Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2017. Spain is much more than just watching bull fights or crowded beaches. This amazing country has some of the most amazing sights for you to discover that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. There are the ancient monuments left behind by the Moors and Romans, castles from the medieval period, and incredibly picturesque villages. You also have the opportunity to visit or stay within vibrant cities such as; Madrid or Barcelona. You will have the experience of mixed culture when you visit Spain and the adventure to explore cultural attractions. These are the top 10 best daytime tourist attractions in Spain for you to discover.

List of Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2017

10. Running of the Bulls


Running of the Bulls is an annual event in the city of Pamplona, located in Navarra. Running of the Bulls, otherwise known as El Encierro, is part of the San Fermin festival and is held in July from the 6th through the 14th. The festival is in honor of San Fermin, the patron saint of Navarra but the religious aspect of the festival has taken a back seat over the years. Today the festival is more of a gathering of people who travel to it from all corners of the globe. There are a lot of parties, fun, and joy making the main ingredients of this festival. The main event of this gathering, running the bulls, is a spectacle that would not even be imagined in any other festival held in the world. It begins at the corral in Calle Santo Domingo when the clock strikes 8′ O clock in the morning. Two rockets are set off and the bulls charge behind runners for 825 meters. It normally takes them from three to four minutes to run the length. The longest it has taken is ten minutes.

Once the runners have reached the bullring and the bulls have entered there is a third rocket fired. A fourth will go off when all bulls are safely enclosed inside the bullring. After this spectacular event, it is time for the Dobladores, the bull fighters.

9. Aqueduct of Segovia

Aqueduct of Segovia Top Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2017

The Aqueduct of Segovia was left by the Romans and is one of the best-preserved monuments to be found anywhere. It is capable of carrying water 16km from the Frio River to Segovia. Built out of 24,000 huge granite blocks this structure was created without the use of mortar. There is no legible inscription on the aqueduct so it not exactly known when it was built. Experts believe it was built around 50 AD and was still able to provide water to the city in the 20th century.

This structure is the city’s most important architectural landmark. They kept it functioning through several centuries and kept it in excellent condition. When it began to show signs of decay in some of the stone blocks and water leakage from the upper viaduct they stopped using it as a means to obtain water. Pollution caused the granite ashlar masonry to deteriorate. It became a world monument in 2006.

8. Ibiza

Ibiza Top Famous Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2019

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the Balearic Islands. It is located off the coast of Spain and one of the most popular places to party in all of Europe. The island’s population during the summer months doubles as tourists come to Ibiza to party at the nightclubs, restaurants, and beach bars. There is also a quiet side to the island with quiet villages, beautiful sandy beaches, and yoga retreats. You will also be able to find quieter sandy coves backed by pine-clad hills on the coast.

7. El Escorial

El Escorial Top Popular Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2018

El Escorial was once the political center of the Spanish empire. This was during the time of King Philip II. King Phillip appointed the architect in 1539 to be Juan Bautista de Toledo and together they designed this structure to represent Spain’s role as the center of the Christian world. This structure was designed with two architectural complexes, both with great historical significance. First, there is the royal monastery and then the royal hunting lodge and retreat. They have a dual nature; which during the 16th and 17th centuries they were places of power. Snuggled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, El Escorial today serves as a royal palace, monastery, museum, and school.

El Escorial was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984. It has become a popular attraction to day-trippers in Spain. Reports show more than 500,000 tourists visit this incredible site each year.

6. Alhambra

Alhambra Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2017

Alhambra is located on a plateau that overlooks the city of Granada. Its original design was to be a fortress and was renovated in the mid-13th century and included a palace in the new design. In 1492 it became the site of the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella and the palaces became partially redone in the Renaissance decor. In the 15th century, Charles I & V requested a better Renaissance palace to better suit a Holy Roman Emperor. During the reign of the Nasrid Dynasty, this incredible structure once again was transformed. This time into a palatine city. It included an irrigation system for the gardens. It is part palace, part fortress, and part garden. Today Alhambra is one of Spain’s major tourist attractions. Visitors come to Granada with only the purpose of seeing Alhambra.

5. Palacio Real


Palacio Real, also called the Royal Palace is in Madrid and the official royal residence of the King of Spain. The palace is only used for state ceremonies. The Royal family does not live in the palace. They instead live in the more modest Palacio de la Zarzuela just outside of Madrid. The last monarch to live inside of Palacio Real was Alfonso XIII. The Palacio Real is located on Calle de Bailen Street in downtown Madrid and can be reached by the Opera metro station. The public is allowed to visit several rooms in the palace unless there are state functions going on. This is one of the Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2017.

4. La Concha

La Concha Top Most Popular Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2019

La Concha is protected by steep cliffs and islands from strong winds. Located in San Sebastian, it is said the beaches of La Concha are some of the best to be found in Europe and have become the most famous. The beach is sandy and a shallow substrate where the tide fluctuates and will greatly affect the area available for use. You will be able to walk or surf along the promenade where you will also find great restaurants and fantastic views of the beach.

3. Cuenca

Cuenca Top Most Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain 2018

Cuenca is nestled in-between Madrid and Valencia. It is the perfect example of a medieval city. This city has been built on the steep sides of a mountain. The houses appear to be ‘hanging’ from the cliff edge which makes this city quite incredible to view. Cuenca was founded by the Moors and is set in east-central Spain. Today it still retains its historic style of steep cobbled streets and medieval castle ruins. This city is truly a sight to take in during your daytime visits while in Spain.

2. Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. This is perhaps the most visited site for tourists to visit. A Catalan architect was requested to design the church and worked on it for almost 40 years. Construction began in 1882 and Antoni Gaudi worked on it until his death in 1926. Work has not yet been finished on this basilica. This structure has a long history of dividing the people of Barcelona over the possibility of completing its construction. Many feel Gaudi’s design will be disregarded. One critic describes Sagrada Familia as the most extraordinary interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages.

1. Mezquita of Cordoba

Mezquita of Cordoba Top 10 Best Daytime Tourist Attractions in Spain

Mezquita of Cordoba is a building famous for its forest of pillars and arches inside the main hall. The features of the Mezquita of Cordoba are the incredible 856 columns of onyx, jasper, marble, and granite. It was originally designed to be a Roman temple, then a Visigothic church. Since the 2000’s, Spanish Muslims have requested the right to worship in the cathedral. This request has been rejected both by the church authorities in Spain and the Vatican. Austrian Muslims created an incident in 2010 during Holy Week protesting this decision and two security guards were seriously injured.

The different landscapes you will discover as you day trip through Spain are some of the most beautiful found on the map. If you plan a holiday to this fantastic country, you are in for a real treat. Experience a sultry, decorated, and sophisticated country with immense beauty in its architecture and culture. These are some of the top 10 best daytime tourist attractions in Spain 2017 to start your list of places to see.