Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World in 2017. Many travelers take airplane safety for granted. Studies have shown this actually is a safe mode of transportation that we have today. Airline companies have spent billions of hours to create and improve their design of airplanes and engines. Technology has advanced into cockpits where global positioning, advanced displays, and telecommunication enables precision flying abilities. So we know that we are traveling on state-of-the-art aircraft designed being flown by professionals with access to state-of-the-art technology, but what do we know about where they are flying? How much do we as average passengers see of runways into these areas these experienced professionals land these incredible machines at? These are top ten most dangerous airport landings in the world 2017 you might or might not want to know are the runways your plane will land on.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2017

10. LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport Top Popular Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2017

LaGuardia Airport is located In New York City, USA and can provide stunning city views as planes head towards The 7,000-foot runway. The runways are built right over The water and pilots not only have to land on these runways sitting in The Bay, they have to avoid air traffic from two other extremely busy airports. The JFK and Newark airports share air space with LaGuardia making this one of The most dangerous airports landings 2017.

9. Courchevel International Airport


The Courchevel International Airport is located In France. This Airport has a runway measuring only 525 meters long. It not only has a short runway, It has a gradient of 18.5% that greatly effects take-offs and landings. pilots flying into this Airport must navigate The Alps mountain range and land at an incline In order to slow down.

8. Saba Airport (Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport)

Saba Airport Top Most Popular Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2018

The Saba Airport has The world’s shortest commercial Airport runway. This Airport is located 28 miles south of St. Maarten and only measures 400 meters in length. Planes coming into this Airport have to be aware of The high hills on one side with cliffs that drop straight down in The sea on both ends. This Airport cannot support The landing of jet aircraft due to The shortness of The runway.

7. Toncontin Airport

Toncontin Airport Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2019

The Toncontin Airport is located In Tegucigalpa, Honduras and accessed by flying through The mountains. The Airport is located In a valley 1,004m above sea level. When planes land at this airport, they are required to make a 45-degree bank to reach The 7,000-foot runway. When you are riding In a plane that descends to this airport, you will experience a quick drop In altitude that planes need to perform In order to line up with The runway. This Airport not only has a dangerous terrain, It also suffers frequent bad weather as winds tend to develop in The area making pilots having to often make several last-second adjustments.

6. Ice Runway

Ice Runway Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2017

The Ice runway is located in Antarctica in what is known as The coldest part of The world. There are no runways In this area that have been paved so runways consist of long stretches of manicured ice and snow. It is important The weight of The planes be checked before landing on this runway to ensure The ice will hold it. Planes to heavy could also get stuck in The snow. Planes can land on this runway at The beginning of each season and through early December when The sea ice begins to break up.

5. Princess Juliana International Airport


The Princess Juliana International Airport is located In St. Marteen and is Considered one of The busiest airports in The Caribbean. pilots navigating into this Airport must first fly over a part of The beach, go over a fence, pass over The road, and then land on The runway. The runway itself is a challenge as It is only 7,150 feet long. Large aircraft need 8,000 feet for a safe landing and those that are really heavy require at least 10,000 feet. There have been some Large aircraft that landed here, but mostly small to medium sized planes are directed to this airport.

4. Paro Airport


The Paro Airport is located in The Himalayan Mountains and probably The most dangerous of all airports to land at. This Airport is 1.5 miles above sea level, surrounded by sharp peaks that climb to 18,000 feet tall, and has a runway only 6,500 feet long. There are only about eight pilots who are even allowed to attempt a landing at this airport. The Paro Airport, nestled in The Himalayan Mountains is reputed to have The top most dangerous Airport landings in The world.

3. Wellington International Airport


The Wellington International Airport is located In New Zealand and has a short runway of 6,351 feet. The runway looks like It begins and ends in The water and often makes passengers feel a bit uneasy. This is The third busiest Airport in The world and handles over 5,000,000 passengers a year. Landings at Wellington have a reputation for being rough and turbulent. Large aircraft even experience difficulty managing The strong, gusty winds coming off The Cook Strait.

2. Kai Tak Airport


The Kai Tak Airport is located In Hong Kong and is reported to be one of The scariest airports to land at or take off from. This Airport experiences strong cross-winds and is surrounded by mountains. The Airport not only has adverse weather conditions, it’s planes also have to deal with numerous skyscrapers and mountains making It technically challenging for pilots. This Airport received so much notoriety for being The ‘scariest’ Airport It was closed In 1998 and replaced with The Hong Kong International Airport.

1. Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport Top Most Famous Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2018

The Lukla Airport is located In Nepal has been renamed, Tenzing-Hilary Airport In honor of The first two men to climb Mount Everest. This Airport is situated at an altitude of 8,000 feet and has an incredibly short runway. Since there is very little power running to this Airport there are no lights to guide planes in. There are also no modern day advances used for guiding planes to this airport. The Airport is famous as this is The location most people start their climb up Everest. Flight is often delayed due to weather conditions at The airport; winds, cloud cover, and changing visibility.

While these runways appear and sound quite dangerous, today’s technology and air traffic systems make take-offs, flying, and landings incredibly safe. Passengers onboard can rest assured airplane companies will not fly their expensive airplanes or endanger their customers by flying them into situations their professionals cannot handle. Despite these top 10 most dangerous Airport landings in The world 2017; air transportation is still a safe method of travel.