Top 10 Best Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky in 2017. An experience under a clear sky with the stars keeping you company is sometimes what you need. These days it is not easy to get that clears sky when you step outside your house. Because of some much night light from street lights and other artificial nights it is not easy to get that natural darkness and hence the majestic shinning of the stars in the night. There are however, places with this natural darkness making the stars the sky sparkle even more. Around the world, there are place that have been discovered to give this.

List of the world’s Top 10 Best Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2017

10. Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa


Even if the days in this desert are unbearable, the nights can be somewhat an amazing night. Once the sun goes down it gives way to one of the most beautiful nights to behold. With a clear sky and a dark night without any lightings from any artificial sources, you can enjoy the starts in their beauty. The lack of trees and any tall structures makes it possible to have a wide range of view from one stand point.

9. Wiruna, New South Wales, Australia

Wiruna, New South Wales, Australia Top Best Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2017

This is a place that is wholly designated for stargazing and no other business. It is surrounded by eucalyptus. Every year there is a gathering of stargazers to come and enjoy the view of the sky. This land is owned by an astronomy society that also provides the facilities for the people who go there to view the sky. This place usually has large crowds coming just to gaze at the sky. Because of lack of buildings close by, there is an unobstructed view of the whole sky for a long distance

8. Tenerife, Spain.


This island is well known for its beaches and the nightlife. Apart from this, it is also known for being one of the best places for stargazing around Europe. This place has attracted its fair share of tourists because of this aspect. This place has received various awards because of being one of the tourist destinations for stargazing

7. Exmoor and around

Exmoor and around Top Most Popular Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2018

This place has been granted the International Dark-Sky Reserve status. There is a stipulation of ensuring light pollution is at a minimum to enable the stargazing population enjoy the environment. This place has a rugged terrain and a coast area that is perfect for star gazing. There is a lot to view in this place.

6. Cherry Springs State Park

Cherry Springs State Park Top Most Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2017

This is in the United States of America. This place has a restriction on artificial lighting. The Cherry Springs Park is a dark sky reserve zone among many other places. This places are set aside, away from all form of artificial lighting to enable people be able to view the sky without any interruptions. Here the night flaunts about 10000 stars visible to the naked eye.

5. Tenerife or Canary Island.


While the world celebrated the viewing of fireworks and other spectacular artificial lights, there is nothing that can come close to comparing to the delight of viewing shooting stars in the sky at night. This island is one of the many place son earth that shooting stars can be easily seen. This place is also recognized by the Dark Sky Preserves as an unpolluted island.

4. Scotland.


Isn’t it fascinating to live in a country that is considered one of the best places for night sky watching? Well for the people in Scotland, this is a reality. This country in its entirety, is considered to have the darkest night skies in the whole continent. This is the northern side of the United Kingdom. The Royal Observatory of Edinburg takes people on tours and public astronomy evening around the county.

3. SAAO Cape Town.

SAAO Cape Town Top Most Famous Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2019

This place is found in South Africa. It is famous being the place where the Crux constellation can be viewed in its clarity. The SAAO () South Africa Astronomical Observatory) is also known to be the oldest permanent building in the country. The scientists at the observatory take people on tours around the place explaining everything on the stars and constellations to them. There are also open nights there.

2. Lofoten Islands Norway.

Lofoten Islands Norway Top Famous Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky 2018

This part of Norway that lies in the African circle is well known for being a good place to view the different colors of the sky. This place may have storms but the comfortable temperatures and the beautiful color play in the sky makes it magical enough to forget any cons that may have been in your mind. When look for a place to enjoy the sky for any trip this is a place that can be considered. The hues that are formed from all the colors make it worthwhile to be there.

1. Stewart Island in New Zealand.


This Island is also called Rukiura meaning Glowing skies. This island is well isolated making it the best place for sky observation and the viewing of stars at night. The lack of so much human population has work to the advantage of sky viewers as there is less artificial light pollution making it an easy task to view the clear beautiful skies. This also makes it easier to watch the Aurora in its glory

List of the world’s Top 10 Best Stargazing Places Watch Night Sky in 2017. For many people star watching may not be important. However, for astronomers and lovers of the skies and stars it is just might good to be able to see the stars in all their glory.