Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourists in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourists in The World 2017. Tourists generally flock to places that offer incredibly scenic views and areas. Mountain are a favorite for many as they have some of the most beautiful and picturesque views. There are often activities for travelers to involve themselves in such as hiking and skiing. They often have some of the best animal sighting areas for visitors to see magnificent creatures not living around their homes. There are also beaches that tourists seek out for both pleasure and relaxation. Sandy beaches, warm waters, and great resorts offer many tourists the incredible vacation of a lifetime they are seeking. These top 10 most famous beach points for tourists should be considered for your next vacation.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourists in The World 2017

10. Ipanema

Ipanema Top Most Beach Points For Tourists 2018

The Ipanema is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular tourist spots offering soft white sand and rolling waves. This beach is located in the upscale South Zone and lies between Copacabana and Leblon beaches. There are posts along the beach to separate it into different zones that different groups of people enjoy. In the section between posts, 11 and twelve you can find families’ enjoying the beach and post 9 is usually filled with sunbathers and free-wheeling artists. This beach often appears on the Best Beaches in the World list every year. You can find a line of shops which border the beach to include; coffee shops, restaurants, retail article shops, and cafes.

09. Copacabana

Copacabana Top Famous Beach Points For Tourists 2017

Copacabana offers more activity than its neighbor Ipanema and is favored by surfers. This beach is equally as famous as its neighbor and always seems to have a game of soccer or volleyball providing entertainment for those who want to kick back and watch. There is a 4km promenade bordering the long beach which was designed in 1930 with a wave-like design which was laid out in stones of black and white. Along the promenade, you will find tall hotels and apartments. There is a multitude of vendors up and down the beach trying to sell their snacks and drinks, or you can purchase them from the many kiosks that line the beach. In front of the military base located on the beach, fishermen set up shop offering their fresh catch of the day. The military base itself is now a museum that you can tour daily.

08. Railay Beach


The province of Krabi in Thailand offers some of the best beaches. Railey Beach is the best of these and considered the best in the country of Thailand. You will find crystal clear blue waters and an incredible white sand beach. This beach will have you thinking you’ve found paradise. The beaches are what the tourists travel to see, but there are also rock-climbing activities you can venture to do. Amateurs and experienced can both try their luck at climbing the limestone cliffs that tower overhead. This beach area offers other great activities such as whitewater rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, elephant trekking, or you can go the most relaxing route of getting an awesome massage. If you want to take a break in between your sunbathing, there is the Diamond Cave which offers an incredible experience to do some exploring.

07. Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourists

The Phi Phi Islands are also located in the province of Krabi in Thailand. The island of Koh Phi Phi is the only one you can travel to on a day trip and there you will find the Monkey Beach. This beach was named after the islands many monkeys you will come face-to-face with. Tour guides are available to take you out in a boat and you can purchase fruits and drinks in a small stand. Make sure you hang on to your purchases though as the monkeys will fearlessly come up to and take them if left unguarded.

06. Pai


The southern beaches of Thailand are beautiful. You will be welcomed by friendly people into this country of beautiful landscapes and incredible beaches. Pai is in the Mae Hong Son province and provides some of the country’s best natural beauty. You can find a nightly street market to walk and a variety of western and local foods. There are impressive waterfalls, temples, and the Pai canyon to view and explore. You will enjoy the relaxation and air of cheerfulness this tiny town will provide for you.

05. Miami Beach

Miami Beach Top Most Popular Beach Points For Tourist 2019

Miami Beach is a separate municipality from Miami and is actually an island. It is only connected to the mainland by a series of bridges. Miami Beach is known for its popular beaches and buildings designed in classic neon signs and pastel structures. There is an expensive tourist district in Miami Beach along with numerous beachfront restaurants, hotels, shops and a lot of sunbathing opportunities. Ocean Drive is located along the ocean front and contains some of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings. This is one of the most famous Beach Points For Tourists in the world 2017.

04. Maui

Maui Top Popular Beach Points For Tourist 2018

Maui is one of the Hawaiian Islands but is not nearly as large. It is the right size for many vacationers and offers almost all there is to offer one who dreams about vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands. There are amazing culture, intriguing history and the most impressive wildlife you could hope to view. Along the coastal fairways, there are professional hula dancers performing outstanding shows and you can snorkel alongside five different varieties of sea turtles. After you have enjoyed some of these breathtaking events, relax on the most notable beaches of the Islands.

03. Outer Banks


The Outer Banks will provide you with an amazing history. Orville and Wilbur Wright made their famous flight here and Blackbeard the pirate fought the battle that would end his life there. The mysterious Lost Colony disappeared from this area and no one has ever figured out where they ended up. History is not all this incredible area has going for it. You will be able to windsurf, watch fantastic wildlife, fish, and scuba dive among the 3,000 plus shipwrecks. This is all on top of some of the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun, water and not a large crowd of people. There are so many attractions spread out over the barrier islands it makes the crowds much more spread out as well.

02. South Padre Island


South Padre Island has seen a huge change over the last few years regarding the type of crowds it attracts. This area use to be a huge spring break destination for college students; now it is more the family destination. This area will offer you some of the most beautiful, sparkling blue water and some of the most incredible sandy beaches. Kiteboarding has become a great past-time and outfitters can be found along the beach areas to get you ready and up in the air. There are some fantastic fishing trips that will take you out in the deeper waters to catch an amazing large water fish and take in some dolphin-watching trips as well. This seaside paradise has consistently warm weather.

01. Cape Cod

Cape Cod Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourist 2017

Cape Cod features shingle-style cottages, colorful clam shacks and the most beautiful, serene beaches, unlike any others. There are bed-and-breakfasts wrapped around scenic bike trails and rugged sand dunes. The pace is slower in this area and you will find it to be the greatest and most relaxing experience you’ve ever had. You will be able to find some incredible whale-watching areas and enjoy some of the quirky art galleries. The beaches on Cape Cod are pristine and the views are some, unlike any others you can find. After you’ve spent a day enjoying this paradise you can feast on the best seafood fare in the country.

There is an abundance of diverse beaches for you to visit that make your dream vacation a reality. All of them will offer you some of the best beaches with smooth sands and pleasant waters. These top 10 most famous beach points for tourists 2017 are a great place to start for choosing your next destination.