Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2017. A palace is a splendid home and a grand residence of emperors and kings that are a reflection of their wealth and architecture style. It is a residential home that should be respected and guarded at all time. In the modern day, the royal palaces are becoming a tourist attraction site. The castles situated in different parts of the earth, but there are the best royal homes. If you become a king or a royal ruler, you will move in and live in the palace.

Palaces are monuments with the most beautification in the world that will lie there even for years to come. In every country or state, the political leader of all has a residing place that is government property for the incoming leaders. In the world, there are the top 10 most beautiful royal places 2017. Below is a list of the best royal palaces:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2017

1. Forbidden City

Forbidden City Top Popular Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2018

Forbidden City is the most beautiful royal palace situated in Beijing, China. It is also the largest palace complex and is also known as Palace Museum and Imperial Palace. It was built back in the year 1406 up to 1429 and was to accommodate the emperor Sir Zhu Di. The complex building lies in and of 72 hectares with 980 buildings, and the building has 8,707. That is unbelievable!

Other than Zhu Di, the Forbidden City has housed other 24 Chinese emperors. The building has decorations of rails, dragons, archers and animals. Until the year 1912, nobody was allowed to enter the Forbidden City without a go-ahead by the emperor. It later became the heritage site in the year 1987. Every year, more than 10 million tourists visit the place.

2. Potala Palace


Potala Palace is a magnificent monument that is located in Tibet, Lhasa. The construction of the palace began in the 17th century and named after Mount Potalaka that was a mythical dwelling place for the Buddhist. In 1645, the building was transformed into the current form by the spiritual advice from the great fifth Dalai Lama.

The palace is the most treasured feature in the Tibetan architectural marvels. The building remained to be the tallest building in the entire world until in the year 1653. The view of the palace shows the symbols of the Buddhism that is in Tibet.

3. Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2017

Alhambra Palace located in the city of Andalusia in the town of Spain. The palace began its construction in the 9th century and later damaged which stayed in destruction for two years. After the two years, the renovation was in the 11 century by Muhammad Ben Al-Ahmar. He transformed the palace into the present day Palace by Sultan of Granada in the year 1333.

Due to the baking of the sun, the whole section of the palace appeared to be reddish but initially whitewashed. When located in various parts of the city of Andalusia, you can view the castle.

4. Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles Top Most Famous Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2019

Palace of Versailles is popular and located in the Southwest regions of Paris. The palace built in the year 1624 and the construction headed by King Louis XIII and its purpose was a hunting lodge. Afterwards, in the year 1682, King Loius XIV made an expansion on the building and made it the largest palace in the country and he used it as a permanent residence.

The building has 700 rooms, 60 staircases, and 1200 fireplaces. It has a huge garden that has an area of 2000 acres and 1400 fountains with one mile long canals. The kings of France used the Place of Versailles as an official residence until the year 1789.

5. Chateau de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord Top Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2017

Chateau de Chambord is the fifth most amazing royal palaces in the entire world. The palace is located in France and was constructed between the year 1519 and the year 1547 but was never complete. The palace was a hunting lodge for the king who was King Francois.

The palace has a total of 440 rooms and 84 fireplaces. The building lies in a 52 square kilometers area which is a wooden park. Due to the open windows and the big structure, the heat in the rooms remains impractical.

6. Topkapi Palace


Topkapi Palace a royal palace situated in Turkey. The construction was first started in the year 1453 and headed by the King Sultan Mehmed II. The castle acted as the living place for the Sultans. It also hosted the executive functions and judicial meetings.

The Topakapi Palace covers an area of 173 acres of a lane and has a protection of huge walls. The palace has been remodeled over the years and has an appealing look.

7. Summer Palace


Summer Palace currently located in the city of Beijing that is in China. The purpose of the construction of the palace was to be a resting place for all the imperial rulers who were in China. It then became the main residence of the political leaders. The building was constructed in the year 1750 and covers a total area of 2.9 kilometers.

In the beginning, the palace was commonly known as Qingyi Garden but later renamed it the Summer Place after a renovation in the year 1888. Within the Summer Place, there are 3000 human made structures. The natural beauty and the gardens surrounding the palace are breathtaking.

8. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace Top Most Popular Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World 2018

Mysore Palace is located in the city of Mysore in India. The palace is also known as City Palace The palace was built by various kings in different centuries. The construction started in the 14 century by the Wodeyar kings. Later the palace was constructed by many kings in the following generations.

The current new part of the palace was in the year 1897 up to the year 1912. A mixture of Muslim, Hindu, Indo-Saracenic and Rajput styles of architecture used during the construction.

9. Schonbrunn Palace


Schonbrunn Palace currently located in Vienna that means “beautiful spring”. The construction of the palace was between the year 1696 and the year 1712 and commissioned by Leopold I. The palace has 1441 rooms and a garden in front of the palace making it more beautiful. In the year 2003, the castle currently in great shape on one of the sides.

The castle is becoming the highest site of tourist attraction. There are more than 1 million tourists who visit the palace yearly.

10. Pena National Palace

Pena National Palace Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in The World

The Pena Palace located in hills of Sintra found in Portugal. The construction of the palace was in the year 1493 by the Portuguese King John II. The purpose of the castle was to become the residing place for the kings of Portugal. Despite the destruction by a terrible earthquake, King Ferdinand reconstructed it to its original glory.

The reconstruction was in the year 1842-1850. The palace later renovated in a romantic style. The palace listed on the list of UNESCO’s heritage sites in the world.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in 2017.