Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017. Water covers the world biggest percentage of world’s surface. In this case, it means that there are very, any water bodies that are available. The oceans, lakes, rivers and many other bodies are the water bodies found in the world. A lake is formed due to volcanoes, glacial activities or as a result of tectonic activities. These are the natural causes of formation of a lake. Many large lakes are distributed all over the entire world. They have been proven to be the largest regarding length, depth and the overall width.

Other than the size of the lakes and other things, there is the beauty of the lake. Some lakes are found in different countries, and their view is breathtaking. The cool breeze that blows around the place makes it very surprising. They are very many, but there are the most beautiful that will qualify too in the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world 2017. Some of the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world are:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017

1. Plitvice Lake

Plitvice Lake Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017

The Plitvice Lake located inside Plitvice National Park, and the park is the largest park that is found in south-east Europe. The National Park is also known to be the biggest and the oldest lake in Europe. The lake is rated to be the most beautiful lake in the world because of its varying of color when there is the different weather. Also at various angels, you will see different colors making the lake be the most beautiful lake in the world.

It is Inscribed by UNESCO to be the World Heritage in 1979 among the many sites found in the world. More than 1.2 million tourists visit the lake yearly It is the most famous among the 16 lakes that are found in cascades. The lake is connected and separated by a natural dam that grows with one centimetre every year.

2. Lake Berryessa Glory Hole

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole Top Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017

Lake Berryessa Glory Hole is named just as its formation. The lake is breathtaking with a hole like configuration at a particular point on the lake. The lake is found in Napa County in California. It is the biggest lake that is located in Napa. The lake is very useful to the residents of Napa because it is one o the major tourist attraction found in the place. Another useful thing about the lake is that it is used to generate the hydroelectric power Th the North Bay regions in the San Francisco Bay.

The belly-mouth found in the lake is one of the largest holes at the lake. The diameter of the hole is 72 feet, 200 feet vertically down and 28 feet shrinking down. When there is much water in the lake, the belly hole is submerged and will emerge later after the water levels go down.

3. Lake Hillier (Pink Lake)


Lake Hillier is found in Western Australia and located in the middle of an island. The island is known to be the largest island where you can get the archipelago in the Western part of Australia. The lake is rated as the most beautiful because of the pink color, just as the name suggests. It is not the image of the color that is pink, even the water that is found in the lake is found to be the color pink. That seems to be gorgeous.

The pink color Is not from the algae that grow on the lake when the light from the sun penetrates the water. The pink color is produced by Halobacteria and Dunaliella Salina that use the light form the sun to generate more energy. The pink water in this lake is permanent because when the water is transferred to another container, the water remains to be pink. The color makes the lake amazing and beautiful hence qualifying to in the list of the most beautiful lakes.

4. Spotted Lake


The Spotted Lake is located in Osoyoos, British Columbia that is in Canada. The most notable things in the lake to rated as beautiful is that the lake has multi-colored spots. The multi-colored spots are very prominent and visible even when you are far way on the highway. The lake is also known to have a high concentration of minerals. Some of the minerals that are found in the lake are calcium, magnesium sulphate and sodium sulphates. Other than the minerals there is silver and titanium. During summer, the magnesium produces a spot that is seen during that season.

The lake is also known to cure disease and to be therapeutic. There are very many companies who want to buy the lake due to the minerals found 9in the lake, but the cost is very high.

5. Five Flower Lake

Five Flower Lake Top Most Famous Beautiful Lakes in The World 2018

The Five Flower Lake is located in China. It is known to be one of the most famous lakes and also beautiful found in China. The lake is also situated inside a National Park known as Jiuzhaigou National Park that is in China too. The lake is known to receive thousand of tourists in every single day.

The lake is found at the end of Peacock River that is at the height of 2,472 meters above the sea level. The lake is very shallow and has a depth of 5 meters only. Due to it being shallow, the color of the base of the lake is reflected making the lake very beautiful.

6. Taal Lake

Taal Lake Top Most Popular Beautiful Lakes in The World 2018

Taal Lake is located in Batangas in the Philippines. It is the most beautiful lake and it one of the freshwater lakes. The lake is the countries largest lake, and many tourists will visit the place to take pictures. It is common in the magazines that show it because it has the Taal volcano that is known to be an active volcano.

The lake is the one that fills the Taal Caldera which is the remains of the eruption that occurred very many years ago. The caldera has dissolved the salt in the lake making it be a fresh water lake. This is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017.

7. Green Lake

Green Lake Top Famous Beautiful Lakes in The World 2019

Green Lake is located in Austria and also known as Gruner Sea. During the winter season, the lake becomes very shallow up to the height of 2 meters. The surrounding area of the lake is a park that is beautiful made, and people can seat and relax enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. During the spring season, the lake undergoes a transformation when the ice melts.

When the melting the water is gushing down from the mountain goes down to the lake where the park is submerged by water. The water reaches up to the deepest level of 12 meters. On the lake, you can swim, sit on the benches or take pictures.

8. Abraham Lake


Abraham Lake is located in Alberta Canada. It is the most beautiful and humanmade lake found in the world. It is at the foot of the Canadian Rockies and the upper side of Saskatchewan River. The lake is found to be beautiful during the summer season. The most beautiful thing in the lake are the frozen bubbles that are underneath the lake during the winter season.

The bubbles found underneath are by the methane gas that is produced by bacteria that are underneath the lake. During summer, the bubble will come up and evaporate. During the winter season, the bubble is trapped inside hence the formation of the bubbles underneath.

9. Crater Lake


Crater lake if located in Oregon and formed 7,700 years ago. The lake was created due to the collapsing of Mount Mazama and formed the lake. The lake is a caldera that is 2,148 feet to the bottom. It is considered to be the deepest lake situated in the United States. There are no rivers or any other water bodies connected to the lake. The American and the Russian scientists have studied the core sediments which they say are fascinating.

The age of the lake is calculated to be 2-30 million years since the crust pulled away. The lake is k now to have the best biodiversity and very useful; too many living things. The lake is considered to be one of the purest lakes in the world because there are no pollutants found in the lake. The visibility in the water is 43.3 meters down the lake. At the lake, you will get a feature known as “the old man of the lake”. The feature is a tree that has lived for long and separated two islands.

10. Dead Sea

Dead Sea Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

The name suggests it to be a sea, but in the real sense, it is a lake. The lake is located at the border of Jordan, Israel and Palestine. The lake is known to be one of the lakes with a significant concentration of salt. The lake is very significant to the Christians because it mentioned in the Bible in the New and the Old Testament. Due to the salinity in the water, there are a few living things found in the lake.

The lake is known to have the earth’s lowest elevation with 423 meters above the sea level. You cannot swim under the water due to the high salt in the lake.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World 2017. All our water bodies are our natural resource that makes our environment beautiful. We should protect lakes from any pollutants because the lake is a residing place for animals. Protect them and our world will remain beautiful.