Top 10 Best Music Festivals in The US

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Music Festivals in The US in 2017. Summertime always gives us the opportunity to get outdoors and explore the surroundings. Music added to the summer atmosphere completes the perfect setting. There are numerous music festivals scattered across the United States which makes your next music festival that much easier to find. Whether you’re into country music, blues, gospel, jazz or rock, there is always a festival that can meet your music needs. Here is a list of 10 well known music festivals across the U.S.

List of Top 10 Best Music Festivals in The US 2017

1. Bumbershoot, Seattle Washington:

bumbershoot seattle washington places, Top 10 Best Music Festivals in The US 2017

Located at Seattle Center, this festival is probably one you don’t want to miss if you are looking for a music festival that can pull you away from the boggish Washington weather. Tentatively this festival runs from August 31- September 2. This festival is jam packed with different artists. Bumbershoot has the tendency to draw a highly charged crowd year after year and is considered to be a unique and highly adored music festival in the continental united states. This festival always has a well received line-up of talented musicians, but is also home to a variety of different artistic talents. Bumbershoot celebrated its 46 anniversary in 2016 and is looking forward to many more successful years to come. This festival is easily accessible through the King Co. transportation systems.

2. The Burning Man:


This is a one of a kind, come back to your senses and unwind in the fresh desert air of Black Rock Nevada. Once a year, from August 26 to September 2, this desert land is transformed into a back to basics music festival. This festival is only for the pure festival enthusiast as it offers self supplied entertainment. Get ready to experience the great outdoor with a festival that draws the attendees back to nature for a soul capturing experience. Be sure to attend On Saturday night to watch the lighting of the 12 meter tall wooden man and his dog.

3. Outsidelands:

outsidelands 2016, Top 10 Best Music Festivals in The US 2018

This music festival takes place in Golden Gate Park , San Francisco, from August 9th to the 11th. Valets on bicycles greet the over excited attendees for a jam-packed weekend long musical showdown that ignites the spirit and brings hoards of people together to enjoy the healing properties of fantastic music. Dress appropriately as the month of August can be a tad warm, and with all of the pumped up bodies the temperature is sure to rise considerably. Settle in with some home grown wine and healthy organic foods from the farmer’s market as you settle in to watch the evening performance on the solar powered stage.

4. Satchmo summer fest:


Perfect for anyone who loves to hear the warmth of good Ole American blues, this music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana is held August 3rd through 5th in the smoldering French Quarter. Music festival enthusiasts shouldn’t let the heat get to them because the atmosphere is charged with the wonderful mix of horns, trumpets and the genuine festivities of a quality experience. massive tents are erected to keep the sun at bay while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the French Quarter. Don’t forget to sample some of the traditional cajun foods while you feed your ears.

5. Lollapalooza:


If you are looking for a rocking good time in the heart of the united states than Lollapalooza in Chicago Illinois is your place to be. This music festival was once a wild road act that traveled across the nation before settling down in the beautiful windy city. This festival runs from August 2nd through the 4th. For those of you that have children, this festival is child friendly with plenty of things for the growing music fest enthusiast to enjoy. After the music has faded, don’t forget to take a stroll on the waterfront during dusk, what a wonderful way to soothe the soul.

6. Pitchfork:


This festival is one of the more laid back, relaxing type of festival in the music realm, none the less it offers plenty of soothing sounds to take your mind off the daily grind. This festival is held in the Windy city of Chicago from july 19 to the 21st and appeals to those with a passion for individual creativity. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful city after attending the festival.

7. Finger Lakes Grassroots:


When People think of New York, there is a possibility they think of new York City, or the Catskills. However to the serious music festival seeker, they think of July 18th through the 21st when thousands of music enthusiasts gather in their favorite hippie attire. This fantastic festival donates a large portion of the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders and Musicians For World Harmony. Along with a variety of music including bluegrass country and Native American, festival attendees can visit the natural healing tent that offers different smokes and healing medicines. With the laid back peaceful atmosphere, this festival is child friendly.

8. Summerfest:


Hidden in North America’s northern territory is what is known as quite possibly the largest music festivals 2017. This festival runs for 11-days of music filled bliss and takes place on the banks of a 75-acre lake. The festival starts on june 26th and runs until July 2nd. This family friendly festival has 11 stages for only the best musical talent. For an added experience, take a paddleboat out on the lake while you listen to your favorite musicians live. This festival is still rocking strong with a 45-year history.

9. Memphis In May:


This music festival repeated draws swarms of people to gather under the Memphis Tennessee night skyline. Located in Tomlee Park along the great Mississippi River, this festival brings a wide variety of music that permeates the air. If music on the river doesn’t suit your taste, festival goers can journey a short walk to the historical Beale Street and enjoy some rhythm and blues in the local pubs or the outdoor pavilions.

10. Burlington Steamboat Days:


Music festival enthusiasts around the Southeast portion of Iowa flock each year in August to attend the annual Burlington Steamboat Days. This festival includes a 3-day lineup of the hottest bands. Carnival rides for kids and adults offer opportunity to hang out and relax along the riverfront while attendees wait for the next show.

These America’s best Music festivals 2017 are gaining in number and popularity and offer a great opportunity to get the family outside into the fresh air. What could be better than hearing great music without being overcrowded in a hot and muggy building?