Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Australia

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Australia 2017. When Australia is known for its extraordinary land and sea scapes, it’s bustling, cosmopolitan cities, it’s beaches, and its dreams, it presents an impossibility to be ruthless when ranking the Top 10 most beautiful places in Australia 2017. From it’s sacred legends where the Aboriginal tales of the Dreamtime are carved into the rock walls of abandoned caves, and the rain forests abundant with wild life form a canopy of emerald green, to the coral reefs and stunning coast lines, there are so many to choose from and to be honest, it would not do Australia justice to define it as a country with just 10 places. However, it must be done. It will be noted that in no particular sequence or order, ten places that make Australia the diamond among the gems begins at number 10:

List of Top 10 most Beautiful Places in Australia 2017

10. Sydney

Sydney Top Popular Beautiful Places in Australia 2018

Just the name conjures the ‘Shells’ of the Opera House that sits proudly on the coast in a harbour with a ‘coat hanger’ for a bridge. As the water laps three sides of the structure, the Royal Botanic Gardens flank it from the southern side. Sadly, the architect who won international acclaim for the design of the Opera House withdrew from its construction due to financial challenges which eventually blew the budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars when it was finally completed. But Jorn Utzon left Australia and vowed never to return. He honoured that vow and never saw the finished project where people from all over the world have enjoyed meals at the restaurants and then toured the magnificent building. Viewed from the other side of the harbour is when the structure is at its most impressive.

9. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Top Famous Beautiful Places in Australia 2019

This magnificent jewel is visible from outer space and is world heritage listed. It is one of the largest living natural phenomenon’s on planet earth studded with more than three thousand coral reefs and over six hundred islands including the Whitsundays. It is recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the World with ribbons of pure white sands that stretch for more than 2300 km. It is a dream land under the crystal waters where one can experience the magic of snorkeling and diving. The marine life is a constant flow of curious tropical fish, sharks, and dolphins, loggerhead turtles and stingrays. Glass bottom boats accommodate those who prefer to remain above water and several tours from the mainland are available daily.

8. Uluru

Uluru Top 10 Beautiful Places in Australia

Deep in the Red Centre of the continent is Australia’s famous rock; Uluru formally Ayers Rock which is one of the most talked about and visited places in the country. With the western sun glancing off the rock its surface is chameleon-like and changes colour from deep blood red to brilliant plum purple. A photographers dream, this incredible monolith is managed by Parks Australia and the traditional land owners, the Anangu people. Rising to a height of 348 meters, akin to an iceberg, most of its body is buried deep underground. It shares space with the Olgas and way off in the distance are The Devil’s Marbles.

7. Sydney Harbour Bridge


As mentioned earlier, the ‘Coat Hanger’ is a famous Australian Icon that together with the Opera House has become a recognisable land mark. The Harbour Bridge remains the largest steel arch in the world and rises 134 metres above the harbour. Spanning 500 metres, it connects Sydney’s north shore to the central business district and accommodates a pedestrian pathway, two railway lines and eight lanes for traffic where the direction may be switched depending on how heavy the flow becomes. A guided climb to the top of the bridge will afford spectacular views and photographs over the harbour and city. Our well-known larrikin, Paul Hogan worked as a painter on the bridge before he became entangled with Crocodile Dundee.

6. Blue Mountains National Park


The Blue Mountains is the home of many a eucalypt that stretches beyond 664,000 acres of natural bush that is studded with gorges, freezing cold water falls, aboriginal rock paintings and miles and miles of hiking trails. The Three Sisters, a towering sandstone rock formation stands like a monolith whilst the Katoomba Scenic Railway which happens to be the worlds steepest, sends its passengers careening through the Jamison Valley through a tunnel carved into the its side. At the other end, one is presented with a rainforest where one can hike, abseil or rock climb. It is here one can ride a horse in tranquillity or use one’s muscles and ride a mountain bike through the fresh, crisp air.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne Beautiful Places in Australia 2018

Dear old Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city where cosmopolitan meets the ocker. Melbourne presents one with a gathering of art galleries and world renown restaurants where the palate is treated to some of the best wines and food in the world. Melbourne’s drinking water is considered to be the purest in Australia and bubbles up from fountains through out the parks and gardens. The city is green. Perched on the Yarra River, the spaces are open and majestic where the Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Gallery of Victoria virtually become one. The MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground is famous for its sports; the Grand Final is played there every September and during the summer months, cricket is the staple for many a fan. The city itself is alive with tiny arcades that conceal gems like boutiques and exclusive restaurants. The buildings are magnificent and are often flanked by the most beautiful cathedrals ever seen. From the east where the Dandenong Ranges embrace the wildlife to the sea side where the golden sands and surf beaches await the swimmers, Melbourne has everything it could possibly offer one, all in one city.

4. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road Most Famous Beautiful Places in Australia 2019

This ribbon of ocean road is said to be the most beautiful in all creation. It is a 300 km stretch of visual magnificence that encompasses some of the most treacherous cliff faces and tranquil beaches in the deepest south. From Torquay (pronounced Tor-kee), to the west where Warrnambool hugs the ocean, one passes breathtaking views like the wave structured Twelve Apostles, the London Bridge, the Arch and the Loch Ard Gorge all created with the merciless fingers of Mother Nature’s wrath. This part of Australia is punished relentlessly by the ocean but the southern right whales breed and play here. With the sun and the wind, the sea and the dense, fern-filled eucalyptus forests, one can experience the beauty of the Otways, the national parks, and the water falls in a day, a week or however long it takes. It is a natural wonder down under.

3. Broome and the Kimberly’s


Broome was the pearl capital of the world, a booming, bustling tourist town that sits among the pure white sands on a coast edged with the bluest turquoise water ever imagined. Cable beach is a stunning stretch of coast line where one can ride a camel into the sunset having learned about Broome’s history in the Historical Museum. Between March and October, the moon builds a staircase. The Staircase to the Moon is an optical phenomenon wherein, during certain weather conditions, the moon creates steps and stairs that lead to its luminous face. From Broome, one can detour to the Kimberley region where there are waterfalls to explore, the Bungle Bungles to experience in the Purnululu National Park and thereafter watch the magic of the stunning Mitchell Falls where it cascades to the earth.

2. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park Top Most Beautiful Places in Australia 2017

At the top most end of Australia lies the Northern Territory and within is Kakadu National Park, a world listed heritage site that has become one of the earth’s greatest wilderness areas. Kakadu covers over 19,840 square metres and is regarded as the second largest National Park world wide. Within are the oases where the monsoon fed forests, mangrove swamps, the rivers and gorges share this great expanse with ancient rock paintings. The wetlands preserve a diverse array of wildlife including mammals and reptiles and thousands of birds from 300 different species that come here to nest. Salt water crocodiles prowl the wetlands and while visitors and tourists are able to experience the park via car or on foot, or by boat, during November through to April, the roads are usually closed due to flooding. This is one of the most Beautiful Places in Australia 2017.

1. Fraser Island

Fraser Island Top 10 Beautiful Places in Australia 2017

An island that lies between Bundaberg where the famous rum distillery is located and Rainbow Beach where one can run through coloured sands, is home to the native dingo. Fraser Island, a world heritage listed locale is the largest sand island in the world. It is also the playground of four wheel driving Aussies and tourists who drive along the windswept Seventy Five Mile Beach beside the grave yard of many an unfortunate ship. It is an island where one can relax in a natural spa, a series of rock pools that are filled with an array of fish in water that bubbles like champagne, which is where the name Champagne Pools came from. Inland, crystal clear freshwater creeks and lakes can be found where springs bubble amid ancient rainforests. Sharks and dolphins are a natural occurrence in the waters whilst wild horses, dingoes and birds inhabit the land. Bats and sugar gliders traipse through the trees and the hump back whales make a spectacular appearance from early July to November. Access to Fraser Island is by ferry from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay and four-wheel drive vehicles are essential; there are no sealed roads on the island.

So, these are the Top 10 Beautiful Places in Australia 2017. Not in the least is all of the beauty of Australia, a land of contrast and temperament, covered in this list. A land so vast, it offers vibrant views, multicultural cities, sandy beaches where the sun shines from dawn to after dusk. With its rain forests, the Outback where the humidity can knock the breath out of a man to where the deserts are arid, there is much here that will fill two bucket lists whilst one is relaxing on one of the most laid back countries in the world.

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