Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World 2017. Haunted places and locations fascinate many people all over the world. People want to know about strange occurrences and things that go bump in the night. They also want to be frightened by ghosts, murderers and demons. Ultimately, there are plenty of people on the planet who just enjoy a good scare or fright.

The following top 10 list on creepy abandoned hotels will definitely give them the chills and thrills that they desire. The reason why this list should frighten them is because these hotels are real. Reality is usually the best way to scare people simply because nothing is made up and the terrors are not fake.

List of Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World 2017

10. Diplomat Hotel (Philippines)

Diplomat Hotel (Philippines) Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels 2017

Headless apparitions, strange noises and agonizing screams could be heard from the Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines. This hotel has a long standing history of ghastly appearances, eerie sightings and strange occurrences.

A European monk order known as the Dominicans opened the hotel back in 1915. It stayed open for many years until 1947. The hotel was bombed by the Japanese during WWII and it remained closed for over 40 years.

Around 1973 it was purchased and reopened by Diplomat Hotels Incorporation. It was remodeled and managed by Tony Agpaoa, a Baguio-based spiritual healer. After he passed away the hotel was never reopened again.

Currently, the hotel sits in ruins and is the subject of mystery and terror in the Philippines. Throughout the years people tell frightening tales of unnatural events that happen in or around the hotel. There has even been movies made about this place. The Diplomat Hotel (Philippines) is truly one of the creepiest hotels in existence.

9. Hotel Baker (USA)

Hotel Baker (USA) Top Most Popular Creepy Abandoned Hotels 2019

The haunting surrounding Hotel Baker are not that frightening but people still must know the truth about this place. The hotel was constructed and then opened during the first part of the 19th century. It was a grand place with lots of great features such as an Olympic size swimming pool that could literally hold 2,500 people.

The hotel had a hard time turning a profit because of the Great Depression that took place during the 30s. During its early years in existence the hotel was worked by chambermaids who tended the rooms. One chambermaid was jilted by her lover and she drowned herself in a nearby river known as the Fox.

After she had died, her ghost came back to haunt the hotel and people would report hearing cries and weeping coming from different parts of the hotel. Some guests have even said that hand prints would appear on their sheets. This hotel finally closed in 1972.

8. Ducor Palace Hotel (Liberia)

Ducor Palace Hotel (Liberia) Top Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels 20017

The Ducor Palace-Hotel was a very prominent Liberian resort that served rich clientele. The hotel opened in 1962 and closed its doors in the 80s. The hotel was damaged during the Liberian civil war that took place during the late 2000s.

Ducor Palace was going to be renovated but never made it to that point. Instead, it was closed to the public and left standing in place. It is located within the capital city of Monrovia. The people who have visited this hotel claimed that the ghost of dead Liberian people roam the halls.

Many of these souls were supposedly killed during the civil war that took place within this nation back in the 2000s. The locals also say that other strange noises and sightings take place here as well. The government has abandoned any renovation efforts to get the hotel fixed.

7. Hotel Polissya (Ukraine)

Hotel Polissya (Ukraine) Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels

The Hotel Polissya was constructed in the Ukraine back in the 1970s. It was created to accommodate visitors to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The Chernobyl power plant was a big deal back then. After this nuclear facility had an accident back in the 80s; the hotel abandoned shortly after. After the people were abandoned from the region, the hotel remains to this day as a grim reminder about that faithful day.

People still visit this area and locals tell of strange occurrences. Not every person was able to get out of the area after the plant had exploded. There are some people who say that these people still roam the area as deformed creatures or as dead ghosts. These of course might just be urban legends but many people think they are true.

The whole entire place is a desolate area and there is also an abandoned amusement park, high school and stadium. People who visit this area can see how devastated the area is now. Hotel Polissya is often thought of a scary place and rightly so.

6. Grand Hotel Kupari (Croatia)


Croatia is home to the Grand Hotel Kupari. This hotel was constructed in the 20s but did not become popular until the 60s and 70s. The Grand Hotel Kupari remained popular for about a quarter century. Then in 1990 a civil war within Croatia took place. During the conflict, the Grand Hotel Kupari was ransacked. After this happened the hotel was never reopened.

Currently, the hotel still remains in Kupari. Bullet holes riddle the structure’s walls and burn marks cover the wall. Parts of the hotel have huge holes and heavy damage. Graffiti and crumbling walls are now the norm. People who visit this place are reminded about the war. They are also reminded of the dead and the ghosts of the past.

5. Ryugyong Hotel (North Korea)


North Korea is a nation filled with many modern day horrors; just think about how life would be under a dictator like Kim Jong Ill. Korea has a lot of issues and problems and the people there also fear ghosts and creepy abandoned places.

The Ryugyong Hotel sits in the middle part of the city Pyongyang. This hotel was supposed to have been built in the late 80s. However, the project never manifested. Something had always kept the building from being completed. By the year 1992 construction on the building had completely stopped and the hotel just sat in the central part of the city undisturbed.

North Korea’s government began to rebuild the hotel in 2008 but construction had been postponed once again. The government will not reveal why they had stopped construction once again. The hotel has well over 3000 empty rooms that have never been used. Many of the locals have claimed that the hotel is haunted with ghosts and other beings.

4. The White Pines (USA)


The White Pines Hotel was constructed in 1892 and it was supposed to be used for accommodate travelers from Germany. The place was constructed by a female labor union who used the hotel as a base of operations. The hotel remained in operation for many years until 1990. It then closed down because it was no longer profitable. The hotel still remains inside of the state of the Alabama. People can see the hotel and a few people sneak into it. This deserted place brings a lot of attention because many locals thinks of it as a creepy place.

3. Hotel Del Salto (Colombia)

Hotel Del Salto (Colombia) Top Most Famous Creepy Abandoned Hotels 2019

A private mansion was built in the 20s within Tequendama Falls. This place lies about 30 miles outside of Bogota. In the 1950s this former hotel was converted into a mansion. French investors set up the hotel. In the 1990s the hotel had to shut down because the nearby river was being severely polluted.
There was also a strange situation that was taking place in the hotel. Many people were killing themselves in this place and no one could figure out why. The surrounding area was also had a high incidence of suicide as well.

Many of the locals would say that the Hotel Del Soto was being haunted by the dead people’s ghosts. The suicidal people who died here supposedly came back to revisit the area to haunt the living souls. The hotel was eventually converted into a museum. However, people still remember it as a spooky place.

2. Haludovo Palace Hotel (Croatia)

Haludovo Palace Hotel (Croatia) Top Popular Creepy Abandoned Hotels 2018

Croatia’s society was forever changed during the 1990s. This is especially true for many of the buildings that were a part of the old ways of life before the war. The Haludova Palace Hotel was a famous tourist attraction before the war. However, after the war, this place was abandoned.

Once the place was abandoned it never regained its former glory. Many people still travel from all over the world to see Haludovo Palace Hotel. Locals make up stories about this place to amuse the travelers. Many tourists just like to visit the place to see this haunted attraction.

1. Intercontinental Hotel Ponce (Puerto Rico)


Back in the 60s there was a famous hotel located within the Puerto Rico. The name of this hotel was called the Intercontinental Hotel Ponce. It used to be a fun place that located lots of former celebrities and many high rollers. Everyone in the area loved to visit this place and have a good time. Then it happened.

The hotel just shut down and many outsiders never fully understood why. Some people speculated that the owners could not afford to keep up the bills and others said that the owners were indebted to criminals. Once the hotel shut down it never reopened.

In 1975 the Intercontinental Ponce was transformed into a modern day haunted attraction loaded with scares, chills and thrills. Many people in Columbia still visit the International Ponce but they do so just to get a cheap thrill.