Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2017. Adults wanna have fun just like every one else. Once and a while they want to leave the house and forget about all the stress of having to work and pay bills. So whats one night out at a bar. These top ten bars are not like most they have different things you can do, different types of booze that you probably have never even heard of. But no one every really sits back and thinks about every different bar there is out there. If you have decided its time for a night out on the streets then you can stop in at any of these bars and have a nice drink or two.

Maybe you want to get out with your girl friends and dance the night away. Well these bars have dance floors and I am sure they have plenty of gorgeous men that would love to buy you a drink. Get the girls or get the guys and go out and just forget about the next day, unless you have work then take it easy. There is nothing wrong with someone going out and have a drink or two after a long day of work or after receiving bad news. Most women plan a girls night out once a week so they need to know all the great bars so they can get their party on. Guys have fun and buy those ladies a drink, get to know them and maybe dance a little. If you are having so much fun you may want to stay till they decide it is time to close.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2017

10. Bahri Bar-

Bahri Bar Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2017

This is a nice place to go during the winter months. The fabulous club has a verandah laid out with Persian carpets and big sofas to sit and enjoy a good time. Guests get served with high quality champion. Bar hours stay open all night long until the sun starts to rise so sit and sip on drinks and relax until the sun rises if you wish, no one will think anything of it. I do not see the place being empty anyways with the late night drinking rule. Having the ability to drink until the sun comes up will make it that much more fun and it is a great place to celebrate New Years, and anything else that may be good to drink for.

9. Double Decker-

Double Decker Top Most Bars In Dubai 2018

This not only is a bar but transforms to a nightclub as well which will guarantee you having fun here. They let the visitors have a lot of entertainment while enjoying a night out at this business. There are many activities that happen in this place such as drink promotions, quiz nights, and English premiership football. Visitors love coming here for the atmosphere and are always having a blast.

8. Fibber Magee’s-

Fibber Magee's Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2018

This is another scruffy boozer located in Dubai that is located behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel. If you plan to visit then arrive around seven pm or later since that is when the life and excitement begins happening. At this location the customers can enjoy live DJ performances while sitting at a relaxing table enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. If you get hungry just add some food to your order. They offer many different meals but their most popular are the great tasting ales, stouts, and the fat fish with fries.

7. [email protected] Lodge-

Chi@the Lodge Top Popular Bars In Dubai 2017

This is one of the best places for the young adults to enjoy a great night out having some fun and hanging with their friends. They have been known to host live music, have some kick butt DJ performances, present nude dances, throw discos, and they also serve some of the best quality wine varieties to the customers. Outside is a Balinese themed garden that is beautiful year round and inside has plenty of space to hold quite a few hundred visitors.So in turn you need to go spread the rumor of how huge this place is and how nice it is so that more folks will know to go to this place when they want a nice place to enjoy.

6. Maya-


This is a Mexican restaurant and bar that is located at the Royal Meridian. They serve the guest with different entertaining food options and champions. The music performances are held for the young peoples benefit so they can be guaranteed a good time as well. If you want a good table though be sure to arrive one hour before sunset so you can be seated at one of the Gulf view tables that is located on the roof top bar of Maya.

5. The Apartment Lounge-


Here is one of the best night life experiences that can happen in Dubai. The place is loaded with a range of local and international DJs that give awesome performances. Nude dancing is also an activity that happens here. They offer a wide variety of drinks to be served to the guests. So if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere but still want fun and excitement all mixed into one scene then enjoy a night out with friends here at The Apartment Lounge. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2017.

4. Lotus One, World Trade Convention Center-


They are a perfect business for having fun with friends. This place offers a fusion of fresh seductive sounds, sensual Asian flavors of food, and a cutting edge design to the building. They are located in the World Trade Convention Center and offer many interesting activities that can be done to make your moments be a time you will always remember as well as it being a special time. People tend to want to tell their friends so that they can all have fun as well. Having been so much fun friends tend to tag along just to see what all the hype is about.

3. Boudoir, Dubai Marine Beach Resort-


This is a nice and luxurious place for night life in Dubai. There is an indoor bar, a restaurant to eat in when you get hungry, and a dance club that is very popular with young adults. They have different live shows and other performances held all through out the night while you are here. The guests will enjoy themselves with all the activity that happens in nights time. They will go home and remember all the fun they had and want to go back time and time again. They will mention it to their friends and coworkers because of all the fun.

2. Kasbar-

Kasbar Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai

If you are looking for a trendy place to hang with some of your buddies then Kasbar is the bar for you. They boast authentic Arabic style decor all through the business, hold live music performance shows, and allow traditional dance routines to take place. It is brightly lit up at night which gives the customers the perfect way to have a good time. Business hours is from eight at night until for in the morning which means you have all night for making some fun memories.

1. Irish Village-

Irish Village Top Most Famous Bars In Dubai 2019

The famous bar is known for its recreation of the unique looks and feel of any traditional pub that is found. Her you do not only get to enjoy a indoor bar, a rocking restaurant, and awesome dance performances but guests also get to enjoy outdoor seating arrangements along with getting to participate in many adult games. This could be the ideal place for the younger generation crowd and for the adults who want some fun and non stop entertainment.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Bars In Dubai 2017. After reading about these cool bars if I was to ever get the chance I would go visit just so I could say hey that was pretty awesome. I hear a girls night coming up in the future with lots of fun and some responsible drinking. Remember if you are going to have a few drinks to have a sober driver so no one gets hurt going home or call a taxi so you will make it home in one piece. And always remember before you even walk in a bar that you must show your I.D. before they will ever let you step foot in the bar. So before you ever walk out the door make sure it is in your hand or your wallet. Ladies never leave your drink just sitting at a table with no one to watch it because even though it is a bar some people can not help themselves from doing something they should not be doing in the first place.