Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia in 2016-2017. Experiencing any beach at the top or the bottom of the driest continent in the world, a world the Aussies proudly call “Down Under” is to experience some of the prettiest beaches in all of creation. Apart from the odd shark, the odd blue bottle or salt water crocodile to inhibit the abilities of a swimmer, generally, there are no ‘Swim at your own risk’ signs to worry about. Australia is renowned for its beaches and the people here are proud to keep them pristine. From the 90 mile beach in the far reaches of Victoria, to some of the most beautiful in Tasmania and over in the west to the top of the world, there’s a beach that will have you reaching for your camera.

So where are these incredibly beautiful beaches located? With more than 10,000 beaches around its shores starting at

List of Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia 2016-2017

No. 10. Bells Beach

bells beach, Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia 2017

Bells Beach in Victoria is the epicenter of the surf carnivals and contests. Bells Beach produces some of the most renowned swells and it is here some of the most experienced surfers come to practice in the waves. ‘Bells’ is dangerous for swimmers and the rips have been responsible for drownings. The nearest swimming beach is the surf beach at Torquay. Torquay is the original home of Rip Curl where the top surf board brands can be purchased.

No. 9. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

whitehaven beach queensland, Most beautiful Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia 2018

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland is considered to be Australia’s most beautiful beach. It’s a four mile walk along the shore of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. When one is walking on Whitehaven beach one is walking on the purest sand in the world. Created from 98% pure silica, this sand looks like the whitest talcum powder. There are coves and lagoons to explore and the snorkeling is a slice of heaven in the sea that glistens like a fractured turquoise.

No. 8. Turquoise Bay, Western Australia


Turquoise Bay, Western Australia is as blue as you’d wish it to be in your dreams. Situated on Western Australia’s Coral Coast and just a short distance from Ningaloo Reef, it’s here you step into paradise. The waters are warm and shallow lending a view as though you’re looking through a glass bottomed boat. Stand-up paddle boarders love the tranquillity the protected bay’s gentle waves provide. On a beach where the white sands are more often than not deserted, it is an uninterrupted slice of Eden.

No. 7. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

wineglass bay tasmania, Top 10 Best Beaches of Australia 2019

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania is hidden from thought more than view. Tasmania seems to enjoy it’s forgotten state but when one sees Wineglass Bay one has no choice but to chase the gentle waves along the shores of chalky white sand. The bay is shaped like a wineglass, flanked by pink granite cliffs that overlook the sapphire waters. Almost remote, after a swim, a picnic or a private lunch of freshly-shucked oysters, it is a short drive to some of the country’s best wineries. A perfect ending to a perfect day is a bottle of chilled wine from Milton Estate.

No. 6. Noosa Main Beach


Noosa Main Beach, Queensland is on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast and one of the most popular. Right out of a post card, the water remains relatively warm for most of the year and is a playground for some of the most intriguing marine life. The beach, a golden yellow and sapphire blue waters are home to palm trees right out of a desert island. It is patrolled by lifeguards every day of the year keeping a safe haven for everyone.

No. 5. Blinky Beach


Blinky Beach, New South Wales is on the eastern side of Lord Howe Island. With it’s unmistakable white sand, as fine as talcum it is considered one of the most profoundly beautiful beaches in the world. It gives access to some amazing waves where one can enjoy a body surf or a board. Blinky Beach an unbeatable stretch of sand, and is a spectacular beach for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling when the swell is low. This beach offers safe swimming, sunbathing and beach fishing for those who just want to relax.

No. 4. Cable Beach, Western


Redolent of the desert, Cable Beach, Western Australia is where the camel rides are the perfect way to appreciate the setting sun on a long, empty, stretch. 13 miles of shore is a dramatic scene against a backdrop of red ochre cliffs. With the deep blue of the Indian Ocean framed by pure white sand, it remains relatively hidden from the wider population, allowing the locals to enjoy this gem on Australia’s western shores.

No. 3. 75 Mile Beach, Queensland


75 Mile Beach, Queensland is a wide ribbon of sand that is 75 miles long. It’s the beach that is the typical post card with rugged white sands, water that glistens like fractured diamonds and a series of natural jet spas which the Aussies have aptly named, the Champagne Pools for their excessive ocean foam. At the northern end of the beach, a shipwreck home of whiting, bream, and swallowtail awaits.

No. 2. Palm Cove, Queensland


Palm Cove, Queensland in all that ‘Feels like Summer’ sunshine with it’s warm sapphire and turquoise water is a mini Hawaii except it lies on the north eastern Queensland coast, a little way north of Cairns. With the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands just ‘Across the Road,’ it is as near as you’ll get to the Caribbean or Maui. There are restaurants and cafes to sate a hunger at the end of a sunshine filled day, a boutique or gallery to wander through, and a stretch of sand to wander along as the sun goes down for another day. As close to paradise as one can get in the city, Palm Cove is a slice of heaven for lovers who prefer the quietude of lapping, gentle waves on a deserted shoreline.

No. 1. Bondi Beach


It wouldn’t be Australia without the famed Bondi Beach. Always crowded with tourists it is the capital city, Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand. It remains Australia’s most iconic beach and the target of anyone who comes to the golden shores from overseas. The sand is as soft as down, the waves offer the surf experience of a lifetime and the sunshine is abundant. One gets to enjoy a feed of the best fish and chips wrapped like it was in the old days, in butcher’s paper. Bondi Beach, no matter on whose list of best beaches in the world it appears, will always be Australia’s number one.

Australia’s beaches often feature backdrops of bush and forest where the wildlife is abundant. It is not uncommon to share a beach at dawn with a kangaroo or see a koala perched high up in a eucalypt. Australia is an enormous island that offers a beach in every capital city and almost every large city along it’s incredibly beautiful and sometimes terrifying coast line. The north-west and north eastern coasts have had their fair share of cyclones as has the top end, but given the beauty, the tranquillity, the softness of the sands, the bluest waters ever found on the planet, choose any beach and you’re in for the treat you deserve.