Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017. Amusement and theme park are awesome places to spend some time as a couple or a family. There is so much fun in theme and amusement parks. A couple or family can’t get bored in theme and amusement parks. You can cannonball loop slide, alpine slide, have fun in a wave pool, have fun spinning cart roller coasters among many other fun things to do.

Not all of this fun games in the theme and amusement parks are safe. They can be very dangerous to your kids or your couple. The funny thing about life is that the most dangerous activities or rides are the most fun rides but make no mistake that these rides can lead to injuries and even death to your kids if not watched closely or not managed properly. Let’s see which rides or activities are these that are dangerous.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017

10. Cannonball Loop Slide

Cannonball Loop Slide Top Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017

This is a kamikaze slide, it was made by the New Jersey’ s Action Park and it ended up to be a complete disaster. The idea was to have a fully enclosed water slide whereby it made something like a loop the loop at the end. The idea was one of a kind and unique but it proved to be a completely unstable. It was tested very few times only after an apparent decapitation of the dunny test. The employees who were supposed to take care of it suffered many injuries. There were reports of public deaths but it was made secret.

9. Alpine Slide

Alpine Slide Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017

The motive behind this dangerous idea is to save a few dollars for theme parks and also make use of steep slopes. The concept is that you build a breakneck, you also build a winding concrete trackway and you make sure that the trackway has shallow edges. With this you have a slide, you make on a hill. This just shows how dangerous it is, there are no safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries, there is no handbrake. Theme and amusement parks have become notorious for making such slides. One incident on the East Coast theme park was of a man who hit his head fatally on a rock while on a cart down the slide.

8. Wave Pool


It is made by having a deep body of water that is subjected to very intense waves that constantly increase. Many theme and amusement parks have this in the parks and they encourage people who don’t know how to swim to take a plunge into the pool that is freaking deep with intense waves all for fun and having a good time. To make it worse, they usually don’t have a life guard around or nearby. In many parks, it has created a reputation of being the most dangerous places to have fun. If you have kids whom want to have fun in such a pool, I advise you not to let them lest you want to lose your precious kids.

7. Spinning Cart Roller Coasters


I doubt if any theme or amusement parks lacks this dangerous ride, it’s the kid’s favorite and the target market for theme and amusement parks is kids so it is a must it exist in a theme or an amusement park. One of these roller coasters is whereby you are strapped into a spinning carriage that is circular and then you are thrown into a huge circle that is spinning. The only safety precaution taken on this machines is belief in God and a rusty bar. You have to be nuts if trust these safety precautions. Don’t allow your kids to have “fun” on this dangerous rides unless you perfectly know the safety precautions that were taken to ensure their safety.

6. Human Trebuchet

Human Trebuchet Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2018

Do you remember the catapults used to hurl boulders at castles in the medieval ages? If you can remember, then this is exactly what they will do to you or your kids if you allow yourself or them to have a ride on such dangerous machines. The motive behind it is that you are hurled into the air and then you land on an empty a distance from the trebuchet after which you hop off happy. What is you miss the net because you were thrown further than the net, you will surely die or sustain serious injuries.

5. Vertical Log Flume


Ever imagined being thrown into the air at a neck breaking speed and then falling into water, well this is the idea behind this dangerous ride. In Oakwood Theme Park, a girl was thrown into water when the safety bars that were supposed to keep her safe failed to work. She unfortunately died. Three years earlier, an elderly woman also died because of this.

4. River Rafting Ride

River Rafting Ride Top Most Popular Dangerous Rides in The World 2019

Putting highly giddy and possibly inebriated patrons of an amusement park in charge of a river rafting ride isn’t the most intelligent idea. Passengers are usually placed in a raft and then taken on rapid river, this is a very dangerous ride because the raft is usually made of rubber with air that can bust and lead to injuries.This is the world’s most famous dangerous rides 2017.

3. SCAD Dive

SCAD Dive Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World

Scientists have used this dive to measure how human beings react to extreme fear. A person is hoisted on top of a structure that is usually attached to a paltry harness and then he or she is to an 80mph free fall. He or she is left to fall from 160 feet. It is an awesome feeling but very dangerous and risky. If you fall like a girl in USA, you are likely to break your spine into pieces.

2. Mind Scrambler

Mind Scrambler Top Famous Dangerous Rides in The World 2019

This is a multiple-armed spinning roundabout with carts. The carts pass each other at very close proximity. The problem and worry with them is that they are of low cost and are of high G-force rides hence they tend not to employ safety procedures making them very unsafe. This is the one of Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017.

1. Kayak Experience

Kayak Experience Top Most Famous Dangerous Rides in The World 2018

It is an experience whereby you fix a boat ride to move down a very narrow channel. This imitates a real whitewater course. If you know about the real whitewater course, then you probably know how dangerous this ride is. In 1982, a man fell out the boat and managed to make contact with the electric current that was on the underwater fan. He was electrocuted with 2 other people, they all died in hospital.

These are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in The World 2017. If you want to experience the above named or listed dangerous rides, please make sure you confident with all the safety procedures and precautions that were taken before you proceed with the ride.