Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017. The nightlife that is found in Bangkok is one that is legendary and that is all because of good reasons. It is a city that is entertaining in all the seven days in a week and is not even planning to stop soon. It has all kinds of leisure places including world Mega clubs and some underground haunts that have been built to stand side by side with it. That is why it is a place that is known to attract several people from all corners of the world. There is one thing that you cannot miss getting when you are in Bangkok, every niche of musical movement. It is always rated as the sheer choice of entertainment. But here are the clubs that will always let you be entertained beyond your expectations.

List of Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017

10. Glow

Glow Top Most Famous Nightclubs in Bangkok 2018

Music: Deep house/techno/drum & bass

You need not worry about the size that the club is able to handle, a few hundreds, it has always the opportunity to grow and rise with time to provide you with the underground dance music. Major clubs around the place were closed due to several problems that emerged in the area but I have to promise you that this is the only club that still stands on its feet to take care of every other thing that you need to think of. The place has been designed with two entry levels but I have to promise you that all the action that you want to hear of takes place on the basement.

9. Grease Nightclub

Grease Nightclub Top Popular Nightclubs in Bangkok 2018

Music: Dubstep/D’n’B/House

This is an all-inclusive venue that comprises of unique floors and at least will be having something for everyone that visits it. It won’t choose any person that wants to go to get proper entertainment, from those that are known as hardcore clubbers to rooftop stargazers. It has the best that you can think of, from a restaurant where you can take your best food, a live music bar, dance venue and a tree-lined rooftop lounge. What this means is that this is a full house construction is one that will get you taken care of from the start of the time you go in to the time that you want to leave.

8. Insanity

Insanity Top Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2019

Music: EDM/hip hop/house

If you want to get into a region that has a new lease of life after a recent way to get it revamped. That is why it is getting an exciting way to get you up and have an exciting new lineup that is pampered with local and also international DJs. The place that the club is located is one of the best and has big premises big and has plenty of room so that you can able to dance, sit and drink and even have a chance to have sexy dancers that are elevated on the podiums. If you want to go in, the entrance is only 300 baht and if you want to get free drinks, then you are going to be required to be with at least four friends so that you are able to get a tip shelf bottle for drinking.

7. Demo

Demo Top Most Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017

A place of enjoyment that is known to pack with full clients from Wednesday to Sunday is this one and you are destined to have a perfect time as you enjoy your none stop music, food and drinks with all your friends as you chart and tell stories. The crowd that you will get there will be a mix of Thais and also some mix of foreigners that have come to have a nice time out there. That is why you are destined to get a taste of music that is mixed and in fact better than any other place out there. The cocktail menu that it has will always be an added advantage to you. This is a location that you really need to check in.

6. Live RCA

Live RCA Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

If you are interested in getting one of the latest additions to places that have the Bangkok tradition at heart, then you need to visit this place and get accustomed to how it does its things. It is situated at one of the biggest streets, the royal street avenue that will always take care of you all the time. It’s a club that emphasizes more on getting club dance music which means that you are destined to get all types of DJs. There is also an impressive sound system that has been installed in the region and that is a bonus to you as it gives you impressive music sound.

5. Route 66


Music: Hip Hop / Trance / Live Band

For the young, sexy and from Thai, then your perfect location that you need to launch yourself into. It is known as a designated party street and has bars and clubs that line the street on both sides. You will get three rooms that are built side by side that will play live music for you that include hip hop, and dance. But most people love the hip hop arena and that is where you will find majority of the people being attracted to. most of the people that visit the place are never left unhoused because if you have purchased a bottle and you feel like you are tired, you can get a room easily and sleep till down.

4. Levels Club & Lounge

Levels Club & Lounge Top Famous Nightclubs in Bangkok 2019

Music: R&B / House

Although rated as the new comer to this industry in Bangkok, I have to promise you that late is better than never because it has been seen to arrive in a fashionable way ad every person that passes by will always feel like getting in to have that new look at all costs. The rooftop lounge that it has been made with is one of the favorites that people want to visit. There is also two clubrooms, the techno and also house dance that are open for you. The classic or unique feature that the club will give you include a free entry and team that is proactive to take care of you.

3. Sing Sing Theater


Music: Vocal House on weekends/hip-hop on Sundays

This is a fantastic bar that can also act like a cub which has been constructed with the most creative design in the interior. That is why it is known to be harboring iron patterns that are a homage to the eastern aesthetics out there in the world. There are hundreds of pattern that hung from the ceiling hat always light up to give you that background that you always needed or even expected. The highlight thing that defines this club is its ability to give the best entertainment that will treat your eyes well.

2. Onyx


Music: Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

This is a club that has been respected for its generation of giving all the EDM music the ability to push itself out of the frame so that you are able to party with passion. The place has the ability of a capacity of up to 2000 people and that is why it is slowly becoming a place to party when you are in Bangkok. It is rated as the biggest of the partying places found in the city and has a big dance floor and also plenty of standing tables with stools alongside them. Foreigners are only required to part with 400-500 baht which will give them a few drinks and some vouchers.This is one of the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017.

1. Ce La Vi (Formerly Ku De Ta)

Ce La Vi (Formerly Ku De Ta) Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017

Music: house/hip hop/party pop (depending on the night)

During its opening times, it managed to be one of the best and biggest buzz centers that the area has ever seen for many years. It was given a new name meaning that you are entitled to get a fresh start of everything but many people have also turned out to love it. It has a lounge section that has been designed with sophisticated space and rooftop views that are placed from the 39th floor. Music is not a problem because of the best and qualified DJs that you will get into the region.

These are Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017. I don’t have to warn you that you when you visit Bangkok you need to take care because you will get the purest entertainment that you might even not have gotten anywhere. It loves foreigners and visitors so plan yourself out and fall into love with any club that you will visit. They are known as the best because everything that you will get there is obviously considered the best.