Top 10 Most Famous Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017. After hard days work many prefer night owling to numb the pain. The choice of club as well as time to hang out solely depends on one’s pocket as well as taste and personal commitments. There are number of clubs, restaurants, and hotels across the globe but size and elegance vary greatly. With the profit realized from the business, a good number of nightclubs are springing up by the day.
Swarming with celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, Los Angeles is arguably one of the most extravagant cities in the world. The numerous numbers of pop artist and actors has necessitated creation of state of the art night clubs. The lifestyle of the city turns it into frenzy during the night.

Choosing the exact night club may not be an easy task. However, as ratings stand the following forms the cream of Las Vegas.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017

10. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017

Dating back in 1966, Caesars palace reputation and fame has always remained intact. It still remains competitive by providing some of the greatest services that will just remain an illusion to many clubs. Straddling over 300000 square feet milieu, the state of the art club comes with a 4296 stadium and 3496 rooms as per July this year. There is jubilation all year round as the club hosts some of the most well renowned Disk Jokers, Hollywood actors and pop stars. Palace extravagance is attributed to its $ 90000000 building costs and income from the celebrities who come to lavish their booty. The night club in Nevada also provides some of the best cuisines. Fan lovers will always remember Celine Deon for her role in bringing the club to life.

9. Omnia

Omnia Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas

Club omnia is the most vibrant upcoming night club located at Caesars Palace. Her commitment to service delivery earned her the New Best Night Club award and Best Visual Extravaganza. Omnia lies on a 75000 square feet terrain that offers a clear panoramic view to the Las Vegas trip and with a sensation of Miami beach vibe. The self-made Omnia is a home of top 40 hip hop artistes who chrome the pub all year long. Some of her marvels are the antique mirror, leather seats and spacious dance floor. The ultra-modern state of the art lounge whose meticulous attention to detail is owed to Rockwell foundation is nothing short of a masterpiece.

8. Hyde Bellagio.

Hyde Bellagio Top Famous Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2018

Club Hyde is mostly renowned for her famous wild dress parties on Sundays. The MGM grand product elegance rests in an 8 acre piece of land, the Bellagio fountains serves as an additional treat to the club lovers. Hyde is a home of world’s most famous celebrities and award winning Djs – Omarion, Travis Barker, and Snow. Her cuisines serve as an additional treat to fun lovers. Hyde is always open on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

7. Surrender.


Visit Surrender on Wednesdays to hang out with worlds greatest Djs. Unlike XS, Surrender enjoys the services of world top artists such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Located at Encore, Surrender comes with a spacious dancing floor and set of numerous lodges. Her elegance moves in some of the prettiest girls and greatest gamblers in the world. The outside pool serves as an additional treat.

6. Tao.


Founded by Noah Tapperbag and Jason Strauss in 1997, the club is characterized by Chinese cuisines such as sushi and dumplings. The club is a great fan to party lovers. The Venetian club is a home to great hip hop artist such as Snoop dog who once launched his song there. The club enjoys a spacious floor and services of world best Disk Jokers. The services of world class strippers on Thursdays make it a hotspot for fun lovers.

5. Light

Light Top Popular Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2019

At only one year, light has already made a milestone to becoming one of the greatest clubs in Las Vegas. Her partnership with Cirque de Soleil has seen the club rise to unimaginable heights. The euphoria arises from the mega Dj screens and time to time acrobatic shows. There is little to say about Light but in good time Light will have a story to tell. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017.

4. Hakkasan.

Hakkasan Top Most Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2018

Not the exact place for the night owlers. Hakkasan comfort and luxury just don’t come easy. The pub decentness in terms of dress code for men and women has made it host some of the greatest celebrities ever. Located at the MGM grand, the five storey pub comes with an outside lounge and spacious dance floors. Entertainment is guaranteed all year round by top Djs such as Steve Aoki and Tiesto. The spacious floor and its grandness serve as an attraction for music collaborations that are carried out all year round. Hakkasan is opened from Thursday to Sunday and when there is need for important occasions.

3. Drai Beach Club and Night cub

Drai Beach Club and Night cub Top Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017

Drai is an integration of beach and night life. The Cromwell based night club owned by Victor Drai is a true embodiment of modern-day clubbing. No hassle is required in the choice of dress code – simply wear official fashionable attire away from the beach. The mogul club covers a 65000 square feet, with 2 VIP balconies and 8 swimming pools .Drai lavishes the palm trees spectacle, 150 VIP tables and talented Djs. It is opened from Monday through Thursday.

2. Marquee.

Marquee Top Most Popular Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2019

With 3041 guestrooms straddling across 52 floors in 2 towers located at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the 60000 square feet Marque not only considers partying but comes with a library for book lover –the most unique so far in our list. Club marquee offers a clear panoramic view of the Las Vegas street lights. Club Marque is most sought due to unlimited entertainment and central location at the city. It is always packed with limited floor space on Mondays.

1. Xs


The curtain caller has none for her match Las Vegas and most certainly in the United States. Inspired by the women sexiness, Xs gay attractions has served as a playground for beautiful women, artists, Hollywood actors and all famous personalities – you name them. The encore based club has extended its five-year winning streaks by remaining number one club in Night Club and Bar Top 100. The billion-investment sitting in a serene and uncompromising environment, the experience, bottle services, pride and the cutting truly speaks volume why Conde’ Nest Traveler termed it as the pride of the world. The club operates on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas 2017. Success, fame, vain-glory, extravagance are deeply sited at minds of many Las vegans. It is not easy to decipher what to expect in club revolution, but as things stand, above forms our best clubs in Las Vegas regardless of individual choice.