Top 10 Best Destinations To Travel After College

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Destinations To Travel After College in 2016-2017. After college, graduates should take advantage of the precious time between exams and landing a job to explore the world. This is a once in a life time opportunity to travel the world with loads of free time and no responsibilities. Before you take the leap onto the career ladder and join the real grown-ups in the hamster cage you should avail of your post college freedom and see the world. But where should you go?

List of Top 10 Best Destinations To Travel After College 2016-2017

No 10. Ireland


No-one knows how to party with abandon like the Irish. Highlights of a trip to Ireland include the hip and happening capital city, the bohemian city of Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way and some of the most enchanting landscapes in the world. Check out the Burren. Have an obligatory pint of Guinness and enjoy some traditional music in villages like Dingle or Doolin. Ireland is easy to get around by bus but best explored with the freedom of a rental car. Why not get off the beaten track and head for Northern Ireland and experience the culture of Derry, the awe inspiring and mythical Giant’s Causeway or take a black taxi tour of Belfast’s political and historical hotspots. You may fall in love with Ireland and never leave.

No 9. New Orleans.


Actually New Orleans also knows how to party with a fierce abandon. New Orleans has risen from the devastation of Katrina with great courage and the people of NOLA wear their resilience like a badge of honor. New Orleans is a great city to explore on foot with most attractions located around the French Quarter and world famous Bourbon Street. The vibe in New Orleans is unique and you could certainly lose time in a city which never sleeps, enjoying Jazz on every street corner and in every bar. Take an historic street car to explore the Garden District or a ninth ward tour to understand what the people have experienced.

8. Morocco

Morocco Top Most Destinations To Travel After College 2017

Morocco is an enchanting country with so much to offer from exotic food, kasbahs, intoxicating spice markets, and timeless walled cities pulsing with activity and energy. Take a camel trip to explore the vast Sahara desert and trek to the Atlas Mountains. See Casablanca for yourself and dine at Rick’s. Morocco has a good train network and is an inexpensive destination for budget conscious travellers to stay in beautiful traditional Riads in Marrakesh and Fes. Be warned however driving in Morocco is an extreme sport and not to be undertaken by the weak of heart.

7. London


London is another great city to explore on foot although it has a quintessential underground and public transport network. Turn any corner to encounter an iconic image, gorgeous architecture and world famous sights and attractions. Watch the changing of the Guard, visit the Tate museum, take a ride on the London Eye, or you eat a bowl of cereal in a cereal resturant with London hipsters in Shoreditch. Loads of London attractions are free or offer hefty student discounts so don’t forget to bring your old student card with you.

6. Take a train across Europe

Take a train across Europe Top Popular Destinations To Travel After College 2018

Nothing says coming of age trip like a rail trip across Europe. Buy an Interail pass and use it to travel anywhere in Europe along the train line within the time period chosen. The world is your oyster as you hop on and off trains in Budapest, Prague, Paris or Seville.

5. Japan

Japan Best Destinations To Travel After College

Japan has long been considered an expensive destination and is often avoided because of this but with planning it is possible to take a budget friendly trip. Top tips include eating takeaway bento boxes cheaply and staying in an intriguing capsule hotels. Highlights of Japan include experiencing cat cafes in Tokyo, traveling on the renowned bullet trains, visiting Mt Fuji, marvelling at the beauty of Kyoto and paying respect at the Heroshima shrine.

4. Upcountry backpacking in Canada.


Experienced campers can release their inner Bear Gryllis with a return to the wilderness trip to indulge in some back country camping in Canada. The vast outdoors of Canada offers many awe inspiring locations to get totally off the grid. Pitch a tent, build a fire and lose time in Ontario woods, beaches or mountains.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia Top 10 Best Destinations To Travel After College 2017

You should visit Cambodia before the hoards overwhelm this beautiful, friendly but very poor little country. Already Cambodia is emerging as a popular seaside destination to rival Thailand’s chilled out beach scene. Any trip to Cambodia must include the incredible ancient sites of Angkor Wat made famous around the world by Laura Croft in Tombraider. Cambodia is a great destination for the budget conscious as it is possible to live a high life on a very frugal budget. Dorm rooms and hut accommodation, street food, cheap beer and transport make it an attractive destination for a recent graduate.

2. Venice


There’s really no where in the world like Venice. This is a place from your imagination, from the movies, from the most romantic novel. Situated along its famous canals the city of Venice is almost too beautiful to comprehend. Most people visit Venice as part of a tour or cruise and barely scratch the surface. Take the time after college to spend weeks in Venice and really get under the skin of this unique city. Hang out with the pigeons in St Mark’s square, dally in the Jewish Ghetto, and linger near the Rialto Bridge.

1. Island hopping in Greece

Island hopping in Greece Top Most Popular Destinations To Travel After College 2018

The ultimate destination to travel to after college is the Greek islands for some uninhibited, unburdened, quality relaxing time. This is the prototypical destination for that post-graduation finding-yourself trip. It’s easy to get around with an excellent ferry service and there are hundreds of islands to choose from, each with its own character and beauty. Island hopping in Greece meets the needs of those who crave living as a beach bum in a tiny fishing hamlet in the less visited Sporades islands or partying wildly on Mykonos.

If you are contemplating post-graduation travel stop coming up with excuses not to and seize the opportunity. It’s time to grasp this opportunity to broaden your horizons and see the world.