Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017. Theatres are the best places to be. Whether big or small, they aesthetically please with their unique histories, characters and personality that is part of the actors’ production. Other theatres stand out as when they are compared to others. When visiting London, your trip is not complete if did not see the theatre show. London is a city which is not only famous in museums and historical buildings, but also in having the biggest and best theatres bever.It stands from the other cities in its theatre life. When a play makes it in London, it will make it everywhere. The following is the list of the top 10 biggest and best London theatres 2017.

List of Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017

10. Shaftesbury theater


This is a grade ii building which nears the Holborn. It is a statutory building that has historical and architectural interests. The music play ‘’Hair was playing when its small roof collapsed in 1973.This theatre had reached on its 1995 perfomance. The repair processes took a long duration and this forced it to close. When the ‘’hair’’ came to the West, it was blocked by the stage censor of London who were titled as cobboldIt later ended its censorship in UK.

09. Play house theatre

Play house theatre Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres

This is among the biggest and best Theatres in London. It is located in the Northumberland avenue; WC2NSE.It is between Embankment and the Charring cross station. It is a theatre with a trademark that pleases avid fans and friends. It is also the best place to be since it allows everyone to enjoy relationships and dramas that are skewed with plentiful jokes. The type of shows that are conducted in this theatre are plays alike shark and dark comedy for the Millennial.

08. Minack Theatre


The Minack Porthcorne; Cornwall was Rowena cadis brainchild. He is the one who built the theatre during the end of the garden for a local amateur player of the group. Up to date, the place is still in use by the Amateur group who perform a 17 plays’ season. It is among the biggest and best theater in London

07. Palace theatre


It is a theatre which is located 100 meters down the road from Shaftesbury. It is the best and biggest since it can accommodate 1400 seaters who tend to stage huge musicals. Palace theatre was opened in 1891 and at that time, it was called the Royal English Opera house. This was under Doyly Carte’s patronage. In the years that followed, it started to show opera, films and different varieties of shows. It is among the theaters that tend to have many classical musicals. The theater has held shows like ‘’sound of music’’ in 1960, that ran 2,385 performances.

06. National theatre


It is the theatre in London that is the biggest and best at the same time. It is located on London’s south bunkhouses that consist of 3 separate additorium i.e. Littleton, Dorfiman and Oliver theatres.Each and every theatre present programs that are varied. The programs include the international classical dramas. In addition, they offers the best selections on the best restaurants bars, exhibitions, backstage tours, riverside terraces e.t.c.Its closure learning center has a dedicated space for learning in the national theatre.Moreover,the theatre offers courses and the events on all ages. This is one of the Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017.

05. Regent’s park open air theatre

Regent’s park open air theatre Top Popular Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017

This is in the fifth position on the top biggest and best theatres in London. It is a magical auditorium that has an intimate atmosphere. In each and every summer, the Regent’s park theatre offers Shakespeare seasons, comedy and dramas that are performed between the green trees. Regent’s air theatre makes all the required efforts to complete the performance and reserving the right stop. In this theatre, there is no cancellation or abandoning of the advertised shows.

04. Royal Opera house

Royal Opera house Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017

This is the theatre that holds huge performing arts in the Covenant garden. It is a famous theatre that is open during the daytime for the visitors as well as the ticket holders during the performance.You need to book for you ticket to visit it in one of the fine days.You can enjoy the morning coffee or lunch at the theatre.

03. Shakespeare Globe

Shakespeare Globe Top Most Popular Biggest And Best London Theatres 2018

This is the biggest and best theatre in Lon don that was founded by Sam Wanamaker (an actor and a director).It is the reconstruction of the globe theatre; an Elizabethan play house that was built in the year 1599.It was destroyed by fire in 1613 and later rebuilt in the year 1614.The modern Shakespeare reconstruction was opened in 1997 to the public with a production of Henry.This globe stages many plays during the summer. It is a site that has an inclusion of indoor sum Wanamaker playhouse and candlelit space.

02. Young Vic

Young Vic Top Famous Biggest And Best London Theatres 2018

It is a home for the young theater professional. It has established an international reputation which is powerful over the years. Their directors are great since they present seasons of work by new direction. It was set in 1970 to be a place where the young director’s actors, designers would work alongside the world’s theater artists in the presentation and production which are exciting.

01. London Palladium

London Palladium Top Most Famous Biggest And Best London Theatres 2019

This is the top biggest and best theatre in London. Its name is famous in the whole world. It is a few minutes’ walk from the shops of Oxford Street. The broadcasting of Sunday night at the London Palladium showcased varieties of accts that were run from 1955 up to 1967.In 1966, the owner of the theatre wanted to sell it off.Luckly enough, it was bought by theater –lovers who carried on with the theatre and concerts as usual.

These are the Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres 2017. They are all beautiful and amazing theatres in London. This are the places that you need to visit one of these days. They are the biggest and best in the world.