Top 10 Airlines With Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Airlines With Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017. Asian Airlines have always dominated various lists and web opinion polls on the top 10 airlines with the most beautiful and attractive air hostesses. It’s certainly not hard to see why. Most of these airlines have a very rigorous selection process for their air hostesses. Many also enforce waistline guidelines and weight maintenance policies for their flight attendants.

The points to determine this list were based on aspects such as service rankings, overall beauty, smile, figure, height, uniform, and how they carry themselves, because summing up all these makes the face of the airline. Flight attendants are trained to handle the most irritating and compromising situations especially the creepy men passengers with ease. Without further ado, here is a prepared list for the top 10 airlines with most beautiful flight attendants.

List of Top 10 Airlines With Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017

1. Aeroflot Air

Aeroflot Air Top 10 Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017

Aeroflot has the most unique and elegant flight attendants, with incredibly designed red uniforms and crisp caps, complemented with jauntily angled neck ties that cannot miss to strike a chord with the passengers. The air hostesses also wear red distinctive uniforms that looks great and attractive on them. The air hostesses are genuinely qualified and they never compromise.

This is a Russian Airline, and has been rated the world’s stylish airline by the Flight booking website Sky scanner.

2. Thai Airways International


This is a national airline service for Thailand. The airline has smartly dressed professional flight attendants, and has prided itself for the best caring services, and strives to ensure they provide the best comfort to all passengers.

Their amazing attention to detail has been the reason why they have received many awards for their impeccable service. Thai Airways uniforms are Purple in color, which has been voted to be one of the best uniforms as compared from other air hostesses’ uniforms.

3. Lufthansa


This is largest European airline owned by a German company, and it made it to this list for a good reason. This airline operates in 18 domestic destinations and 197 different international destinations. It has well equipped staff, best planes and their flight attendants are some of the most striking beauties in the air. This international airline has quite a diverse crew, with fine service attitude and friendly cabin crews. The beauty of their flight attendants is complemented by the crisp and uncomplicated uniforms.

4. Air France

Air France Top Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017

Their airline is a French flag carrier headquartered Tremblay-en-France and the services offered by the flight attendants makes you feel relaxed. The air hostesses wear well designed tub mannequin uniforms, which are designed by the renowned Christian Lacroix; stressing the attention to detail. You can expect a kiss French service from the hostesses but they would never mix business with ‘pleasure’.

5. Malaysia Airlines


This airline is the flag carrier of Malaysia and is also a member of Oneworld airline alliance. It has received several awards from the Aviation industry and has earned recognition from the World Travel Awards for being the leading airline in and to Asia.

Their flight attendants are hardworking and energetic for the different flights. They make you feel welcomed because of their impeccable services, as well as their beauty. The airline has its own (very rigorous) flight attendant school, and it enforces minimum height requirements as well as a weight within the healthy limit. This is one of Top 10 Airlines With Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017.

6. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Top Most Popular Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2018

Cathay pacific is based in Hong-Kong, besides having sexy and smartly dressed hostesses, the flight attendants are charming and very beautiful. The company ensures that when hiring they look for candidates that will offer top quality services. Cathay Pacific has been voted one of the best airlines in Asia owing to its excellent service and accolades to its name.

The airline also prides itself for having their most beautiful hostesses in the industry, perhaps because it has the opportunity to choose from a widely diverse crew. Cathay Pacific has designers for the uniforms, and has often showcased their flight attendants on the runway. instead of hiring highly qualified professions.

7. ETIHAD Airways (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

ETIHAD Airways Top 10 Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World

Etihad Airlines is among the world’s leading airlines, and has branded itself as a global luxury airline. To match its tagline of extravagance and opulence, the airline hires beautiful air hostesses. They also have a very rigorous hiring process, where some are even placed in holding pools for as much as 6 months for evaluation. The airline hires internationally, and therefore features a diverse air hostesses crew.

The flight attendants have angled ties on their necks, crisp caps and black uniforms, you will request for a gas mask because they will take your breath away once you see them.

8. Air-Asia

Air-Asia Top Popular Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2018

If you are looking for a pocket friendly airline that offers best flight services, then AIR-Asia is the place to be. It’s quite an achievement for a low cost carrier to be on this list, considering they are in competition with international airlines. All the staff members in Air-Asia look good in their various uniforms giving them a general impressive look. It has also earned a reputation of being friendly and accommodative to the guests.

The air hostesses wear iconic red uniforms that catches your attention from miles away, and also offer hot meals to their passengers to make sure they enjoy every bit of their journey. This is a new airline that pays a huge sum of money to their flight attendants not forgetting it also has the most comfortable flights in the world. The beautiful attendants could be the thing that keeps the passengers sane on the relatively long, no-blanket, low-cost and even no-meal cheap flights.

9. Shenzhen Airlines


This is an airline with headquarter in Shenzhen Bao’an international Airport in China which aids in transportation from the East to the western side of China. It has amazing and beautiful flight attendants, the staff members are cooperative therefore representing the airline in a good way. It has also been picked severally as the China’s airline with the most beautiful airline stewardesses.

10. Emirates

Emirates Top Famous Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2019

This airline is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and owned by the government of Dubai’s investment corporation of Dubai. Emirates is the fourth largest airline that received unanimous votes from the casual poll in the migme office. It offers luxury to everyone, they embrace diverse nationalities when it comes to their air hostesses.

The airline always gets to pick its air hostesses worldwide, with a diverse crew representing 120 countries and about 80 different languages. Its glitzy lifestyle attracts many stewardess applications. The hostess’s good body physic, hypnotic looks and their stylish uniforms makes them all attractive. The hostesses always look sexy with their outfits; they simply look elegant with a no nonsense practicality.

These are the Top 10 Airlines With Most Beautiful And Attractive Air Hostesses in The World 2017. The air hostess profession is quite challenging and demanding, but at the same time very glamorous. Airlines know that the flight attendants are the face of their company, and that’s why they give much thought to the appearance, training, and selection of their crew. You might have a different view on the order of this list, but the airlines featured above have the most beautiful hostesses in the world. What are your views?