Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017. With today’s modern lifestyle, there can be little time for relaxation. So when we do have time to ourselves, we need something that caters for our mood. Stressful and often extended work hours often result in a longing to escape, but the question is where to? For some, the word ‘nightlife’ conjures up images of chaos, drunken brawls and deafening noise; while to others it means glamour, romance and either stimulation or relaxation. Often, we know what we would like but not sure where to find it. So take a look at the below Top Ten list of Cities for Nightlife in the world 2017, and see what’s on offer when the sun goes down.

List of Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017

10. London, UK

London, UK Top Popular Cities For Nightlife in The World 2019

Nightlife in London offers opportunities to bump into celebrities as well as a good night out. There are world-famous cocktail bars, rooftop terraces, clubs and historical pubs throughout the city, including the famous Buttoned Down Disco which offers a range of music including Indie, Punk and electro. However, it is invite only, so you need to visit the site and request one. If you prefer Warehouse style, the Egg offers 24-hour party bookings. But it’s not all about music and dance: The Boat Show Comedy Club is based aboard a paddle steamer, and houses four famous comedians in addition to its nightclub and bars.

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany Top Most Popular Cities For Nightlife in The World 2018

Reportedly the last guest has to leave before an establishment closes! Berlin has a diverse selection of venues to choose from, such as the CCCP Bar, open when most others are closed, and Berghain, known as a ‘super club’. This is Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub because parties here last for days – if you can get in, that is! Reports mention its website, which allows you to apply for entrance while at home, and involves a simulated assessment by the ‘doorman’ who is notorious for being extremely selective. But there are plenty more nightspots to choose from, including the Watergate at the riverside, housing international DJs within its domineering glass structure (the windows reach down from ceiling to floor) which hosts classical music events as well as modern ones. For a more relaxed atmosphere, try the Tausend where Asian and Ibero-American cuisine is on offer, along with live music.

8. St. Petersburg, Russia


Each year the trendy bar and club scene expands, reflecting this country’s liberal culture and contributing to its friendly atmosphere. White Nights, by day a festival of ballet, acting and opera, is by night a venue for unofficial clubbing and drinking to the small hours and beyond. Students flock to popular venues such as Cynic Bar, for the house specialty fried bread with garlic washed down with a Cobra beer; and The Idiot, a restaurant with a classical, arty decor of antique and bric-a-brac. Here you can play backgammon or chess, select a book to read in English, and enjoy vegetarian or Russian cuisine. There are also a good choice of clubs, including the Griboedov which used to be a bomb shelter, and Fish Fabrique where you can rock ‘til you drop with live bands.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World

On the Mississippi River, the famous Mardi Gras is held, taking place in Metairie. This consists of parades, using decorative floats and known as ‘fruits’ which each take a route through the streets. Various themes include the Krewe of Choctaw and the Krewe of Cleopatra. Some krewes travel around the famous French Quarter, said to be the birthplace of jazz, and housing many late night dance clubs.

6. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon Top Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017

Nightlife here is based on creativity and culture as well as cuisine, so establishments tend to come and go throughout the year. Top nightclubs are B108, a liberal atmosphere under a retractable roof, and Skybar, a rooftop venue which is considered expensive and has a strict door policy. If live music is your preference, try the Rabbit Hole in Hamra. It is small, but offers a good variety of music from traditional Arabic to reggae, along with fruity cocktails. Other bars include the C-Lounge, where you can listen to house music while enjoying beautiful views of the Mediterranean; and the sophisticated Hemingway’s Bar and Cigar Lounge with equally good views, and three separate areas comprising cigar lounge, terrace and cocktail bar. This is one of the Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The biggest carnival in the world is held here, lasting a whole week, and including Samba dance competitions. Around 500,000 visitors per year dance ‘til they drop, with Samba lessons offered as well as costumes. When it’s all over, you can continue to dance in Lapa with its specialised samba halls, open throughout the year at weekends.

Missed the festivities? Don’t worry – there’s always Copacabana to visit on New Year’s Eve, attracting around two million visitors for the celebrations. A contrasting open air event is held in Leblon, on the hills at the Alto Vidigal Party, host to the RUN VDG party in 2016, with not only top DJs but stunning views as well. A shuttle service is available if you don’t fancy the climb uphill!

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017

Here you’ll find a wide diversity of nightlife, from traditional tourist spots like the bars on the beachfront, to the Born District and Gothic Quarter where the locals go, not forgetting the late night clubs which cater for every type of music. In summer, the Piknic Electronik is held every Sunday in the Jardins de Joan Brossa, while at Razzmatazz there are five types of music in one club. The Spanish way is to keep dancing until the sun not only sets, but rises again! For modern dance music set in historical surroundings, La Terrrazza is a hill-top open-air club within (replica) village walls, residing on Montjuic Mountain. Techno and House are the main music here, where many flock during the annual Sonar Festival. The partying starts from May until September.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Most Famous Cities For Nightlife in The World 2019

Surrounded by a vast array of bright lights, glitz and glamour pervade the casinos and clubs. You can watch top stage shows, dance the night away in ‘risque’ clubs and gamble to your heart’s content – no wonder it is called ‘Sin City’! The Cosmopolitan Hotel offers refinement with its classical style decor, while the Pure Club has multiple dance rooms and a terrace offering central views of the city. But for real panoramic views, go high to the 51st floor of the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub, which takes the notion of dancing beneath the stars to a whole new level! Little wonder Casino Player magazine voted it the best ‘out of hours’ club in 2015.

In contrast, there is the Peppermill Fireside Lounge, boasting a ‘flaming reflection pool’ and indoor neon lighting. The menu is reportedly the ‘best in Vegas’, and In addition to winning several awards, this restaurant has been filmed in music videos featuring, for example, Carlos Santana and films such as ‘Showgirls’.

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia Top Most Famous Cities For Nightlife in The World 2018

For a venue with a difference, get off dry land and go to the river Sava to party by boat. Klub 20/44 is one of the most popular clubs here along with the alternative KC Grad. Thanks to the younger generation, the former image of Belgrade has now been transformed into a party hot spot. There are many boat and raft parties to choose from, both on the Sava and the Danube, and opening from May onward. If you prefer more solid ground, there are nightclubs such as The Tilt club, with its unusual geometric designed interior, and bars including the ex-warehouse Minsker Bar, alfresco in summer and surrounded by beautiful buildings and Minsker Garden.

1. Tel Aviv, Israel


Like New York, this city is awake 24/7 and its nightlife is equally robust. If you fancy a cocktail, there’s the unassuming Imperial Hotel where the award-winning (Best Bar in the Middle East) Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar is found. This closes when the last customer leaves, and serves both classic and trendy concoctions.

For dancing, the Rothschild Boulevard is the place to go with its underground, trendy nightclubs; or the Neve Tzedek district if you prefer chic ‘up market’ bars. There are also beachfront bars, but for something a little more cultural, the Bohemian Quarter in Florentin has plenty to offer. Here, art mixes with nightlife at the Kuli Alma Club, where you can view an art exhibition, along with a dance floor and two bars. In contrast, the Breakfast Club offers electro dance music and is multilevel, and underground.

These are the Top 10 Cities For Nightlife in The World 2017. Night time is welcomed by many of us as an opportunity to be ourselves and do what we want. It can give an opportunity to reflect in peaceful surroundings, or celebrate with like-minded folk. Traditionally a time of mystery, when shadows obscured the familiar and humans entered a realm of tranquility and rest, today the illusion set by stars and moonlight is expressed in bright lights contrasting with ambiance. As the above list shows, we are no longer limited to a particular type of venue or music, so it is easier to reach a compromise with friends and have a good time tonight, without regretting it tomorrow!