Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and although it still has a relatively small population, certainly when in comparison to other cities around the world, it is one of the leading global financial centres. It is German speaking and perhaps the wealthiest city in Europe. It may not be the first city that springs to mind when you are planning a foodie trip in Europe but, mainly as a result of its wealth there is an incredible selection of restaurants available. This list looks at ten of the very best, counting down from ten to one. However, while you are in the city you should also try some of the traditional dishes that it has to offer, including Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, a creamy concoction of mushrooms and sauteed veal, served with a potato rosti and Tirggel, honey biscuits. Don’t forget as well that Zurich brought the world Lindt chocolate!

List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017

10. Wirtschaft zur Burg


This splendid restaurant is situated outside of the city centre on the shores of Lake Zurich. It is a beautiful building, a former winegrower’s house, with a stunning garden and has a homely atmosphere. The food is typically French in influence although there are also some local and traditional cuisine available. The kitchen focuses on providing customers with the very best quality, fresh ingredients.

9. The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand Hotel


Located at the magnificent Dolder Grand this restaurant matches the hotel’s incredibly good reputation. The menu is very classic and yet has modern touches that mark it as brilliant. The chef, Heiko Nieder, was awardd the ‘Most Improved Chef of the Year’ award in 2010. Lunch is served across five courses and dinner over eight and the restaurants 2 Michelin stars are a marker of the place’s quality. The views from the terrace should not be missed and you can look out across the city, Lake Zurich and the Alps.

8. Kronenhalle

Kronenhalle Top Popular Restaurants in Zurich 2017

Kronenhalle is steeped in history and tradition and it is one of the oldest restaurants in Zurich. It specialises in serving traditional Swiss cuisine and is often visited by the rich and famous.

7. Restaurant Sein

Restaurant Sein Top Famous Restaurants in Zurich 2019

This place is particularly popular with business people for lunches as it is located right by the Main Railway Station. It has been awarded a Michelin star and it has strong Gault Millau points. The menu is mostly Meditteranean but is full of modern twists. Many people visit just to experience the ambience which is civilised and calm. The wine selection is also particularly strong and the staff are very knowledgable, both about the wine and the food. The menu changes every day so there is always something of interest no matter if you have visited many times before or are going for the first time.

6. Rico’s


A typically French restaurant, Rico’s is very modern and has been awarded two Michelin stars. The best ingredients, including black truffles, are a popular feature of the menu and the setting is also beautiful, with a rather glorious terrace from where you can enjoy the Swiss sunshine.

5. Restaurant Swiss Chuchi

Restaurant Swiss Chuchi Top Most Famous Restaurants in Zurich 2019

Locals and tourists alike flock to this place, especially for the Swiss fondue as well as raclette and rosti. It is located in the Niederdorf area of the city which is fully pedestrianised, part of the old city which is perhaps another reason for its popularity. The menu at this venue is enturely native Swiss inspired and has large amounts of meats and cheeses available.

4. Lasalle Restaurant and Bar

Lasalle Restaurant and Bar Top Most Restaurants in Zurich 2018

Located in the outskirts of the city this is very popular with local people. In fact, it is located in a former ship building factory house, providing a unique experience. The food available is a combination of French and Italian inspired dishes with some more international touches. At the bar there are some fantastic cocktails meaning that the place is versatile to fir whatever kind of night you wish to have.

3. Maison Manesse

Maison Manesse Top Most Popular Restaurants in Zurich 2018

Visited by a wide spectrum of guests this is an innovative and exciting restaurant. It is very informal and the menu us very short although you can choose from 5,6 or 7 course menus. It is certainly an experience and its good reputation is very much deserved.

2. Sonnenberg Restaurant


If you want good views then look no further than the Sonnenberg Restaurant which is located aboe the city. The menu is a combination oif Swiss and Meditteranean inspired and the chef, Jacky Donatz has earned the place 15 Gault Millau points.

1. Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017

A far cry from the traditional Swiss, French and Italian cuisine options, Blue Monkey offers a wonderful Thai inspired menu. It is perhaps one of the city’s best known restaurants. It offers cheaper, quick and more expensive options for eating. Certainly an experience an one not to be missed when visiting Zurich, no matter your budget.

So, these are the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017. So, there we have it, ten places to visit and eat at in Switzerland’s largest city. There are of course many other places that you can visit across the city, including several Michelin starred venues. However, the list above provides a range of places, none of which will disappoint, and they vary in terms of budget and cuisine. Certainly, Zurich is an expensive city and your budget should be set as such if you visit but, for sure, if you want to plan a culinary adventure in Europe this year you should certainly consider Switzerland and especially Zurich.