Top 10 Best Magical Places in Asia

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Magical Places in Asia in 2017, most beautiful and amazing places. Asia has many natural wonders that attract people from near and far. Visitors enjoy breathtaking natural scenery that includes mountains, valleys, canyons, rainforests, parks, nature preserves and more. You will be visiting the largest continent on Earth. Explore ancient cultures, religious diversity, scenic milestones and hospitable people everywhere in Asia. A simple tour can lead to a learning experience about sunken kingdoms and great cultures in Myanmar and Cambodia, the wisdom of the Chinese, The bullet trains in Japan, the friendly smiles in Thailand and they all equal to culture, heritage, mysticism, history, spirituality, diversity, and exoticism.

See quite a few amazing places on an Asian cruise. There are empires, archeological sites, beaches, lakes, historical attractions, beautiful buildings and sacred places to be explored. Try Asian cuisine at world class diners, restaurants and other dining places. Experience vibrant colors, unique architecture, holy rivers, and the list of Asia’s best magical places 2017 is endless.

List of Top 10 Best Magical Places in Asia 2017

10. Mount Fuji (Japan)-

Mount Fuji Top Popular Magical Places in Asia 2018

This is truly a beautiful place in Asia as well as magical. This is the highest volcano and attracts visitors to Japan from around the world. Each year, there are over 200,000 that people climb Mount Fuji and nearly thirty percent of them are foreign.

9. Kashgar in China-

Kashgar in China Top Most Magical Places in Asia 2017

This magical place can be found along the Silk road. This is an ancient oasis city. There are many winding streets and donkey carts here. The most exotic market in the world is here and open on Sunday mornings where thousands flock to buy, trade, and sell goods. This exotic markets sells items like saddles, silk, sword, jewelry, pans, clothes, old radios and televisions or fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also an animal market that sells animals including bulls, sheep, donkeys, goats, camels, and horses.

8. Siem Reap- Angkor Wat-

Siem Reap Angkor Wat Top Most Popular Magical Places in Asia 2018

This magical place is found in Cambodia. This is where you will find the temples of Angkor. This place offers peace and mysticism. You can enjoy seeing famous temples such as Ta Prohm and temples carved in stone like the Bayon temple.

7. Dead Sea-

Dead Sea Top 10 Magical Places in Asia 2017

The Dead Sea has attracted visitors for thousands of years because this sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. Cosmetics and herbal sachets have been made from the minerals in this sea. The density of the salt is so high in the Dead sea that it makes swimming feel like floating. The Jordan River is the only major water source flowing into the Dead Sea. The highlands east of the Dead Sea receive more rainfall than the Dead Sea itself. The Dead Sea offers its visitors Putative therapies that are helpful in reducing or eliminating health problems like Psoriasis, Osteoarthritis, and Rhinosinusitis.

6. Mount Everest-


This is the world’s highest mountain. This natural wonder can be located in the Mahalangur mountain range in Nepal. This mountain attracts visitors from all across the globe including highly experienced mountaineers that attempt climbing it to the top. There is very little native flora or fauna on Everest, but only moss. Minute black jumping spider exist on the mountain and feed off the frozen insects that have been blown there by the winds. Bar-headed geese migrate over the Himalayas and the mountain. This mountain has claimed many lives from even the most experienced climbers. In 2006 12 people died. Just being in the area taking it the beauty and the natural scenery is enough to take one’s breath away.

5. The Taj Mahal-


This is another one of the world’s natural wonders. It is a World Heritage site and has a legend of eternal love of an Emperor for his favourite Queen. There is a reflecting pool with fountains leading up to the mausoleum. This building offers the pure beauty of artistic innovations of subsequent Indian architecture. The mausoleum was created in white marble. This building has inspired poets who compare to early dawn or to a cloud. It stands as a symbolic significance.

4. Sapa in Vietnam-


This is a special place in the mountains, a mountain village, in the steep slopes of the mountains the villagers have beaten narrow layered rice terraces slice by slice that stretch for miles in all directions. This is a town in the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains of northwestern Vietnam. It overlooks the terraced rice fields of the Muong Hoa Valley. It is colorful and charming, providing the perfect oasis in the midst of a strenuous mountain trek. The locals are used to tourists visiting and they offer guided tours, sell items and more. A breathtaking and amazing place. This place has the 4th rank in the list of Asia’s top 10 best magical places 2017.

3. Hunza Valley in Pakistan-


Hunza is located in the extreme northern part of Pakistan. There are main towns, villages, and valleys in this natural scenic beauty area. There are several high mountain peaks rising above 6,000 metres. A watch tower is located in heart of Ganish Village. Simple lifestyles are lived here where the people are inviting and welcoming. Ismaili Shia Muslims make up most of the inhabitants. This valley is a lush, green oasis in the high mountains of the Karakoram Mountains.

2. Varanasi in India-


This city is one of the holiest cities in Hinduism and one of the oldest cities in the country of India. There are about one hundred bathing and burning places along with 200 Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples. It is in the heart of the city where the cremation ground is located. This is where the fires are burning throughout the day with the corpses being wrapped in orange towels and waiting for the final journey home.

1. The Li River and Yangshuo (China)-

The Li River and Yangshuo Top Famous Magical Places in Asia 2019

This is a masterpiece for a painting artist. So amazing beautiful with nature’s scenery. The beauty here is just astounding. This is quite a world famous site for its karst hills and meandering winding river. It is one of the watery wonders of the world. It offers peace and serenity through all of its beauty.

Traveling to one of the top 10 magical places in Asia 2017 should be on your list next for a family vacation. It is an adventure, an exploration, a new discovery awaiting your arrival.