Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals 2017. The number of music festivals in China has grown rapidly in recent years. There is a wide range of different music on offer from classical to folk and rock and the crowds can be massive. China is known for its business, its massive population, its incredible culture and of course its landscapes and food. However, not many people automatically think of its music scene. This list takes a look at the ten best Chinese Music Festivals. If you are traveling to China in the near future it is certainly worth exploring the musical opportunities available and maybe going along to one of these festivals.

List of Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals 2017

10. Macau International Music Festival

Macau International Music Festival Top Most Popular Best Chinese Music Festivals 2018

The first Macau International Music Festival was held in October 1987 and since then it has become an annual event. There is a wide range of music on offer and it attracts artists from across the world. Audiences are able to watch symphonies as well as chamber music, pop music, opera and contemporary music.

9. Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival

Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival Top Popular Best Chinese Music Festivals 2017

This amazing festival has been held in Hong Kong since 2011 and attracts singers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. The focus is particularly on supporting new and young singers from across Asia and to introduce fans to new singers. There is a particualr focus on amazing stage shows.

8. Spring Scream


Organised by two Americans, Wade Davis and Jimmy Moe, Spring Scream is the largest music and art festival in Taiwan and it has a long historym stretching back to 1995, which is ancient compared to many festivals. It is an annual event and is held in Kenting which is in the southern most part of the island. It is not just bands from Taiwan who take part as it attracts bands and singers from across the world. The organisers have tried to create a festival that is open and happy and attracts a large number of people. It is also very diverse when it comes to musical styles. Each year the name of the Chinese astrological animal for the year is added to the name of the festival. Many people camp at the festival and there is lots on offer from food stalls to art exhibitions and even a film festival which runs at the same time.

7. Hohaiyan Rock Festival


This is the first festival on the list to only feature rock music, this festival is held at Fulong Beach in Gongliao, New Taipei, Taiwan, each year. It is a free event and was first held in the year 2000. Hohaiyan means ‘waves and oceans’ locally and it refers to the sound of the waves as they crash on to the shore nearby. It is a very relaxed and happy festival and the music is unique.

6. Shanghai Spring International Music Festival

Shanghai Spring International Music Festival Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals

This festival has been held annually in Shaghai since 2001 and focuses principally on finding and showcasing new talent. There is also a national radio DJ contest, an international academic seminar, an award ceremony for the top 10 songs on the Oriental List and an international expo of numerous video and music products. The award that is most coveted and competed for is the Golden Chime Award. It is an incredibly diverse festival and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

5. Snow Mountain Music Festival


This festival is located in Lijiang in Yunnan province in South West China, away from the majority of the rest of the festivals on this list which are mostly held in eastern China. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain forms the backdrop for this amazing festival and it is special place for folk musicians to showcase their talent. As well as music there are art installations and exhibitions, modern dance shows, photography and a vast range of visual arts work.

4. Modern Sky Festival and Strawberry Music Festival

Modern Sky Festival and Strawberry Music Festival Top Most Famous Best Chinese Music Festivals 2019

Taking place in Beijing each year, the Modern Sky festival is a massive festival of rock music. It is organised by the Modern Sky record label, hence the name and has been held annually since 2007. Strawberry Music Festival runs under the same banner and purports to feature the themes of ‘Springtime, Romance and Love’. Strawberry is popular with the ‘indie’ crowd and is reported to perhaps offer the most diverse range of music of all Chinese music festivals: quite an accolade! As a label, Modern Sky is booming and has managed to sign lots of ‘in the moment’ bands or up and coming bands. Needless to say, when you at the Strawberry festival you will see lots of giant strawberries all about the place! This is one of the Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals 2017.

3. Zebra Music Festival


This festival has been held since 2009 and always takes place in the time around the May public holiday in China. It is another festival that is held in the south west of the country, taking place in Chengdu City. There is a broad range of musical genres on offer to fans including rap, metal, rock and pop. Around 150,000 people attended the first festival and it has grown every year from then on.

2. Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival


The organisers of this festival first held it over three days in 2009 and it was a great success so it continued. It is held in Hebei Province, in the north of the country and attracts lots of people who are into ‘eco living’. The slogan of the festival is ‘go wild’ and it blends grassland ecology with low carbon. The music isn’t too bad either! A very chilled event.

1. Midi Modern Music Festival

Midi Modern Music Festival Top Famous Best Chinese Music Festivals 2018

As China’s bigest rock festival the Midi Modern Music Festival has to take the top spot on this list. Founded by the Beijing Midi School of Music and first held in May 2000 it has grown to be a staple event for music fans in China. It is either held in May or October each year. Environmental themes are often at the core of the event and issues of the day such as air pollution or the plight of certain animals are always pushed to the forefront so they are discussed.

These are the Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals 2017. Clearly, as you can see from this list, there is a wide range of festivals on offer across the country and they take in all musical styles, genres and acts. No matter your interests there is something that you would probably love to attend. Explore them in more detail and head along for some of the best partying in Asia.