwiches that they offer are loaded with original meats such as beef tongue and oxtail hash. Yes, these foods are legal to eat within the U.S. Many people who taste them are truly surprised about how good these original meats taste.

The restaurant is open during the afternoon and in the evening. It is located at 408 S. Main St. in the downtown area. Guests can also sample different dishes that are inspired from creations from around the world. Baco Mercat also a part of the local restaurant scene that is considered a historic part of the city.

8. Rustic Canyon


The Rustic Canyon is located on 1119 Wilshire Blvd. People can find it within the Santa Monica area. This restaurant specializes in the sale of extravagant seafood dishes. Many of the creations are inspired from seafood cuisine from around the world. They sell foods such as bok choy, chickpea panisse and oil-poached sturgeon.

This place ambience, mood and has a great atmosphere. The wait staff is friendly and the chefs are masters at the types of foods that they produce. Some of the items that appear on the menu are frequently rotated. This way, the chefs can constantly offer different dishes that will help to make this restaurant stand out from the competition.

7. Mozza Group

Mozza Group Top Popular Restaurants in Los Angeles 2018

The Mozza Group is not just the name of one dine-in eating establishment; it is a combination of three restaurants into one. The Mozza Group has the Pizzeria Mozza, Osteria Mozza and the Chi Spacca. Each of these three establishments offer unique foods that are pleasing to the palette and satisfying to the soul.

Pizzeria Mozza is specialty pizza shop that features Italian and California styled pizza pies. Then there is the Osteria Mozza. This place offers a high end cheese bar that is sometimes flown from Italy within the same day. It also has pastas and meat dishes.

Chi Spacca is all about steaks and salumi. This place is considered one of the best steak houses in the city. Each restaurant is a unique eating establishment and a great place for people to enjoy food, friends and good times. Pizzeria Mozza is located on 641 N. Highland Ave; Osteria Mozza is located on 6602 Melrose Ave in the Hancock Park area; and Chi Spacca can be found on 6610 Melrose Ave in Hancock Park.

6. Sqirl


The Sqirl is a Los Angeles based restaurant that is located in East Hollywood on 720 N. Virgil Ave. The restaurant is a coffee shop that is often crowded, filled to capacity with patrons and where parking is hassle. The reason why the restaurant is often crowded is because it is a popular spot for many people.

The chef, Jessica Koslow, prepares foods from Atlanta and Melbourne. So, these different types of cuisines are tasty and exciting to consume. They are not just the run of the mill foods that most people eat when they dine out.

5. Animal

Animal Top 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017

Animal is an unusual name for restaurant but not for this eating establishment. This place features New American cooking and it has a karaoke bar to boot. Foods such as larb and jackrabbit are on the menu and so are turkey legs. As you have guessed, Animal specializes in some really unique dishes.

Foods such as white barbecue and discordant can also be purchased and consumed at this eating establishment. People from all over the city usually visits this place at least once. Animal can be found in the Fiarfax District at 435 N. Fairfax Ave.

4. n/naka

nnaka Top Famous Restaurants in Los Angeles 2019

Who would name a restaurant n/naka? Chef and owner Niki Nakayama did and her establishment offers Japanese cuisine. n/naka offers kaiseki cuisine. This is a special Japanese food class that offers formal, multicourse and seasonal Japanese dining. Mrs. Nakayama also claims that she is the only female kaiseki chef that provides this type of food.

Keep in mind that the n/naka is a really expensive place to eat and socialize. The dishes are well into the three digits and the mood of the place is pleasant and comforting. People who come to n/naka will eat in luxury. She has purposely designed the restaurant to be this way. Anyone traveling there should expect to pay a huge bill. This restaurant can be found on 3455 S. Overland Ave in the Palms district of Los Angeles. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017.

3. Q

Q Top 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

When you name your restaurant after a letter of the alphabet, you know that that you have arrived. Speaking of arriving, owner Hiroyuki Naruke is a sushi master who “arrived” when he opened up this eating establishment for lawyers in the downtown area.

Q offers omelets, shrimp and miso over uni. He offers an Edo-era omakase dining style that offers various raw sea foods and eggs. He ends each meal with tamago. The restaurant is located at 521 W. Seventh St.

2. Petit Trois

Petit Trois Top Most Popular Restaurants in Los Angeles 2019

Petit Trois is a French Parisian restaurant that specializes in some really tasty French cuisine. This eating establishment has plenty of dishes that are loaded with flavor and the atmosphere provides a good eating experience for guests.

Some of the foods on the Petit Trois menu includes a solid yellow omelet that has been specially prepared with a creamy yoke center. Guests can also order a classic American cheeseburger that contains ingredients such as foie gras and caramelized onions.

The chefs even offer escargot soaked in butter and scrumptious croquet monsieur. Petiti Trois is located on 718 N. Highland Ave. in the Hollywood area. People should arrive early because some dishes do take time to prepare.

1. Maude

Maude Top Most Restaurants in Los Angeles 2018

Maude is a well-known L.A. eating place. This place if officially known as Curtis Stone’s Maude but affectionately called Maude by local Angelinos. Stone specializes in seasonal foods which means that the restaurant constantly rotates its cuisines. Seafood, steaks and various dishes from around the world appear on the menu within those different seasons.

Keep in mind that this restaurant has been featured on reality shows and in commercials. So, it has a bit of a reputation as “being the place to be.” Stone enjoys having his restaurant in the spotlight. Patrons who visit this place should be prepared to spend some cash to enjoy food and atmosphere. Maude is located on 212 S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. This is very well known and famous Restaurants in Los Angeles 2017.