Top 10 Most Famous Best Restaurants in London

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Best Restaurants in London 2017. London is a great place to visit even just for a weekend. They have great restaurants and some are affordable for you who are tight on budget. Each place usually has to be booked and you have to wait so long before you can even walk through the doors. Some of these nice eat outs even have several different menus so that you can decide from a lot more choices than just the regular burger or even just some greasy fries. These nice places have more than the greasy foods. They make their plates to look nice and pretty. Some of the people making these plates have been aired on TV and have been working in a kitchen for so long that you would be surprised at everything they have cooked from small things to very huge plates. No matter the wait you will be satisfied.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Restaurants in London 2017

10. Le Gavroche-

Le Gavroche Top Most Famous Restaurants in London 2019

This was the first United Kingdom restaurant to be given one, two, and three Michelin stars. The chef is Michel Roux Jr, whom took over the reigns from his father in nineteen ninety one. Because Le Gavroche keeps a high reputation for both diners and the critics just shows of the excellent food being provided by Michel. Monday nights are now closed and only available for private use. Once a month there is a pop up restaurant with a different theme. They provide three menus. The Business lunch menu consisting of a three course meal, A eight course tasting menu with a matching wine for each dish, and a regular lunch and dinner menu that can be served with matching wine if you choose for an additional fee. To get a table, you must book at minimum three months in advance between the hours of nine a.m. and seven p.m., Monday through Friday only. They provide a cancellation list and people can be added to a wait list to be bumped up for bookings sooner.

9. The Clove Club-


This lovely restaurant provides a lunch menu, dinner menu, vegetarian menu, and a wine list. This restaurant resides in East London and was built is eighteen sixty five. Back in the sixties the town was a home for mainly local government but it is now a popular arts and events space being run by Shoreditcht. They also have a bar in the front room where guests can drop in and enjoy a drink and snack anytime.

8. Hoppers-

Hoppers Top Most Restaurants in London 2018

Here there are no reservations required because they operate on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you would rather just stay home but also are wanting something from Hoppers amazing menu, just call and that can be arranged. You can also order on their website, but then that must be picked up by you. If you have an event and want to book Hoppers to be only for you and your guests then contact the events team via email to arrange the dates.

7. Hedone-

Hedone Top Best Restaurants in London 2017

Founded in two thousand eleven and awarded with three Michelin stars in two thousand thirteen, Hedone is well known for its exquisite tasting cuisine. Hours of business are short being lunch is Friday and Saturdays only from twelve to two thirty pm. Dinners are Tuesday through Saturday from six thirty pm to nine thirty pm. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Best Restaurants in London 2017.

6. Pharmacy 2-

Pharmacy 2 Top Famous Restaurants in London 2019

Located in South London, the owners Damien Hirst and Mark Hix serve classic British and European foods and also cater for visitors that come for the exhibitions during the day and evening hours also when the gallery is closed. Everything on the menu is made fresh from top quality foods. Pharmacy 2 gives the patrons a chance to view some of Damien’s own art. He features work from his iconic series that include the Medicine Cabinet and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings.

5. Hakkasan Hanway Place-

Hakkasan Hanway Place Top 10 Best Restaurants in London 2017

Founded in London in the year of two thousand one and has become one of the worlds most successful restaurant for lounge and night life. The business has acheived many awards including multiple Michelin stars at locations across the world. The head chef has over twenty four years of experience in Chinese cuisine. He uses fresh local ingredients to make sure his food dishes keep the taste of Cantonese cuisine.

4. Jazz Cafe-

Jazz Cafe Top Popular Largest Restaurants in London 2018

Inspired by New York’s cosmopolitan and vibrant food scenes, they have a variety of dishes and cocktail drinks that show the dedication of using quality ingredients and that they want to ensure delivering impeccable taste. If you want a reservation it is required to purchase tickets for whatever live show is taking place the night of choosing. Check out the “What’s On” section of their website for information on what show will be taking place and when.

3. Poco-

Poco Top 10 Best Restaurants in London

Established in two thousand four and have since toured some of the United Kingdoms best festivals. They prepare huge feasts for hungry revellers. They have a few locations that are placed in well populated areas and are mainly known for their charcoal grilled fish, meats and wraps that burst with colorful salads.

2. Taste of London-


This combines all the greatest ingredients that will make up a lovely customer experience. There are awesome line ups of London’s most recent and greatest restaurants, world class chefs, and exceptional ranges of interactive experiences. There is gourmet food and even artisan producer markets. They attract over fifty thousands tourists to the Park in the month of June and over twenty eight thousand to the Festival that is held in November. Taste of London is brought to you by Taste Festivals and is part of a network that has more than twenty events hosted in different cities such as Milan, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

1. The Regent’s Park-


Not only does Regent’s Park hold the Taste of London festival every year but also includes almost four hundred acres of gardens. They have an excellent sports facility that takes up almost one hundred acres and has the worlds largest sports area in central London. They also have a theater, zoo, primrose hill, and the countries largest access to the water fowl collection.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Best Restaurants in London 2017. These nice restaurants may be pricey but at the end of the day you will feel good about taking your lover to a nice place to celebrate or just to eat out. I will say if you are a bigger person and love food you may want to order more than you think will be on your plate at some of these places because they make small portions and it will not fill you up enough to satisfy you. If you have never been to a place this nice you may want to remember these people do not like rudeness or even the slightest sign of poor people. If you walk in one of these doors you need to make sure you are dressed nice and you walk tall and act like you fit in. Some of the people eating there will stick their noses up at you because they think less of you than they do of themselves. Remember you can choose the wine but make sure you look at the prices of everything or when you get the bill you will flip out.

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