Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017. Shopping is one of the most important aspects in any society. This is the only way of getting what you want from the market and into the house. In London there are just as many places to shop and also do some window shopping. Here you will be spoilt for choice. This place has been known over time as a shoppers’ paradise. There are many shops holding just about anything you would want to shop for. All these shops are here for you. From shopping malls to very small malls, thy are all there for you, Here is a list of some of the most famous and best shopping centers in London 2017.

List of Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017

10. Brent Shopping Center.

Brent Shopping Center Top Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017

In North West London, this is the best shopping center. This center was started in 1976. It was the first center in the whole of London. During the seventies and the eighties it was one of the most unique and the best place for anybody to go and hang out and do some shopping. This place has since grown form what it was then. Then it was a grand place with some of the best and most up to date technology. As time goes by it still keeps up and provides just about all one would need.

9. John Lewis

John Lewis Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London

This is a chain of department stores. Much like the other shopping centers, this place has just about anything one would be looking for. This store has everything from beauty products, to fashion to restaurants and places where people can relax and take a break from all the shopping. It is a shopping center that will serve just about anybody who walks in.

8. Box Park

Box Park Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017

This is a group of shipping containers that have been stacked together to make a shopping center. It makes up a temporary shopping and eating center. This center was brought up by one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Roger Wade and some of his other associates. This center is the beginning of this type of establishments that can be set up on waste land to make offices, new homes and retail spaces.

7. Spitalfields market


One of the best places in London to do some shopping and take a walk in some of the shops while window shopping. Once it gets busy, things get really going. It is a place that has been the attraction of very many tourists and locals looking to do some shopping. During the week it is one of the busiest places around. There are also eating places to buy stuff. You can go and take some time off from the day you have and take coffee or have some lunch.

6. Westfield


This is one of the major shopping centers in the place. There are very many shops and places to shop on this street. Apart from that there are two major shopping malls and various other shops such as Debenhams, next Marks and also house of Fraser. Here you can just as easy get what you are looking for without having to walk very far. It is one of the most common shopping centers in London

5. Duke of York Square

Duke of York Square Top Most Popular Shopping Centers in London 2019

This place is found between Slone Ranger haven and Saatchi gallery, this is one of the grandest shopping centers in London. It is one of the most common and popular open air shopping centers. There are boutiques with some of the most recent fashion senses and also shops that stock up the most up to date beauty products. This is place that nobody will be disappointed when they get in.

4. Thomas Neal center


This is a trend setter, there is no way you will walk in there and walk out without what you are looking for. There is no better place to look for the latest street ware than this place. Some may call it a little pretentious but this is one of the best places to find the latest trends in fashion. This is place for literary anyone and everyone. From the old to the young all of them are welcome. This is the Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017.

3. Burlington Arcade.

Burlington Arcade Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2018

This place is lined with 35 different shops and cafes for all your needs. This is one of the best places in London for anybody who loves shopping. It is a very good place for those who also wish to just relax. There are all things from jewelry to clothes, to flowers to lamps among very many other things. This place is closed ceremoniously at 5.30 and opened at 9 for business every single day.

2. Candem

Camden Top Famous Shopping Centers in London 2018

This is one place that can never be dull because of all the business that takes place there. There is always a lot of activity all which looks forward to ensuring all the shoppers are well satisfied as they go away. They have just about all one could need. Found in Northern London, this is one place that you cannot afford not to go to when in that side of town.

1.Hays Galleria

Hays Galleria Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2019

A one of a kind shopping center. This place contains mostly mini shops all of which specialize in different kinds of commodities. It is one of the very best places to visit. There is also another smaller shopping center just nearby. There are cafes and shops here that will never leave you not satisfied with their services.

These are the Top 10 Best & Most Famous Shopping Centers in London 2017. There are many more shopping centers in this place. All of which seek to give the shoppers all they need when they go in. they are also god places to hang out and take a breather.