Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World 2017. There are factors that can make a shopping experience exquisite such as; a wide range of products to select from, friendly atmosphere, good prices, ease of transport and ease of payment among others. There is no city in the world where one cannot shop but some cities simply offer better shopping experiences than others. After considering a range of factors that can make shopping enjoyable we were able to rank the ultimate shopping destinations that can provide you with the most memorable experience. Below are the top ten best shopping destinations in the world 2017:

List of The Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World 2017

10. Madrid

madrid, Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2017

The shopping experience in Madrid can make one exhaust their credit cards. According to the Globe Shopper Index, Madrid ranks third in terms of offering the best prices for luxury items. Depending on what you are shopping for, city has many exciting destinations. Capas Sesena for example was established in 1901 specializes in making clothes for women. The spot has attracted big names such as Pierce Brosnan and Hillary Clinton to shop there. Casa de Diego is another exciting souvenir shop in Madrid.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

dubai-united-arab-emirates, Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2018

In terms of area, the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. In this mall there are several epic experiences that any shopping lover would not want to miss. First the place is very friendly to the eye since it is equipped with things such as; a waterfall, aquariums, “dancing” fountains, theme parks, Olympic-sized ice rink, indoor souk and malls within the mall. In Dubai there are still other malls such as: the Mall of Emirates. Many business people often travel to shop in Dubai to enjoy the superb prices in the region.

8. Vienna

vienna, Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2019

There is a high chance that Vienna could have ranked better in this list were it not that the shops in the city close the earliest according to the Globe shopper index. In Europe, Vienna provides the best values compared to other cities. There is simply no limit to what the city can offer in terms of shopping.

7. Buenos Aires

buenos-aires, Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2020

If you are looking for high quality leather at affordable prices, Buenos Aires is the place to be. Leather itself and any product molded from leather can be found here. It is also famous for the sexy dancing, climate as well as shopping! The city has several other range of product sold in a consumer friendly environment. To book the seventh position on our ranking means that there are amazing deals in this city that you should definitely take advantage of.

6. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is doing great on the Globe Shoppers index with an obsessive business background that make a world class bargain. There are so many shops in Hong Kong and shoppers have recommended the city highly in terms of offering one of the best if not the best shopping experience. It is famous for clothing, cosmetics and good customer services but that does not mean it does not offer other products.

5. Paris


It is hard to tell what makes Paris excel in providing the ultimate shopping experience, but it is a dream destination for any shopping maniac. It is said that Paris does not just sell product but rather, they sell lifestyles. To make the experience absolutely stunning there are strategically placed shops that can sell you almost anything at an amazing price. When it comes to designer goods, Paris rules. The city harbors the largest beauty department in the world.

4. Kuala Lumpur


If you consider yourself a shopping lover and you haven’t considered visiting Kuala Lumpur, then you can be sure of one of two things; either you are deluded or you have your priorities misplaced. With more than 650 shops, Kuala Lumpur is also the home to three of the top ten world largest mall. The amazing prices, reliable sales and high quality shopping are some of the attributes that make this city stand out.

3. London


According to the Globe shoppers index and the Donegar Group, London just the best shopping venue in Europe, but it also happens to world’s top fashion shopping destination. The shopping in this city can be described as bold, heterogeneous and international. There is no end to what you can acquire in this city when it comes to shopping. If you are an impulse shopper then maybe it is best for you to avoid this city because you are likely to buy things that did not even know existed.

2. Tokyo


This is the capital city of Japan. Japan is renowned for its huge vehicle manufacturing industry. The global chain Isetan, is a chain of shops over a two block radius in in Shinjuku consisting of around eight buildings with a range of products to offer. This is the place to visit if you are into international luxury brand products. It has been ranked as Asia’s fourth cheapest shopping by the Globe Shopper City Index and the cheapest average price by international luxury brands. This is one of the Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2017.

1. New York


The diverse range of products in this city is comparable to none. New York will offer the best shopping experience in the world to anyone who is in to shopping. Should you talk of design houses we have; Galanos, Dior, Givenchy, Ungaro, Pierre Cardin, and Ossie Clark, just to name a few. New York is a 24hour economy which simply means that the shopping places in this city do not close. What more could one want. With a splash of many cultures in this city, the diversity of products in this city is superb. The fact that this City is the world’s best shopping destination is not a fluke; it has been earned.

These are the Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in The World 2017. The cities above are renowned for their wide selections, affordable prices and wonderful business atmospheres. Most of this Cities thus attract a lot of visitors from far and wide who visit them for their products. It is imperative to note therefore that all the cities above have airport and even hotels to host such guests. The growth and sustenance of the shopping experience therefore is not only influenced by locals but also by foreigners.