Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most beautiful and Cheapest Places to Live in The World 2017. Where you live can often depend on how deep your pockets are and how extensive your skill set is when it comes to finding, keeping, and maintaining a steady job. There is no doubt that some places, be they cities, towns, or even just neighborhoods, are far more expensive than others, while some are dirt cheap for reasons that the casual home-buyer would rather not think about. In terms of region and country however, some locations are far more friendly to your wallet when considering lifestyle and costs of living. So with that in mind, here are the current top 10 cheapest places to live throughout the world as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in The World 2017

10) Panama


Some countries are ideal for traveling rather than living in, but Panama is the opposite of this. Thanks to affordable health care, residency incentives, and very reasonable living expenses, Panama is one of the cheapest places in the world to reside. Like most areas though it is all dependent on where you live, as living in the city will raise your expenses without fail. Added to this is the pension plan that offers discounts and other incentives that are readily available to residents. With a stable government and a very reliable form of currency in the US dollar, Panama is by far one of the more reasonable places to set up camp.

9) Nicaragua


Starting with the low air fare required to reach this country, Nicaragua is an exceedingly cheap place to live. For what is spent in other countries residents of Nicaragua can afford to live the comfortable to good life and enjoy themselves while still being able to earn a living. Where others making around $1,000 a month might be considered poor or lower class in other countries, they would be middle class in Nicaragua. The income requirement for living in this country is ridiculously low, which would be enough to draw the attention of anyone seeking a better, less expensive life.

8) Ecuador

Ecuador Top Popular World's Cheapest Places to Live 2018

The US dollar is the currency of choice in Ecuador, and with their low inflation their prices changes are largely due to intervention from the government instead of the market. This has become a type of haven for retirees who are living on a fixed income and want to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of countries where living expenses do not lower with age. The rent for a home in Ecuador is only a fraction of what it might be in other countries, and a person’s money can go much further when they are not attempting to spread it out between one large, recurring bill and another. Added to this, health care is amazingly low, and the facilities are far superior. This is one of the Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in The World 2017.

7) Bulgaria

Bulgaria Top Most World's Cheapest Places to Live 2017

If a person is seeking the cheapest place hands down to live in Europe while still acting
as part of civilization, Bulgaria is it. This country offers some of the cheapest living expenses
around, as a person can live in Bulgaria for less than what a car payment costs in other countries. It is a land of hospitality, where quantity and quality are nearly equal, and where the cost of living is so ridiculously low that most people would think of asking what the trade off is before committing. That would bring up the fact that Bulgaria’s seasons are quite pronounced, meaning that it gets unbearably cold in the winter. Also, visa issues can arise with those seeking to gain residency unless the proper steps are taken in order and finished in a timely manner.

6) Portugal


Throughout Western Europe this is one of the absolute cheapest places to live. It offers first-world amenities, a workable infrastructure, clean drinking water and even pleasant weather that can please most anyone. Though it is largely due to the dropping value of the euro, Portugal has become a place where a person’s living expenses can be cut almost in half as compared to other countries. Residency is fairly easy to gain for EU citizens, but for any other it is advisable to retain the services of a good lawyer in order to gain long-term residency.

5) Mexico

Mexico Top Most Famous World's Cheapest Places to Live 2019

Living in Mexico is cheaper now than several years ago. The exchange rate between US and Mexican currency has been rising steadily for the last few years, making it very possible for people who live in Mexico and work in the US to afford more of what they need to get by. Many Americans take regular trips in Mexico to eat, shop, and purchase other goods simply because they are so much cheaper. It is possible to pay medical expenses out of pocket in Mexico, which is unheard of for most people in many other countries. It is fairly easy to gain residency in Mexico, as a person’s income can be relatively low when compared to other countries. This is one of the most beautiful and cheapest places to live in the world 2017.

4) Argentina

Argentina Top 10 World's Cheapest Places to Live 2017

Much like Mexico, the exchange rate in Argentina tends to favor the US dollar. Not only is the country quite beautiful, it is low cost and takes very little to survive and even thrive within this region of the world. Health care is so low it is almost free, housing costs are as reasonable as can be, and a person and their family could make much less than most other countries and still enjoy a good life. Residency is also a fairly easy issue to deal with. So long as a person crosses the border into Uruguay or Chile now and again, a tourist visa will allow them to remain in the country indefinitely. And the smaller the town you decide to settle in, the less it will cost to live.

3) Colombia

Colombia Top Famous World's Cheapest Places to Live 2018

For many countries the strength of the US dollar has become one of the many reasons why living expenses are so low. Their exchange rates allow those attempting to become residents to live on very little and enjoy every single penny they spend. In Colombia goods and services are nearly half the price they would be in other countries, and the quality is just as good if not better. There are definitely areas of Colombia that are more high-priced thanks to their status as tourist locations, but overall if a person is seeking to settle in-country, then there are numerous locations where cost becomes less of a concern.

2) Indonesia

Indonesia Top Most Popular World's Cheapest Places to Live 2019

This is a location where the less tourist attractions you can find, the cheaper life will become. Owing much to its elevated status in recent history from tourism and the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, Indonesia is still a relatively cheap place to live, especially once you leave the island where tourists are known to flock. Unfortunately the one obstacle that is tough to get around is that it is rather hard to gain residency unless a person happens to be working for a company that is in-country. It is also a simpler mode of living as a person cannot own property throughout much of the country, and the amenities so available in other countries are not always on hand for the convenience of the individual. Despite being a cheap place to live, it is also a rather exclusive location that seems to thrive on making an individual work to keep their place.

1) Nepal

Nepal Top 10 World's Cheapest Places to LiveNepal Top 10 World's Cheapest Places to Live

In terms of what a person can get for their money, Nepal is one of the absolute cheapest places in the world that an individual, or a family, can live. Even being set up with only $1,200 would classify a person as part of wealthy elite. An individual could exist very well on that amount. Unfortunately, gaining residency is rather difficult without a work visa or without setting up something within the country that could help a person seem as though they are representing Nepal in some beneficial manner. In parts of Nepal it is possible live for very little and enjoy a full and very satisfying life. This is the Top 10 most Cheapest Places to Live in The World 2017.