Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attractions in The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attractions in The World in 2017. Life is precious and in fact you need not have to joke around with it because once it is gone, then you will have a worse bad lived experience that will never be reversed at all. When you go to visit places, ensure that you know the background history well enough so that you are able to choose well. There are some places below that are rated as most dangerous places and are good to visit but some of them might be a cause for your end of life in this life. I might not be the best but for real, the places that you are going to go through below will be really the most controversial.

List of the world’s Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attractions 2017

10. Lower Ninth Ward, USA


The people of Lower Ninth ward were not happy when the Hurricane Katrina affected their land. After the incident, they saw suspicious people touring their street. Anyone who tries to visit this place, you just expect unfair treatment, the residents say that they are being gawked as if they are the side show of animals found in zoo. Tour operators have understood what the residents are feeling. But despite that, tour in this area is something untouchable. If you are planning to visit this place, you better think twice since there are several places you can visit.

9. Padaung Karen Reserve


Thailand has 1.2million hill tribesmen but what is funny is that, out of 1.2 million only 500,000 aren’t regarded to be Thai citizen and they’re excluded from owning land and also voting or even accepting state funded health care. One of such group is padaung Karen and referred as longneck and they live in together in artificial hill tribe village which is near Chiang Rai and are set up for the purpose of tourist. Women have brass rings which are fitted in their neck to attract tourist and some say that tourists are giving them chance to preserve their culture.

8. Dharavi Slum, Mumbai

dharavi-slum-mumbai, Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attractions in The World 2018

This is the largest slum in India and has more than a million people. The idea of touring this slum is something questionable and even hard to justify and one thing here which is certain is that it is sobering visit. The culture of this place is oppressive odor, poverty which is beyond control and heart breaking condition. Visitors come here to get what s the taste of distress. Revenue collected from touring this slum is given to the residents. But the controversial is about the people living in the slum and suffers daily; will they remain in the slum to attract tourists?

7. London Dungeon, UK


This place is a popular tourist destination and recreates lot of gory as well as macabre historical events which is in a gallows humor style and it has been aimed at younger people. But it has emerge to graphic view of torture and also bloody bunch and there has been sense that those special effects, grim humor as well as fun rides doesn’t serve educational purpose but it only provide entertainment which is considered to be scary.

6. Devil’s Island


This island is found fourteen kilometer off cost of French Guiana and it is known to be green hell and described to be notorious penal colonies. It is ranked to be best tourist attraction, but infant cemetery and run-down cells are part of what is going on here. It was once reported to be disease plagued and several of convicts lost their life in horrid conditions. Touring this island can raise your heartbeat if you will be told that several convict died here. This is one of the most Most Controversial Tourist Attractions 2017.

5. Antarctica


This is a place that is uninhabited by a mass rock of rock, penguins and also ice. Those that have an idea of the place will have to inform you that it is a place that should be inspired, dumbfounded and truly humbled. That is why it is refereed as an ultimate destination for all those that are going to visit the place. One thing that we cannot know about it is its accessibility and that is why it is good to safe it for a few people out there that are scientists and explorers to visit it. If you want to visit it, wait for summer and you will get a small window of time to have your expectations well taken care of.

4. Plastinarium in Guben, Germany


Befor we go on, I will first of all elaborate to you that plastination is a small technique that is used by doctors and even scientists to preserve a body for the sole use for studying. The Von Hagen Museum is a location that has got more controversy as it receives much applause. You will be advice that if you visit the place, then you have to have your heart well taken care of because what you are going to see are real conserved human bodies that are also involved in all sorts of activities. This s a process that is respected by many people due to the fact that it takes much work to train medical students but he way the exhibits are preserved makes things unimaginable.

3. North Korea


North Korea is a country that is known far and wide due to the fact that many people and tourists respect it as major place to visit. It has the best scenes, waterfalls, amazing temples, good mountain scenery and much more. One thing that you might not be knowing is that it is a country that is least visited by people. The reason for that is simple, the moral behind its nuclear production stand is what makes many fear going there because they say that they are inhuman practices. The state is governed much better than you think up to a point that even when you go and try to look for the truth, you will have to be accompanied by a government guide to all the places!

2. Jarawa Reserve, Andaman Islands


Tradition is always what we always try to fight so that people turn on and use the modern ways of living. Don’t try that in Andaman Islands because you are going to get yourself in apposition where you cannot explain how. The Jarawa are known to be one of the few indigenous people that still reside on this earth. Rumors screwed the air that in 2010, an off camera policeman had forced women form that tribe to dance. Things went viral and the video of all that mess were captured and court had to come in to stop the going and protect these special people.

1. Vang Vieng, Laos


This is a town that is oriented by tourists’ visits due to the fact that it lies on the Nam Song River. What is spectacular about the river is the existence of Karst hill landscape that surrounds the town. Now, here this, Vang vieng that is also deep into the jungle is another backpacker paradise that harbors people and visitors but no rules! It is recommended that you need not visit this place because you might not know your fate. The year 2016 was not a good one for many people because it saw up to some people dying off. It is the most dangerous place that you can decide to visit.

So, these are the world’s Most Controversial Tourist Attractions 2017. Always be careful where you go because your life as we have seen is precious. But who said that we should not dare going these places! For my part, I found them dangerous and even there description will always make your blood always tingle up and down in your veins when you land there. Some places have really no rules and that means that you can break all the rules of humanity that you have ever thought or know about.

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