Top 10 Most Popular Best Nightclubs in Dubai

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017. Dubai; the playground for the rich where sipping exotic cocktails, enjoying a wild night out, celebrating a special occasion, or enjoying holidays is the norm. Glamorous bars, cafes, glittering restaurants and timeless night clubs are the entertainment staple for the ex pats and the visitors who live up to Dubai’s reputation. There are night venues where rubbing shoulders with international celebrities is not unusual, where the world’s tallest tower and engineer designed land and seascapes are a sight to behold. Night-life is where it happens after the sun goes down. Let’s take a look:

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017

10. Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Top Most Nightclubs in Dubai 2018

Right in the heart of the desert is the Blue Marlin in all of its glitz and glamor. Redolent of Spain with its Ibiza lifestyle, this club is exclusive in its taste and message.

By day one can enjoy excellently, unsurpassed cuisine in the restaurant and by night, when the sun dips behind the horizon, the music makes an effortless transition from easy listening to a rapid upbeat and the beach becomes the stage for an extraordinary night of clubbing.

By day a beach on which one can sip cocktails by a pool, lounge on a day bed and enjoy the temperate weather and party at night until the sun awakens.

9. Submarine


As the name suggests, going underground until you’re met by a bar flanked with curved walls and portholes is where the decor is cool industrial.

When it first opened in 2007, Submarine was Dubai’s choice night club with its modern electro beats, and a genre of music that has one dancing until daybreak. If dancing isn’t the intention then and an array of couches on which to recline with tables close by is where one can sit and chat.

Located beneath The Dhow Palace Hotel this quirky venue doesn’t really come alive until after midnight. With a reputation for being the focal point for Dubai’s gay community; although homosexuality is legal, the gay acts aren’t, there is a flavour of Filipino and rock music that has become a genre that is welcomed by all who attend.

8. Boudoir

Boudoir Top Popular Nightclubs in Dubai 2018

Paris has an influence on this sophisticated venue giving it a subtle feel of exclusivity. This is where the Lebanese enjoy being dressed to the nines and where on a Tuesday evening, the ladies get to drink free champagne.
Like the French, the ambiance is romantic fuelled by a hint of the French Renaissance with a Baroque punctuation. Opulence is where nothing is understated in a city that enjoys being seen.

Adorned with crystal chandeliers, abundantly rich fabrics, and seductive plump sofas, there is enough room for around 400 jiving, dancing, bumping dancers and loungers. Proven to be opulent simply by the presence of the elite and the occasional celebrity, it is unique, extravagant and remains one of the most exclusive venues in the city. Ensure you are dressed to impress, arrive as a couple and you will get past the velvet rope.

7. Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar Top Famous Nightclubs in Dubai 2019

If it’s hotter than hot, then this sensual Parisian influenced Bar which has been rated as one of the best of the best of Dubai’s night spots, it houses a two-floor restaurant together with a bar where cocktails and the finest champagne are served.

A taste of Paris is in the dining room where one steps into plush carpet and is immediately ensconced in the red and gold decor, set off by the fractured facets of light emulating from the chandeliers. The menu has the unmistakable decadent flavours from the Asian countries which are designed delight when infused with seasonal ingredients brought in from Arabia.

Proudly inducted in the award arena, Buddha Bar receives Highly Commended Recognition For Best Bar Food Category at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2016.

6. 360° Bar

360° Bar Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017

360° is sophisticated, elegant and laid-back and it ought to be as it sits proudly on top of the Marine Seafood Restaurant at the end of a pier. Situated in the middle of the Gulf it commands the most exquisite panoramic views.
Generally patronised by the cocktail set, it is a venue that is difficult to beat when views from every conceivable direction is captured as the sun sets over the Arabian Ocean.

Sophisticated, it draws within a sense of relaxation as tunes continue playing until the dawn awakens the city. Where people go to be seen, once the weekend arrives, the 360° Bar transforms into den of decadent tunes and hedonistic talent.

5. The Act


One of the most sought out hot spots, The Act is recognised for its risqué stage performances. Having been heralded from Las Vegas, it is the first theatre club that will be found reigning over the 42nd and the 43rd floors of the Shangri-La Hotel. The Arabs love to go higher than and they have achieved another record; it is the highest theatre is the world. With a broad range of variety acts from professional, imported international performers, it gives Dubai another angle of entertainment to expand.

Complete with banquet booths lining the centre and dining tables accosting the front of the main stage, Simon Hammerstein designed specially themed areas for private parties. It is no wonder that every night The Act is bursting with audiences who whilst savoring delicious Peruvian food, are sipping on cocktails and drinking in the live acts that enthrall. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017.

4. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai

The almost too popular, there’s-a-waiting-list before you can enter the venue is a night in Cirque Le Soir. With its roots in the U.K., Dubai was a chosen locale and will be an experience like no other before it.

With a secret entrance, and entry is almost too strict, particularly if you arrive for a bucks night. A group of men is not likely favoured and even a mixed group is not safe from class distinction. However, the club is redolent of a circus, with podiums for dancers strategically placed around the venue. There are visual reminders of a circus atmosphere with the words “freak show” clearly marked on the walls.

Whilst guests enjoy music provided by international DJ’s fire-eaters, sword swallowers, jugglers and tattooed dancers grace the stages with burlesque dancers and magicians. It is as different as entertainment can be and on a scale of oddity versus rarity, it remains one of the most popular, intriguing and captivating performances ever to grace Dubai.

3. Armani/Prive

Armani Prive Top Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017

A late, late night venue is where one goes for rapid fun, fast music, and luxury. Armani/Prive is the baby of Giorgio Armani and breeds exclusivity and elegance. This is the end of town where clubbing provides a new experience.

Signature decor in black and white deserves the best dressed, so be prepared to dress. The lounge, the bar and dance floor are filled to the hilt with patrons who enjoy dancing until the wee small hours. And whilst inside the world’s tallest building, the music tempts, one can enjoy a fabulous night of glamour with a catwalk. On the runway, the most fashionable clubbers get to display their fashions.

2. VIP Room


New to Dubai, Jean-Roch’s VIP Room is the scene to be seen. It is a night club that draws in the elite of the elite, socialites, jet-setters, celebrities and the cities privileged.

It accommodates an opulence rarely seen in a contemporary club atmosphere but here is where a rotating DJ booth sits quietly spinning whilst spilling music into an 11,500 square foot venue. The first-floor layout provides a private area that introduces an outdoor terrace from which to view the city and the lights.

It is another venue that hails from St. Tropez in Paris bringing with it a flavour of European glamour. With an occasional visit from the rich and famous, it pays to be well turned out, polished and extremely well dressed as you find the right table at which to sit.

1. Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club Top Popular Nightclubs in Dubai 2019

Bling, glitz, glamour and everything where it should be is the Cavalli Club introduced to Dubai by Roberto Cavalli. Opulence personified, within is served is the finest cuisine and cocktails that have won awards. This is one venue that offers an experience that will render it the classiest night out.

The main lounge is as glamorous as it’s founder where parties are fashionably hosted and where the music of a more refined selection is provided by some of the most revered DJ’s. Enjoyable and contemporary is the lilting notes where food can be enjoyed without having to shout over the conversation.

On Sundays, you are offered free entertainment where you’ll get to enjoy DJ Kesa and you’ll witness some impressive performances by the aerial dancers on swings. Ladies night is on a Tuesday evening where the ladies get to enjoy a three-course dinner with unlimited drinks. Check times for those privileges.

So there for the taking are ten of the most renowned, Top 10 of the Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017, Enjoy your stay in the desert.