Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World 2017. Top 10 Most Famous Safari Regions on the globe are leading vacation destinations for nature lovers, families with children, birdwatchers, photographers, journalists, poets, artists, and more. Capturing the images of wildlife living in their natural habitats can be an educational, adventurous, and inspirational experience. Wildlife touring can be amazing beautiful during all seasons of the year. There are very rare species, migrating birds, species that are endangered, protected wildlife and birds, marine life and much more.

Savannas, parks, wildlife reserves, deep lakes, valley, rivers, trails, mountain regions, meadows, flora, fauna, sanctuaries, islands, rainforests, grasslands and the list is just endless and you will see and experience. You can go alone, take a friend, take your kids, and experience the beautiful outdoor world. Capture some amazing sights like birds flights, tigers on the prowl, deer, zebras, and wildlife you do not see everyday. An amazing adventure is calling you to the wilderness. Online travel agents can help you plan your trip to the best safari.

List of Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World 2017

10. Pyrenees Mountain Region-

pyrenees-mountain-region, Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World 2017

This region can be found between France and Spain has some of Europe’s best birdlife. This is an awesome place for bird lovers and birdwatchers. You can spot the lammergeier, or vultures and the huge buzzards while the eagles over the mountain peaks high as the sky. The perfect time for viewing butterflies along this this region is during the spring and summer season.

9. Alice Springs Bush-

alice-springs-bush, Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World 2018

The outback of Australia is filled with bush safaris. This area is an ancient land. Found in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park there are seventy-three reptile species as well as the moles, pythons, and lizards. You can plan your wildlife adventure ahead to save money, time, and hassle. Lodging in the area includes hotels, motels, campsites, RV parks and more.

8. Africa’s Rift Valley-


This is a region filled with mountain peaks, deep lakes, and rivers that make it a top wilderness destination on the globe. Some wildlife you can enjoy viewing here include pink pelicans on Lake Naivasha, wildebeest river crossings, and tour the region’s game reserve, Masai Mara, Tanzania’s Serengeti Park, Lake Naivasha and more.

7. Lower Zambezi in Zambia-


This is the best property safari in Africa located at Chiawa Camp and it is one of Zambia’s most luxurious camps. Choose to stay a while and pick from nine fabulous tents with modern conveniences. Get a camp-front view of the great Zambezi River. You and your guests may enjoy game viewing drives, canoe trips, walks, rivers, and fishing and more. This is an eco-friendly wilderness land found in Africa. Guiding teams are available to assist you on your journey.

6. Micato’s-


Choose the amazing Micato’s 15-day Grand Safari. Get the best five star accommodations and air transportation to each of the six legendary destinations. Visit city of Kenya, Resort Cape Town, Singita Kruger Park located in South Africa, Livingstone, Zambia and more are all the timeless wilderness regions. The perfect getaway for the honeymooners, nature lovers, and those who want to tour the wild.

5. Camp Luangwa Zambia-


This is an award winning place. You and your guests may enjoy lodging in upscale camps Luangwa Park so you can up close views of the wildlife and birds. Get a great legendary walking safaris. These walking tours are designed and allow guests to walk at a casual pace from camp to camp and experience an amazing wildlife adventure. This is the valley of wilderness, your exploration begins.

4. Zarafa Camp-


You and your guests may enjoy exotic luxury resort and gourmet restaurant. Located within Selinda Private Reserve Botswana. Get splendid views of the adjoining Zibadadianja Lagoon. Experience early morning and late afternoon or evening game viewing. Guided walks and boat cruises on the lagoon are available as well. Experience the peaceful surroundings, nighttime calling of the wild.

3. Singita Serengeti House-


This is located on southeastern slopes of Sasakwa Hill is the 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserves. There is a 25 meter Infinity swimming pool and a private tennis court and pavilion for guests to enjoy here. A few animals that can be seen in and around this area include the cheetah, lions, buffalo and leopards. Touring the wilderness, you can just imagine the wild animals, see them up close, hear the wild calling. This is one of top 10 best and most famous safari parks in the world 2017.

2. Island Tropical of Borneo-


You will see the gentle treetop-dwelling apes living in their natural environment among rare flora and fauna here along with an orang-utan sanctuary. You and your guests will experience hiking the awesome hiking jungle paths while hiking past rare plant species and viewing swinging monkeys and huge elephants. A true wilderness waiting for you and your guests to start your journey of observation.

1. Florida’s Everglades-


Explore this region of the United States found in the state of Florida. This has been recognized as a World Heritage Site. This the alligator’s home which makes their habitat in and around the swamps. This is also the place of the American crocodile’s. You will know when you see an alligator on the water because they have a red glow of their eyes. See many tiny grass frogs and view deer and dolphins along this amazingly beautiful subtropical wilderness.

So, these are the Top 10 Best and Most Famous Safari Parks in the World 2017. Experiencing nature can be achieved on vacation to one of these excellent destinations. It is a fine way to learn about these creatures and critters of the Earth. Just imagine the Amazon rainforest and the amazing jungle creatures that live there in the Amazon River. The Amazon’s wetlands provide a natural to thousands of different fish species and over two-hundred fifty species of amphibians and reptiles. A scary place, but beautiful one. Guides are experienced and knowledgeable and know safety on tours and areas to avoid. You can book safaris with guided tours online and make reservations online to ensure availability of opening upon arrival. If you plan to drive to an area, then maps and driving directions are available. Some national parks charge fees.

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