Top 10 Most Amazing Best American Road Trips

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Best American Road Trips 2017. Did you ever get to the point when you just wanted to get away? You might have wanted to just hop in your car, open the windows, and hit the gas for wherever the road took you? It’s a feeling that a lot of people have. Unfortunately, when it comes that time for many people, it usually stops when it comes to deciding where they will go. If that happens to be your problem, this list was designed for you. Not only is it composed of the top 10 best American road trips, but they are each beautiful, interesting and fun. Now is the time for you to pack your bags, and with this list firmly in hand, go. You might even want to go back if you get the chance.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Best American Road Trips 2017

10. Overseas Highway, Florida

Overseas Highway, Florida Top Most American Road Trips 2019

When it comes to driving, straightaway bridges aren’t usually much fun. After all, after you start one they can be boring, to say the least. This is not the case with the Overseas Highway in Florida. The Overseas Highway is 113 miles of awesome splendor. From the Florida mainland to Key Largo it’s practically nothing but endless water, which is beautiful but can be boring. From Key Largo to Islamorada is absolutely stunning and should not be missed. If this stretch seems familiar, it’s probably because of that famous car chase scene from “True Lies” was filmed here.

9. Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Coast Highway, California Top 10 Best American Road Trips

Otherwise known as Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway is 147 miles of highway that stretch from Dana Point in Orange County to Mendocino. Along that course, there are some of the most stunning stretches of highway anywhere, whether you are enchanted by the blue water or the greenery that will envelop you. Also along the “All American Road” are historic attractions that practically everyone in your family will be able to appreciate.

8. Route 12, Utah


If you enjoy beautiful rock formations, Route 12, which stretches from Capitol Reef National Park one one end to Bryce Canyon National Park on the other. Route 12 is only 124 miles long, during which it hits an altitude of more than 9,000 feet, but the scenes are breathtaking, to say the least. Along the way, you will enjoy some of the most beautifully-colored and formed rocks found anywhere, as well as mountains that are either covered with forest greenery or snow.

7. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire Top Most Popular American Road Trips 2018

New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5-mile swath of some of the most scenic foliage viewing to be found anywhere. And if driving an area that has been designated an American Scenic Byway isn’t enough for you, this route is lined with numerous little stopping places along the way to keep you more than occupied. Shopping and other things to see and do are always plentiful along this route.

6. Taos, New Mexico


There are several scenic roads into Taos, New Mexico, each one with its own things to do, but the real prize of Taos is the town itself, which can trace its history back to the ancient Indian pueblos that still dot the area. Some things have changed, however, including the numerous artist colonies that have sprung up in recent years, but if you are still favoring the old, there are plenty of deserts, wildflower meadows, and much more for your fancy.

5. Beartooth Highway, Montana & Wyoming

Beartooth Highway, Montana & Wyoming Top 10 Best American Road Trips 2017

Television journalist Charles Kuralt once called the Beartooth Highway the most beautiful in America. Officially known as U.S. 212, it runs from the entrance of Yellowstone National Park near Cooke City to Red Lodge in Montana. The real attraction in this stretch of road is the Absaroka-Beartooth National Wilderness, which is just a just a few feet under the 11,000-foot elevation. This is one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Best American Road Trips 2017.

4. Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania & New Jersey Top Best American Road Trips 2017

If naturally occurring phenomenon is more your speed, you won’t want to miss the Deleware Water Gap, a section along Interstate 80 that has been carved by water to form the Deleware Water Gap National Recreation Area, 70,000 acres of scenic area for fishing, boating, and much more. Why not get closer to nature and spend to some there?

3. Highway 2, Nebraska

Highway 2, Nebraska Top Most Famous Best American Road Trips 2018

Highway 2 is actually made up of two parts, a western segment and an eastern segment, beginning at the South Dakota border and ending at the Iowa border. This roadway makes up more than 200 miles of remote countryside, dramatic sand hills, expansive farmland, wetlands, marshes and winding rivers. There’s something for everyone nearly everywhere on this winding road.

2. Route 6, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


If waterscapes and seafood are more your style, Route 6 would be good for you to visit. Route 6 is a 117-mile expanse that winds its way through Cape Cod and all the forests, saltbox homes, tidal ponds, and much more on your way to Provincetown harbor. Be sure not to miss the towering sand dunes and beaches, but do stop in for seafood, especially New England clam chowder along the way.

1. Loop Road, Acadia National Park, Maine

Loop Road, Acadia National Park, Maine Most Famous American Road Trips 2019

If you take in this famous drive, you have the Rockefeller family to thank. That’s because they were the ones who made this road protected, not to mention easier to enjoy. There are views along this road that you will never forget, from the top of Mount Desert Island to the peaceful Bar Harbor below. You might want to seriously consider taking in this road during the off season when it’s less crowded. Otherwise, it’s 27 miles of twisted two-lane highway that can be quite crowded during peak times of the year.

These are the Top 10 Most Amazing Best American Road Trips 2017. If there’s one good thing about the road trips that stretch across America, it’s the fact that there are so many to do that it’s never a matter of what to do, but what to do first. Go ahead. Pick a place that suits you and go for it. There are always plenty of places to explore. Regardless of where you choose to go, there will always be places left to spend time in afterwards.