Top 10 Cliff Side Beaches in The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Cliff Side Beaches in The World in 2017. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but some sites in the world are too spectacular such that to all the beholders this saying seems a lie. This is more practical when high raised rocks come into contact with large water bodies. The green vegetation nearing the rugged rocks, the sand that is normally accompanied by water in the large water bodies and to top it all up the great view of the blue water body that is visible any time especially when the waters are still. Such is the case when it comes to cliff side beaches. Here we are going to discuss about a number of the cliff side beaches 2017 that are visited regularly and recommended as the best.

List of the Top 10 Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2017

10: Maya Bay


Maya Bay is a beautiful bay that is located in Koh Phi Phi Le in Thailand. It is one of the many beautiful bays in the world that is housed by 100m cliffs and has a chunk of beaches within the housing. The cliffs are generally made out of limestone. The beaches are generally made out of white sand, beneath the water there are colourful coral and some fish that is visible since the water is quite clear. This site is only accessible by boat either using a speed boat, ferry or long tail boats since it is a bit deep into sea.

9: Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach Top Most Popular Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2019

It is also known as shipwreck beach. It is located along the smugglers cove in the North West coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands found in Greece. It is mainly characterized by the limestone cliffs that surround the white sandy beach. To top this up, it has sky blue waters that are visible from far off the shores. This beach is used in some sporting activities that include base jumping and others done mostly on beaches.

8: Legzira Beach

Legzira Beach Top Popular Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2018

The Legzira Beach is one of the most unique beaches that is located in the coast of Morocco. It is located in between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni. It has a long stretch which is roughly about 8 km. It is quite windy and rocky. It has two enormous stone arches. These have been formed as a result of a huge number of years of erosion. They are generally accessible during seasons when there are low tides. This is to avoid being trapped by water under the mammoth arches.

7: Tropea beach.


It is located on the coast of Calabria in Italy. It is one of the many places in the town of Tropea which is a tourist attraction sites. It is characterized by crystal clear blue waters that come as a result of the reflection of the sky. It has white sandy beaches that are good for kids to build castles. It is quite unique since the whole city is found on top of the cliffs that surround the beaches. These waters have dolphins that are human friendly and as such have a wide range of guests.

6: As Catedrais Beach

As Catedrais Beach Top 10 Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2017

It is a beach that is named after the cliff formation. It is located in the municipality of Ribadeo, in Lugo province on the coast of Cantabric. It has a couple of huge stone arches as well as caves that are mostly visible of how large they are during the low tide season. During high tide, they seem really small since they are submerged in water. Also during the low tide there are sand collections on the beaches making walking along the beach really awesome.

5: Dias Beach

Dias Beach Top Best Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2017

This beach is situated in the Cape Point Nature Reserve in South Africa. This is right at the tip of the capital Cape Point. It is only accessible by a fleet of wooden stairs that gives you a good exercise lesson. The ascent takes longer than the descent. It has cliffs that are standing at approximately heights of 200m. These cliffs offer the viewer a good scenery. The sandy beaches also are appealing to the eye. It is also a drive from the city of Cape Town.

4. Halona Beach


This is a beach that is located on the south-eastern coast of Oahu in Hawaii. This beach has cliffs that are either made by rock or by limestone. These cliffs surround a beach that is awesome for swimming when the sea is calm. It also has a reef that is covered by coral making it a site for sea creatures to come and feast. There is also a cave that is located within the cliffs. It is quite popular after the movie that was shot here called from here to eternity.

3: Bottom bay


It is situated out into the south-eastern coast of Barbados. It sited between two bays namely cave bay and Palmetto bay. The beach is partially enclosed by high coral cliffs. To top this, there are palm trees that are growing on the beaches making the scenery amazing. Bathing or swimming in this beach is not recommended due to the high tides that come to the ocean. It also has clear waters where one ca be able to see whales and turtles in the water.

2: Etretat

Etretat Top Most Cliff Side Beaches in The World 2018

It is located on the north-eastern region of Le Havre in France. It is renowned for its cliffs, a couple of arches and a needle that is pointed. The cliffs encamps a beach. The arches have been formed as a result of erosion of the chalky cliffs in the region. These physical attributes of this bay have attracted a number of artists.

1: El Nido


It is a municipality in Philippine that is located on the Palawan Island. It is renowned for its white sand beaches as well as coral reefs that make the cliff side beaches. It has a big mass of water that is characterized by being crystal clear. It has an extraordinary ecosystem.

These are just but a few of the cliff side beaches in the world 2017 each has a unique attribute to its face so it’s up to you to make up your mind on which among the many is the greatest and based on what criterion.

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