Top 10 Bizarre Hotels In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Bizarre Hotels In The World 2017. When you go to a hotel, the first thing you expect is a clean room with a comfortable bed, and just enough complimentary teas to get you through your stay. But more and more hotel owners are striving to make the hotel experience so much more than a just a bed and breakfast, with there now being a hotel for everyone’s tastes and preferences. However, some hotel owners take the idea of wanting their hotel to stand out one step further. From a hotel that is set under the sea, to a hotel where the rooms are made out of old drain pipes, check out ten of the most bizarre hotels 2017 below :

List of Top 10 Bizarre Hotels In The World 2017

10- Planet ocean hotel, Florida, America ($3,000 – $6,000 per night)

Planet ocean hotel, Florida, America Famous Bizarre Hotels In The World 2019

Located in Key West, Florida, Planet Ocean Hotel is an underwater luxury hotel that is estimated to be worth 20 million dollars. Through the hotel’s very own custom glass elevator, guests are taken thirty feet under water, and housed within a eighteen by twelve foot pod. Once inside, guests are able to enjoy their very own spacious room, fully equipped with internet access, a TV and even adjustable LED lightening, to make the night even more atmospheric. The hotel owners stress that Planet Ocean Hotel is more than safe to stay in, but if things do get too much, give you the option to return to sea level at any time. This bizarre hotel is also planning to expand, having found a location in the Caribbean, and are asking for $250,000 from potential investors to make this happen. The company is also working on a Coral Reef Restoration project, which aims to protect coral reefs from further local and global threats.

9 – Hotel Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland ($179 – $575 per night)

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland Biggest Bizarre Hotels In The World 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in an igloo for the night? Well now you can, by staying at Hotel Kaslauttanen – Finland’s first igloo village of its kind. Located in between the Urho Kekkonen National Park and just north of the Arctic Circle, guests are housed in glass igloos. Each glass igloo contains a large bed and toilet, with shower and sauna facilities not too far away. But the craziness doesn’t stop there. If you want a more realistic igloo experience, you can be housed in an actual snow igloo, equipped with your very own sleeping bag and torch! The hotel has received a positive reception from past guests, with many commending the hotel’s snow igloos for giving them a ‘unique experience’.

8 – Crane Hotel Faralda, The Netherlands ($478 – $656 per night)

Crane Hotel Faralda, The Netherlands Top Most Bizarre Hotels In The World 2017

Self proclaimed as ‘the highest crane hotel’ in the world, Crane Hotel Faralda offers guests the chance to stay in one of their iconic cranes, each offering a scenic view of the Amsterdam Port. The hotel was previously an old maritime crane, and took developers over three years to convert, something which was dubbed ‘technically impossible’ by critics. Guests get the opportunity to choose from a small number of suites, including The Free Spirit Room, which is 35 meters from off the ground and furnished in modern minimalist furniture, and The Mystique Room, which is even higher, situated 45 meters off the ground, and comes with your very own spa room. If you’re a lover of heights, you may also be interested in the wedding package that is said to offer an industrial, yet romantic setting to marry in.

7 – The Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield, United Kingdom ($128 – $573 per night)


Founded in 1993, The Crazy Bear Hotel is certainly crazy and prides itself in being a hotel unlike no other. Regardless of what room you might decide to book, you can expect to stay in a room, with velvet wallpaper, huge cushions, and a golden coated bath, conveniently located right next to your bed! The hotel is also fully equipped with both a Thai and English restaurant, bar, and even its own Thai massage room. The luxury hotel also managed to cause controversy, after putting fairy lights all over the building, without permission from their local council. The Crazy Bear also has set up location in Stadhampton and Fitzrova.

6 – Panda Inn, China ($31 – $40 per night)

Panda Inn, China Beautiful Bizarre Hotels In The World 2019

If you love pandas, then you’ll love the Panda Inn. All thirty one rooms available are centred around pandas, with there even being a Sailor Moon inspired panda room for anime lovers as well. All staff members are dressed up as pandas, with food served at the hotel even inspired by the animal, including bamboo shoots with tea. Opening in 2013, the hotel was described as creepy by Time magazine for it’s choice in decor, but well received from past guests who have described the hotel to be cute and unique. This bizarre hotel is certainly the cheapest of the hotels included on this list, but still seems to be bizarre none the less!

5 – Cappadocia Cave Suites, Goreme, Turkey ($61 – $113 per night)

Cappadocia Cave Suites, Goreme, Turkey Best Bizarre Hotels In The World 2017


Winner of Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award in 2014, Cappadocia Cave Suites is a hotel that has converted caves and historic Roman houses into comfortable accommodation. There are over thirty six rooms to choose from, each bearing some historical significance, and each made out of stone that has been hand carved. As a guest you can expect to receive from your room your very own complimentary tea basket, mini fridge, hair dryer, and a beautiful scenic view to wake up to. Guests have praised the cave hotel, for its traditional decor, and it’s quiet and convenient location.

4 – Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria (Pay as you wish per night)

Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria Top Popular Bizarre Hotels In The World 2018

Described as a ‘primary hospitality tool’ by the hotel itself, each room from Das Park Hotel is made out of old drain pipes.Depending on what pipe or ‘room’ you decide to stay in, you can expect a no thrills hotel experience, with each room containing a bed, and a minimal amount of storage space to ensure that you are completely cosy during your stay. However, the hotel itself doesn’t provide toiletries or toilet facilities, meaning you’ll have to remember your essentials yourself! But it isn’t all minimalist, with each room including a piece of artwork created by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. The hotel also operates a ‘pay as you wish’ system, meaning that you only pay what you can afford, or how much you think the hotel deserves for your stay, which in theory means you could get away with spending a night in an old six foot drain pipe for free!

3 – Tree hotel, Harads, Sweden ($444- $576 per night)


If you’re someone who wants to get close to nature, then you’ll love the Tree Hotel located amidst the Lule River in Harads. The hotel was inspired by the film ‘The Tree Lover’, with all rooms four feet off the ground, promising scenic views and a relaxing stay. From exteriors that resemble UFO’s and bird nests, you can expect each room to be spacious and have saunas and restaurants only a short walk away. If you decide to eat at Tree Hotel, you can expect to eat fresh produce, with exotic meats being served such as Noorland bear, moose and reindeer! The four star hotel has since branched out to offer a wide array of packages and activities suitable for families and tourists from all over the world!

2 – Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy ($10 per night)

Bivacco Gervasutti, Mont Blanc, Italy Top 10 Bizarre Hotels In The World 2017

Located nine thousand feet above Frebouze Glacier, Biavaco Gervasutti offers guests the opportunity to sleep between the mountains that are close to France and Italy. The exterior of the small hotel is akin to that of an actual aeroplane, and can house up to twelve guests. Each room has access to internet and electrical facilities, and is close to a wide array of skiing and snowboarding activities. The hotel was previously an old wooden cabin, but was converted by Italian architects Lucas Gentilcore and Stefano Testa, using old helicopter parts. This is one of the world’s top 10 Bizarre Hotels 2017.

1- V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany ($182 – $747 per night)

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany Most Popular Bizarre Hotels In The World

In homage to an old airport site that was located near the hotel, V8 in Stuttgart is one of the few hotels in the world to be completely centred around all things cars. Whether it’s a family or single suite, each room is inspired by a particular car, with the most popular room being The Mercedes Suite. Amenities include a free mini bar, fresh fruit, internet access and even V8’s own brand beauty products. The hotel also runs Motor world – a car convention attended by thousands of car and technology enthusiasts each year. Entry to the event is free and runs from Monday to Sunday.

Whether you love or hate these bizarre hotels 2017, there existence has changed the way the hospitality industry operates today. They offer once in a life time experiences, and are a whole lot more fun than your usual Hilton Hotel.

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