Top 10 Most Popular Best Festivals in Canada

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Festivals in Canada 2017. For the popularity of festivals, there is probably no country that can top Canada. After all, there are probably few countries that have more festivals throughout the year for more reasons than the Canadians. Whether you want to enjoy a cowboy ho-down or a fancy evening where black is the watchword, Canada has a place and a time for you. If you can’t find something among these top 10 Best Festivals in Canada, maybe you need to move elsewhere.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Festivals in Canada 2017

10. Vancouver Celebration of Light (Vancouver)


For fireworks celebrations, there are few topping Vancouver’s Celebration of Light. There are no fireworks competition that can top this one, anywhere. But fireworks are only the icing on the cake. In addition to fireworks, there are also concerts, food booths, and much more for everyone to enjoy. Everything you can think of is here. You would do yourself a favor to check out this big celebration of all Canadian celebrations.

9. The Calgary Stampede (Calgary)

The Calgary Stampede Top 10 Best Festivals in Canada

Have you got your cowboy boots out? You had better dust your hat off too, because, for cowboy celebrations, there are few in Canada topping the Calgary Stampede. Each year, more than one million people visit Calgary to take part in this 10-day celebration of western heritage. And when you are finally finished enjoying all of this western hospitality why not head west to enjoy some of the natural splendor that is the Canadian Rockies and everything that has to go with it.

8. Edmonton Folk Festival (Edmonton)

Edmonton Folk Festival Top Most Festivals in Canada 2018

The Edmonton Folk Festival is a relative newcomer to the celebration scene, but in the world of folk, there’s nothing to compare it too. Started in 1980, the Edmonton Folk Festival is held each October for four days that celebrates folk music in all of its glory. One of the main benefits, even if you aren’t a folk fan, is the low prices to enjoy everything this festival offers. This will give you another reason to be there and enjoy it.

7. Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto)


The Toronto International Film Festival ranks alongside those of Cannes and Sundance in terms of rolling out the best of each year’s films. Past movies that have been featured include American Beauty, Hotel Rwanda, The Big Chill, and many more. And nothing can top the red carpet arrivals of this star-studded event. There is nothing else like it this side of Hollywood.

6. Winterlude (Ottawa)


What could be a better place to celebrate the splendor that is Canada than winter in Ottawa? That’s the whole reason behind Winterlude, which happens every January through February for three weekends. Take your family to Ottawa to enjoy everything that is Canada, especially in the wintertime. A vast majority of the activities at Winterlude are free of charge and include, among other things, ice skating on the world’s largest skating rink. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Festivals in Canada 2017.

5. Canada Day (Ottawa and Countrywide)

Canada Day Top 10 Best Festivals in Canada 2017

Would you like a day of the year when you could celebrate everything that is Canada, not to mention Canada itself? Your chance is already here with Canada Day, which happens every July 1 in the city of Ottawa and other places across the country. On that day nearly every Canadian dresses up in their red and white and enjoy themselves with everyone else, not to mention with a good Canadian beer.

4. Montreal Jazz Fest (Montreal)

Montreal Jazz Fest Top Popular Festivals in Canada 2018

Each June through July the whole country of Canada kicks up its heels to celebrate jazz music in all of its glory. How does 500 different concerts grab you? In fact, more than three-fourths of them can be attended free of charge. This jazz celebration will host more than 2,000 musicians from more than 20 countries who will showcase their talents for everyone. More than 2 million will be there to enjoy the festivities.

3. Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (Montreal)

Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Top Famous Festivals in Canada 2019

If comedy is more your cup of tea, perhaps the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival will appeal to you. This nearly two-week event sponsors comedians, both old and new, who showcase their talents for thousands who come out to enjoy all of the festivities. If you visit, it won’t be long before you will understand why this event has grown steadily in popularity since it was started in 1983.

2. Quebec Winter Carnival (Quebec City)

Quebec Winter Carnival Top Most Famous Festivals in Canada 2019

Whether you get the opportunity to enjoy the Winterlude or not, you won’t want to miss the Quebec Winter Carnival, a combination of everything that is both Canada and winter at the same event. It’s rowdy and fun, just the kind of get together that everyone enjoys before Lent. Just eat, drink, and be merry. The carnival is held at the end of January and until mid-February, so there is plenty of time to get your tickets and prepare for the cold as well as the fun.

1. Celtic Colours International Festival (Cape Breton)

Celtic Colours International Festival Top Best Festivals in Canada 2017

There are probably few places and events that celebrate so many different things all at the same time as the Celtic Colours International Festival. It doesn’t even matter whether you have a Celtic name or background, you can still enjoy the music, food, colors, pageantry, and everything else that is this celebration. It’s the largest event of its kind in North America, so be sure to make it a point to be there. If you like fiddles and fiddlers, you will love this one.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Festivals in Canada 2017. If you ever did need more reasons to visit Canada, now you have more than enough. Practically every month there is something special going on in some area of Canada. In fact, in many areas of Canada, there are numerous things to see and do. This is only a list of the top 10 festivals. Whatever your idea of fun might be, you are sure to find it or something similar to it someplace in Canada. Nowhere else will you find such a huge combination of things to enjoy nearly all year long. Why not pay a visit to each one of these? You will discover why each event has grown like it has.