Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism

Take a look at the below List of the world’s Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017. Tourism refers to traveling for leisure, recreation or for business deals. It gives tourists, a chance to relax, carry out official duties or other activities. But there is a more important role that tourism plays for the host country. Tourism has been known to boost the economies of many countries. It is important since the tourists visiting heritage or tourist’s sites will spend money there and this money will be channel into various businesses thus uplifting their economy. It also very beneficial on the cultural level of that country as it will enable them to display and market their rituals and ancestry. However, for many countries tourism is just one of the sectors that come in to boost their economy, while others have total dependence on it. Below is a list of 10 countries that dependent on tourism 2017.

List of the world’s Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017


THE ANGUILLA Top Popular Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2019

This a British overseas territory found in the Caribbean Sea. It has a land area of about 35 miles. This area has thin arid soil that does not support agriculture and lacks natural resources, making this area a tourist attraction territory. The economy of Anguilla has grown drastically over the recent years. This increase in growth is fully attributed to the drastic measures taken to expand the tourism sector which provides big new partnerships with many multi-national companies. This tourism growth has also led to the surge in foreign investments as a result of this luxury tourism.


THE BERMUDA Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism

This a British overseas Territory found in the North Atlantic Ocean. These Islands are also called The Bermudas. It has a land area of about 21 square miles and lacks natural resources of its own, no gas, no oil, and no big industry. Lack of a suitable land to practice agriculture has made tourism the foremost economic sector of Bermuda. Most of their things are imported. Bermuda is one of the highly populated areas in the world with a huge economy yet it’s very isolated. It has managed to fully exploit its territory by giving financial services to many international firms and other luxury tourist facilities for close to 360,000 visitors per year. The tourist industry contributes to about 28% of Bermuda’s Gross Domestic Product. 84% of its business is from the North American people.


THE BAHAMAS Most Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2019

The Bahamas are found in Indian Ocean and lie close to Cuba. It is one of the richest countries of Americas. It has a variety and abundance of marine life which makes it a good place for fishermen and sailors, and draw a lot of visitors who want to experience the diverse and vast water parks. Most of its economy depends on tourism as over 60% of its GDP comes from tourism, and almost half of their population has been able to get jobs in this tourism industry. The steady growth in tourism receipt and an increase in construction of new resorts, hotels, and residences have led to the growth of their GDP in recent years.


LUXEMBOURG Top Most Popular Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2018

This is a landlocked country found in the Western Europe region. It borders Belgium, Germany, and France. This country is very developed and has an advanced economy. Tourism is a key component of the economy of this country. Some of its attractions are Luxembourg City, the Enternach which has an abbey and the wine that come from the districts of the Moselle valleys, the Vianden where you find the medieval castle, attracts tourists mainly from Belgium, Netherlands, and German.



These islands are part of the British overseas territory found in the Caribbean Sea. They are comprised of three islands, enjoy a good output per capita and have one of the best living standards in the Caribbean. Tourism is the mainstay of the people of these islands and is mainly aimed at providing luxury markets. They mainly cater for visitors from North America. One of the main attractions of the Cayman Islands is The Seven Mile Beach which is a hub for many of the islands resorts and hotels. Tourism contributes to about 60% of the National Gross Domestic Product.



The two islands are a British Overseas territory and are majorly known because of their tourism. The Turks and the Caicos economy previously relied on exporting salt and couch meat. The tourism industry, the main driver of their economy and the biggest employer of the people of this islands as it has created around 50% of the total jobs are as a result of the tourism industry.



The Virgin Islands of the United States are a group of islands found in the Caribbean with one of the free-enterprise developing economies. They operate a manufacturing industry, but tourism is still the main economic activity contributing about 80% of both employment and GDP. Tourism in the US Virgin Islands is mainly based on the lovely tropical climate, good fishing, attractive scenery, closeness to the U.S. mainland, and their free-port status.


ARUBA Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017

This is a small island found in Southern Caribbean. Aruba’s climate is arid and dry. The island produces low agricultural products due to its poor and little rainfall limits. However, it has a warm and sunny weather that charms tourists. A sizeable percentage of Aruba’s economy depends on tourism. Around 41% of its total GDP is got from visitors’ expenditure. This is one of the world’s Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017.


MACAU Top Famous Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2018

Macau is one of the two special administrative centers of the Peoples Republic of China, other one being Hong Kong. The region’s economy is largely dependent on tourism. The good weather, well-known tourist attraction sites such as Senedo square, gambling industry, A-Ma Temple and the St. Paul Ruins make this place a very popular area among the Chinese mainland people and also among the foreign visitors. Tourism and Gaming give more than 50% GDP to Macau and also contribute close to 70% of the Macau government revenue.


BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Top Most Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017

The Virgin Islands, famously known as the British Virgin Islands, is a British overseas territory found in the east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. These islands have poor soils that cannot support domestic food requirements of the people living there, and this has made their economy to highly rely on tourism which provides an estimated 45% of their total national income. The main tourist attraction on these islands is the yacht chartering industry and they also entertain cruise ships.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent on Tourism 2017. We have many other countries in the world that rely mainly on tourism to boost their economy. Some mainly depend on tourism, while others take it as one of their sectors of the economy.